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Top 9 Best Bolster Pillows 2018 Reviews. Share on Facebook1 shares on Facebook Share on StumbleUpon0 shares on StumbleUpon Bolster pillows are very common in the modern home and are symbolic of their long and thin nature. The pillows can be found in the living room, bedroom, outdoor furniture, and many others places. They come in different sizes, designs, shape, colors, densities, and materials to suit the varied needs as well as people. The suitability may also change desponding on the need at hand or changing preference. What are The Best Bolster Pillows? 9. This white pillow is not only supportive but also very comfortable. The Good: Good size and designLightweight and comfortableHypoallergenic and Easy Care 8. This pillow is perfect for people seeking pain/stress relief and extra support. Good comfort and supportRelives pressure and acheDurable premium memory foam 7. This bolster pillow is suited for a wide range of uses and is aimed at boosting comfort, easing pressure and ache, and also dealing with joint and pain issues. 6.