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How Nathan created a social media platform for people with disability from his dining room table. When Nathan Johnston was younger, people told him he was "dreaming" when he talked about starting his own business.

How Nathan created a social media platform for people with disability from his dining room table

Key points: Nathan Johnston created a fully accessible social media platform from his dining room tableThe platform will be launched today, to mark International Day of People with DisabilityAustralia's Disability Strategy will include tools to encourage more employers to hire people with disability The 27-year-old lives with cerebral palsy, uses a wheelchair and cannot read or write. "All those hurtful things that got said to me by several different people, all of that's driven me to where I'm at right now," Mr Johnston said. "It made me a bit angry — but it made me more determined. " But today, on International Day of People with Disability (IDPwD), his dream will become a reality, as he launches a social media platform with support from a major corporate. Mr Johnston lives on a property on the far south coast of NSW, just outside of the Bega Valley.

Anthony Albanese says Australia has slipped to 59th in the world for average broadband speeds since the Coalition took office. Is that correct? The claim With a federal election looming, Labor has announced that, if elected, it will expand full-fibre access to the National Broadband Network to an additional 1.5 million premises.

Anthony Albanese says Australia has slipped to 59th in the world for average broadband speeds since the Coalition took office. Is that correct?

In a joint news release, Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese and Shadow Communications Minister Michelle Rowland attacked the Coalition's NBN model, accusing the government of compromising download speeds by relying on outdated copper wire technology. "For nearly a decade, the Liberal and Nationals' oversight of the NBN has been a masterclass in technological incompetence and mismanagement causing Australia to trail behind other developed countries, slipping to 59th in the world on average broadband speeds," the statement reads. So, is Australia ranked 59th when it comes to average broadband speeds? And how have download speeds fared over the Coalition's term in office? RMIT ABC Fact Check investigates.

The verdict. Artificial intelligence has probably already made decisions about you. Here's why that matters. Artificial intelligence has probably already made decisions about your life.

Artificial intelligence has probably already made decisions about you. Here's why that matters

It might have decided whether your insurance claim was accepted or rejected as fraudulent. It may have assessed your credit score, predicting if you were worthy of a loan or deemed too high risk. It could even have watched you drive, detecting if you are flouting the road rules and should be fined. Canberrans call for changes to 'very frustrating' NBN connections ahead of federal election. For Ruth and George Palavestra, working from home during Canberra's lockdown was near impossible.

Canberrans call for changes to 'very frustrating' NBN connections ahead of federal election

The couple lives in Gordon, in the city's south, where the NBN runs fibre to the node. "George was trying to run meetings and a department from home and I was trying to deliver telehealth from home, plus we had two children in the house needing to do schoolwork – it was a nightmare," Ms Palavestra said. "We had to make sure our meetings weren't clashing so we could run them without interruptions but then they would still drop out. A couple of times, I couldn't even connect. " Text message scams in sights of Labor and Australian Signals Directorate. The pandemic has provided fertile ground for an uptick in cybercrime, with scammers targeting Australians with dodgy texts and robocalls.

Text message scams in sights of Labor and Australian Signals Directorate

Key points: Labor say legitimate messages and calls are potentially "priming" consumers for scamsIt has promised tougher penalties for scammers if it is electedAustralia's top foreign cyber-intelligence agency is targeting message scams The trouble is, it can often be hard to tell the difference between a scammer and a legit message or call from an organisation you trust. The opposition is putting scam prevention on the table as part of their pitch to voters, with Shadow Minister for Financial Services and Superannuation Stephen Jones urging the private sector to do more to fight cybercrime. Labor is calling on telcos, banks and retailers to change how they communicate with their customers so that legitimate communications aren't confusing consumers who then receive similar looking or sounding messages from scammers. "A game of whack-a-mole"

Queensland water supplier Sunwater targeted by hackers in months-long undetected cyber security breach. Queensland's largest regional water supplier, Sunwater, says it was targeted by hackers in a cyber security breach that went undetected for nine months.

