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Dr. CK Taneja

If you are looking for a Motivational Speaker or Corporate Trainer for your company, Dr. CK Taneja would be your best choice. So, contact today.

More Treasured Accessory That Is Widely Used. Dr. CK Taneja: Agile Coach. The world changed in March 2020, when coronavirus spread across the globe.

Dr. CK Taneja: Agile Coach

We watched the devastation in China and then Italy. And after a few weeks, it arrived in the USA, where the economy is halted, state by state. And after a few months, we see a new world where social distance and sanitizer are part of our lifestyles. From each individual to big business, everyone are in shock and fear. Our homes are transformed into workplaces and schools. As an agile coach, I find myself in a position where I need to upgrade myself quickly so that I can help my clients and their organization.

Layoffs, compensation reductions, termination are started in the organizations. Regardless of the uncertain changes as an agile coach, I know many coaching and training techniques are highly effective during this situation. Hire A Professional Motivational Speaker. A single motivation from the morning can bring the best from us for the entire day.

Hire A Professional Motivational Speaker

This word has a significant impact on our life. Dr. CK Taneja — When and why you should think of hiring a... Dr. CK Taneja: Excellent Motivational Agile Coach. Different organizations may react to the corona virus pandemic in very different ways.

Dr. CK Taneja: Excellent Motivational Agile Coach

But one thing is sure that the mindset of each individual is not in the right or at its best shape. Many NGOs, along with World Health Organization (WHO) worried about the mental health of every individual due to this sudden change in lifestyle, and this maybe has its footprint in our psychological health for long term. And here, each organization may need a motivational speaker more than ever to tackle this situation in their workplace. As we discussed in most of our previous post that a motivational speaker is a very positive person, always finds a ray of hope when everyone only sees only the darkness as they are blessed with this characteristics.

And they can help to overcome your organization's senior executives navigate through due to this crisis. Importance Of Agile Coach. The importance of an agile coach in today's fast-moving competitive corporate world is very important.

Importance Of Agile Coach

From a startup company to an established company, all time to time or permanently hire an agile coach to improve the way of doing things so that team and company can be more productive and generate revenue as expected or more than expected. Things are not so easy these days, due to immense work pressure people in an organization give more importance on result or outcome, instead of doing things in a proper way what should be done. One Of The Best Corporate Motivational Speaker. Motivation, the word is enough to start a day.

One Of The Best Corporate Motivational Speaker

If you are motivated, then you can do anything to achieve your goal. No matter how hard it is, how far it is, and how impossible it looks like in the beginning. Dr. CK Taneja — Personality and Character of a Motivational... Dr. CK Taneja: Personality And Character Of A Motivational Speaker. People who understand what motivates others are leaders who bring change.

Dr. CK Taneja: Personality And Character Of A Motivational Speaker

Change anyone's behavior at work is a very tough task. And sometimes, it's incredibly frustrating, as human nature is always unpredictable. Knowing how to motivate each person in a team is challenging, but if you find the key, it will be a game-changer. Dr. CK Taneja — How mentoring can help someone to grow at... Coaching for Entrepreneurs. People go rock-climbing, surfing, paragliding etc. for a dose of adventure and some people set out their own commercial enterprises for their daily dose of adventure.

Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is an adventure in itself. People with a risk appetite for making things happen become entrepreneurs. However, like any other skill, entrepreneurship is also a skill to be developed. There are specific rules of the business world and how to deal with the game of entrepreneurship. Home. An agile coach helps an individual or a team in an organization to adapt the agile methods so that they can improve their efficiency.


Agile framework forces each individual to rethink about what they have been doing and where there is a scope of improvement by making small changes to the way what they do. Dr. CK Taneja — Innovative Approach And Discover More Effective... Home. Corporate world can become very stressful!


In corporate sectors, there are targets to be achieved, projects to be completed within the deadline. And these stressful situations impact the employee performance of the organization which leads to the quality of organizational outcome and goals to achieve. And it has been seen that when the employees feel that their job profile is stressful, they often are looking for other opportunities due to lack of job satisfaction.

In any company the process of old employees leaving and joining of new employees is very normal; but if the attrition is more than usual then it's an urgent matter to look into. You as a company may lose some of your key employees due to the stress level of their jobs. And to overcome this, it is important to keep your employees motivated and inspired so that they perform well at their jobs. He believes that the success of any company directly depends on the happiness and satisfaction of its employees. Coach CK.