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Top 10 Best Ankle Socks in 2018 - Buyer's Guide (June. 2018) Ankle sock is definitely a must-have in your sock drawer. Aside from being super functional they also give you more room and don’t leave any elastic imprints on your legs. The amazing thing about ankle socks is the fact that they are also fashionable, depending on the outfit you pair them with. Ankle socks do not easily get overstretched since their only cover the foot area and fit you perfectly. Below is a review of the best ankle socks on the market. Skip to the best Ankle Sock on Amazon. 10. By: JOYNEE Comfort is key when it comes to footwear. I have been using these ankle socks for a very long time and can recommend it to anyone who wants to have comfort on a whole new level.

Features: Its under sole cushioning has plush for added protection.The socks will not slide down because of they have a deep heel pocket that is Y shaped. 9. By: Hanes If you tend to struggle with or be paranoid about feet odor, then you are in luck. 8. Hanes ankle socks once again feature on our list. 7. By: M&Z 6.