Queensland water supplier Sunwater targeted by hackers in months-long undetected cyber security breach

Key points: The Auditor-General's 2021 water audit found hackers gained access to a water provider's serversNo customer or financial information was stolen in the breach, the auditor said Three of six water authorities still had "control weaknesses" in their systems, the report found It has been revealed that hackers left suspicious files on a webserver to redirect visitor traffic to an online video platform last year. Sunwater admitted the cyber breach after the tabling of a Queensland's Audit Office report into the state's water authorities, which mentioned the incident but did not say which authority was targeted.

Following questions from the ABC, Sunwater confirmed it was the authority affected by the breach revealed in the Audit Office's report. It said three of the six entities still had "control weaknesses" on June 30. This 71-year-old Canberra man loves his community — and his heartfelt internet reviews are going viral. It could be a local butcher, a war memorial or a leafy park.

This 71-year-old Canberra man loves his community — and his heartfelt internet reviews are going viral

Either way, Bill Perkovic probably wants to review it. The 71-year-old Canberran has amassed over eight million views through online reviews he posts on Google Maps. And with nearly 100 reviews to his name, it's hard to believe it all started by accident just one year ago. "Well, it was the funniest thing with the [very first] review," Mr Perkovic said. Joe Rogan, Ted Cruz and Fox News hosts want to 'save Australia' from its coronavirus strategies. It is a truth universally acknowledged that the rest of the world usually pays very little attention to Australia.

Joe Rogan, Ted Cruz and Fox News hosts want to 'save Australia' from its coronavirus strategies

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce says the government is not joking over plans to regulate social media. Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce says the time has come to regulate social media giants, after watching an ex-Facebook employee highlight the dangers of the platform before the US Senate.

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce says the government is not joking over plans to regulate social media

Key points: Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce says the government is prepared to regulate social mediaHe says his desire to regulate the sector is linked to his experience as a parentThe comments come after the Prime Minister labelled social media a "coward's palace" The company has been under scrutiny this week after whistleblower Frances Haugen leaked tens of thousands of documents showing it withheld research into the harms of its products. In Australia, the government is preparing to regulate social media, according to Mr Joyce. "The motivation is now there at the federal level in Australia, at the highest level in the United States, in other corners of the globe, to say: 'we've had enough, you can't treat us like fools. Social media a 'coward's palace', says Prime Minister, as he promises more action to hold online abusers responsible.

The Prime Minister has called online trolls "cowards" and indicated the government will look at ways to ensure people are held responsible for their actions.

Social media a 'coward's palace', says Prime Minister, as he promises more action to hold online abusers responsible

Key points: Prime Minister Scott Morrison says he is planning further action to deal with anonymous abuse onlineThe Deputy Prime Minister has also argued for social media companies to shoulder more responsibilityMr Morrison says social media companies should have to identify anonymous trolls or be held accountable Scott Morrison on Thursday described social media as a "coward's palace" that allowed people to write foul and offensive comments with no repercussions. "Cowards who go anonymously onto social media and vilify people and harass them and bully them, and engage in defamatory statements, they need to be responsible for what they're saying," he said. How to tell the difference between authentic and fake online reviews. As lockdowns along Australia's east coast spark an online shopping boom, many Australians are growing increasingly reliant on online reviews to make purchase decisions.

So what is digital "word of mouth" really worth and can we really trust it? Key points: Fifty-two per cent of survey respondents say they have fallen for fake reviewsOnline reviews can be difficult to moderate and removeIf a review isn't authentic, it can be detrimental to both sellers and consumers. Twitch hack reveals multi-million-dollar sums top streamers earn from playing computer games. The top earner on game-streaming platform Twitch made $US9.6 million from August 2019 to October 2021, according to leaked data obtained in a massive hack.

Key points: Top Twitch streamers are pocketing millions, according to a data breachStreamers are worried about a fan backlashTwitch users are urged to change their password amid concern of a possible breach of personal data The top-five earners grossed about $US35 million between them, the data shows. Twitch is an interactive live streaming service especially popular with gamers and gaming audiences; at its most basic level, people pay to watch other people play games.

At any one time, it has millions of viewers watching millions of streamers. Foxtel Australia launches review into Christian TV channel with anti-vax message. Foxtel Australia has launched a review into one of its offerings, an American Christian television channel, that has been accused of broadcasting COVID-19 disinformation. Key points: Daystar is an American Christian TV channel that is broadcast in Australia on FoxtelThe channel broadcasts anti-vaccination and COVID-19 conspiracy theoriesFoxtel is now reviewing the channel’s content after complaints from viewers Daystar TV — owned by ‘televangelists’ Marcus and Joni Lamb — has been available on Foxtel in Australia since 2015 through the broadcaster’s basic subscription package. Foxtel says it has approximately 1.7 million subscribers around Australia. Since the pandemic began, the Lambs have hosted interviews with controversial doctors and anti-vaccination advocates.

Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen testifies before US Congress, saying the social network hurts kids, fuels division. A former Facebook data scientist has told Congress that the social network giant's products harm children and fuel polarisation in the US while its executives refuse to change because they elevate profits over safety. Key points: The ex-employee told the Senate hearing that Facebook knows how to make its products safer but refuses to make changesShe accused the giant of being dishonest in its public fight against hate and misinformationShe has called on the government to step in with stricter oversight of the company Frances Haugen testified to the Senate Commerce Subcommittee on Consumer Protection.

Speaking confidently at a charged hearing, she accused the company of being aware of apparent harm to some teens from Instagram and being dishonest in its public fight against hate and misinformation. Misinformation about COVID vaccines and women's health is impacting girls, new report finds. As Margaret Thanos waited to get her first dose of a vaccine to protect her against COVID-19, she found herself crying. Key points: A new report finds women and girls are being impacted by misinformation and disinformation onlineOne-quarter of those surveyed said misinformation made them question whether they should get vaccinatedAlmost one in five disengaged with politics and current affairs as a result The 21-year-old had been confronted with rife misinformation about the AstraZeneca vaccine online, which she said "caused an incredible amount of anxiety".

"That experience was quite harrowing. Facebook pages fall quiet as administrators fear legal action over defamatory comments. The Canowindra What's On Page is usually a sleepy sort of place, but when news broke of controversial plans to build a service station on the historic main street, the comments turned nasty. Key points: A Facebook defamation High Court ruling exposes pages to new legal riskIn response, MPs, councils and government agencies are disabling Facebook commentsThere are fears the ruling will have a "chilling effect" on community-run Facebook pages. Three teenage boys reveal themselves as brains behind CovidBase AU data tracking website.

Social media's 'grandfluencers' debunking aging myths. Joan MacDonald's health was in a shambles at the age of 71. She was on numerous medications for high cholesterol, increased blood pressure and kidney trouble. Facebook defamation ruling by High Court exposes all page owners to lawsuits, not just the media. As much as social media has helped us to stay connected, especially for those stuck in lockdown, it has also become a home for vile and questionable commentary. The High Court this week weighed into that issue, in a way, when it ruled that media companies are liable for any comments from the general public on posts they put on Facebook.

The case before the High Court directly involved some of the nation's biggest media organisations, but the consequences reach far beyond Australia's newsrooms. Beijing places new restrictions on under-age gamers as part of crackdown on Chinese tech giants. Chinese regulators have slashed the amount of time players below the age of 18 can spend on online games. Chinese authorities are concerned about youngsters getting addicted to gamingThe new rules come as Beijing cracks down on China's tech giantsThe changes force a sharp drop in most Chinese tech stocks on global share markets.

Prosecutors call for jail terms for Jason Lees and Emily Walker, who scammed businesses in money laundering ploy. An Adelaide pair who helped scam businesses through an "insidious and hard to detect" cyber hacking program should be jailed for their crimes, a court has heard. Nazis and incels are using Gotye and MGMT to evade TikTok's auto-moderators, report finds. New laws introduced to protect people from extreme online abuse, trolls. Australians subjected to vile online abuse and harassment will have greater protections from trolls, if new powers pass the federal Parliament this evening.

People will face hefty fines if they post and do not remove abusive contentThe law is particularly aimed at reducing online abuse towards womenIt will reduce the time people have to comply and remove abusive content from 48 to 24 hours People accused of posting and sharing the threatening material will face fines of up to $111,000 if they refuse to remove the content, and $500,000 for companies like Facebook and Twitter which fail to comply with so-called "take down notices". Authorities argued the legislation, which was introduced to the Senate on Tuesday morning, is necessary to particularly deal with the surge of abuse being directed at women, who make up 70 per cent of the reports of abuse.

's Play Something feature leaves what to watch up to their algorithm, but beware the dangers of the algorithmic age. Calls for Australia to reclaim Cocos (Keeling) Islands' internet domain, which has become a haven for child sex abuse. Set deep within the Indian Ocean, the Australian territory of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands has become an unlikely haven for online child sexual abuse material. Key points: Websites that contain child sexual abuse materials use the islands' domainThe Australian territory was given its own internet domain through a fluke of historyThere are now calls for Australia to take responsibility for the domain. Who's most likely to be an online troll? It's probably not who you think. Play the game to see how video games are designed to get you hooked and spending.

In Dungeons and Dragons you can be almost anything, so why the backlash over a combat wheelchair? Former Facebook employee Sophie Zhang claims dictators are using the platform to harass citizens. Facebook approves alcohol, vaping, gambling and dating ads targeting teens, lobby group finds. Police use social media posts as evidence to net new-age hoons. Lauren uses apps to edit her pictures on social media. But she wants to set an example for her daughters. Misogynistic 'radicalisation' of boys online has these experts calling for change. South Australian government admits redirecting web users through Liberal Party domain. US members of Congress duel with social media giants in fiery exchanges over January 6. Canberra family inundated with death threats after being doxxed online in case of mistaken identity. Recycled laptops made of Queensland e-waste donated to school students in Papua New Guinea. NFTs are setting the creative world alight. Are they also bad for the planet?

NFTs or non-fungible tokens: The new kind of digital art that could prove a bonanza for creators. Police arrest phone hacking gang in Europe who stole millions in cryptocurrency from US celebrities. Microsoft backs media bargaining code, suggests Bing can fill gap if Google and Facebook depart. Bin Isolation Outing's creator is awarded for spreading joy on Facebook. But the group is no more. Australian Federal Police raid Queensland properties linked to shutdown of DarkMarket website. Will deplatforming make QAnon and the far-right fade away or radicalise further? Why you may have to update your devices even if you don't want to. Love in the time of algorithms: would you let artificial intelligence choose your partner? YouTube and TikTok can be tools in your self-care kit — if you know how to use them. German authorities accuse Australian man of running DarkMarket, the world's largest illegal online marketplace. Byron Bay restaurant cops a serve from fake reviews before it even opens.

Scammer exploited ATO security lapses to access thousands of Darwin man's superannuation. Are Australians at a 'turning point' on cybersecurity or still unprepared? Most desired consumer items of 2020 include the new Xbox and PlayStation but this may be the last 'console war' between Microsoft and Sony. Coronavirus, conspiracies and cries of election fraud marked 2020 as the year of the infodemic. But the worst may be yet to come.

#IStandWithDan vs #DictatorDan: how fringe accounts gamed Twitter during Melbourne's lockdown. Suspected Russian hack on US sends cyber experts worldwide scrambling to defend networks. New nationwide 'fake porn' scam targeting social media users. ACCC takes Federal Court action against Facebook over Onavo Protect VPN service - ABC News. YouTube, Gmail and Google Drive crash for thousands of internet users - ABC News. Cyberpunk 2077: Sex, violence, cybernetics, and other things to know about the long-awaited game - ABC News. How social media influencer tactics help conspiracy theories gain traction online - ABC News. Helpline for regional broadband launches to help boost internet in the bush - ABC News. It can be hard to hear your mum thinks the Earth is flat. But saving a loved one from conspiracy theories is possible - ABC News.

Parler, the 'free speech' Twitter clone, surged in Australia after US election - ABC News. Tablet computers have kept prisoners in touch with family during COVID-19 - ABC News. Apple reaches $150 million settlement with US states on iPhone throttling - ABC News. How the ABC produced the Mt Resilience Augmented Reality experience to explore a way of living with big weather and climate change - ABC News. Cyber stalking victim says phones, computers have been hacked for months - ABC News. ASIO launches first public awareness campaign to warn Australians of foreign spies on social media - ABC News.

Myanmar elections see Facebook fight hate speech, misinformation - ABC News. SA Police issue scam warning after fraudster impersonating NBN calls cybercrime unit - ABC News. When women are banned for embracing who they are online, they suffer in real life too - ABC News. Facebook blocks user for nudity in photos of Indigenous Vanuatu ceremony - ABC News. Extremists targeted Magda Szubanski with a trolling campaign after her Sharon Strzelecki COVID-19 ad - ABC News. Being monitored by your boss while working from home — necessary trade-off or 'stupid' surveillance? - ABC News. Complaints from customers who can't reach their telco up 1,500 per cent, report finds - ABC News. China's 'hybrid war': Beijing's mass surveillance of Australia and the world for secrets and scandal - ABC News.

NSW driver's licence data breach left Sydney health worker 'sickened' - ABC News. Anthony Seibold provides dossier of online abuse to NRL Integrity Unit, with cyberbullying legislation on the way - ABC News. Coronavirus has meant a massive boom in telehealth — one Australian start-up was ready - ABC News. Australia's cyber security watch room is monitoring threats 24/7. Here's what it's like inside - ABC News. NBN structure means those who can afford the least pay the most - ABC News. This woman's photo was used in a hoax campaign against Black Lives Matter. Then the internet fought back - ABC News. Inside the ambitious plan to build a Minecraft version of Australia - ABC News. An Australian has joined Facebook's oversight board, which will even outweigh Mark Zuckerberg - ABC News. Coronavirus has changed the advice around screen time. Here's what it is now - ABC News.

Coronavirus is making our health sector and hospitals adapt to a virtual future - ABC News. Australia's coronavirus tracing app's data storage contract goes offshore to Amazon. Coronavirus lockdowns could end in months if Australians are willing to have their movements monitored - Politics. Coronavirus and social distancing are putting Australia's internet is under pressure. Here's how to tweak your home setup - Science - ABC News.

How to focus when your mobile phone is distracting you from reading or writing. Could flashing LED lights encourage pedestrians to look up from their phones? Facebook, Instagram overuse linked to loneliness, contributing to global epidemic. Journalist Deb Knight talks sackings, survival and social media trolls, urging women to be 'kinder to each other' Mount Tamborine school principal wins defamation case over parents' social media posts. Generation Z employees pose dilemma for some employers, and technology is key for retaining younger staff. Chris sorted through the 'blood and gore' on social media. Now he's suing Facebook over PTSD. Social media abuse prompts sitting councillors not to recontest March 28 election. Coronavirus outbreak the focus of artificial intelligence that is helping predict where it will strike next.

Judge allows Melbourne dentist to try new tactic to more quickly unmask negative online reviewer. Smartwatch apps let parents keep track of their kids but data breaches mean strangers can watch them too.