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Starting a successful small business as someone living with a disability. It wasn't just Kyal Fairbairn's love of coffee that led to him becoming a passionate coffee cart operator.

Starting a successful small business as someone living with a disability

Key points: More two million Australians of working age have a disabilityOf those, less than half have a jobLess than one in five run their own business He turned to running his own business after tiring of being treated unfairly in the workplace because of his intellectual disability. "From the beginning, starting up and running my own business was not going to be a simple task," Mr Fairbairn said. But while it hasn't been easy, he loves it. "The most satisfactory part of my job is that I am my own boss and that I have the ability to run things the way I want.

" Starting a small business from the ground up would be a daunting task for a non-disabled person, but for those with a disability, the barriers are even greater. There are more than two million people of working age with a disability. Of those, less than half – 984,200 – have a job. Career-changing ex-teacher turns tiny cafe into award-winning mega business. Opening a small cafe with coffee and some sandwiches was her husband's dream, not Toni Vorenas's.

Career-changing ex-teacher turns tiny cafe into award-winning mega business

"[But] before we opened, he actually decided that wasn't his dream anymore," Ms Vorenas said. "Because he'd supported me a lot throughout my teaching career and my studies, I thought in return I would run the cafe for 12 months for him. " Without meaning to, 12 months has turned into 12 years and a two-site award-winning bakery and cafe serving 150 customers from two commercial kitchens, a bar and function room. Determined to find purpose in a corporate world, the former deputy principal has devoted her business to employing and empowering people from a wide mix of backgrounds and credits that diversity to Metro's success. 'Perfectly good' produce supermarkets reject hits sweet spot with conscientious consumers. Consumers switching from cheaper imports to Australian produce are creating a boom for small businesses championing local goods and finding uses for odd-sized fruit destined to rot in paddocks.

'Perfectly good' produce supermarkets reject hits sweet spot with conscientious consumers

Key points: Food producers are taking Australian fruit otherwise destined for waste heapsThese collaborations are helping reduce food waste and create jobsConsumers want to know "where their product comes from" Farmers and boutique manufacturers report a surge in consumer demand for local produce since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Kokopod founder Brigid Woolnough said that, with international travel off the cards because of COVID-19, her Buderim, Queensland, chocolate business had at least doubled in 12 months.

National Lost Crop Register surpasses $45 million in losses at farmgate value due to worker shortage. The deterioration of the seasonal workforce is having devastating impacts on the Australian horticultural industry, and with the worse yet to come, it is consumers who will wear the cost.

National Lost Crop Register surpasses $45 million in losses at farmgate value due to worker shortage

Key points: Seasonal workforce numbers are dwindling due to pandemic border closuresThe new National Lost Crop Register reported $45 million in losses in its first eight weeksSupermarket prices are tipped to increase as the cost of the shrinking food supply is passed on to consumers Last week, the National Lost Crop Register surpassed $45 million in losses at farmgate value. The most concerning factor is the register has only been open since December last year. In the last eight weeks there have only been 65 separate crop losses reported, with more than 85,000 agricultural businesses across Australia. Imported food only accounts for 15 per cent of Australia's daily food supply, meaning the tightening of supply will likely be felt across major retailers, with supermarket prices tipped to increase.

Workers? Migrant women build own businesses after years of unsuccessful job applications. It started with a plate of sandwiches nobody wanted.

Migrant women build own businesses after years of unsuccessful job applications

The mostly migrant and refugee women attending a support group in Ballarat decided they could make better fare. Every Thursday, as they discussed obstacles lying in their way of a better life — domestic violence, unemployment, limited English skills — they brought dishes from their homelands to share. "We would exchange stories of why that food was important to us or who taught us to make it," group facilitator Shiree Pilkinton said.

China's lobster ban helped lift Australian Christmas seafood purchases by 30 per cent. China may have dropped imports of Australian lobsters, but domestic consumers queued up for seafood in huge numbers before Christmas.

China's lobster ban helped lift Australian Christmas seafood purchases by 30 per cent

Key points: Australian seafood Christmas sales were up 30 per cent on last yearPrawns, lobsters, oysters and crabs were all popular in the pre-Christmas rushThe $20 Western Rock Lobster — banned by China — was also sought after. Penguin Op Shop thrives less than six months after the community saved it from closure. When word spread that the St Vincent de Paul Society planned to close another of its Tasmanian Vinnies stores, this time in Penguin on the north-western coast, there were heavy sighs of disappointment.

Penguin Op Shop thrives less than six months after the community saved it from closure

But above those sighs, the well-trained ears of retired school librarian Lennice Wilson heard opportunity knocking loud and clear. Key points: The small, coastal town of Penguin saved its op shop from closure and now runs it at a profit The Penguin District School has helped to develop the business model for the shop Profits are used to help community members in need and to promote sustainability through recycling and repurposing second-hand items So, Ms Wilson and a group of dedicated volunteers devised a plan to save the op shop and, through the power of true community spirit, Penguin now has a thriving, locally run operation that helps residents in need, contributes to sustainability and feeds the town's economy. Students join sustainability push. Hobart Council wants to stop Airbnbs popping up but some owners want the right to choose. Louise Elliot and her husband have three houses — one of which is listed on short-stay accommodation site Airbnb.

Hobart Council wants to stop Airbnbs popping up but some owners want the right to choose

And despite going for around $800 a night in high season, it has a "high occupancy rate". Key points: A report shows Hobart has the highest percentage of Airbnbs on a private rental market in AustraliaThe city council is looking into whether and how to put a cap on AirbnbsThe State Government says the short-stay sector is an vital part of the state's tourism economy. Michael Fox on the demise of Shoes of Prey, and how his new business survived the pandemic - ABC News. If there's one thing Michael Fox knows for sure, it's that success is not final — and failure is not fatal.

Michael Fox on the demise of Shoes of Prey, and how his new business survived the pandemic - ABC News

A born businessman, he has spent over a decade navigating the highs and lows of the start-up sector. But after his first venture capital-backed business Shoes of Prey collapsed into liquidation in early 2019, he found himself at an unfamiliar crossroads. "We had 200 employees, and we had to lay all of them off. NT mine closure has Jabiru community anxious about an uncertain future, and some are already leaving - ABC News. Packing her life away into boxes and preparing to shift out of her small Northern Territory town has had an emotional impact on Denise House — but it's not the feeling she expected.

NT mine closure has Jabiru community anxious about an uncertain future, and some are already leaving - ABC News

Key points: The Ranger uranium mine will cease operations on January 9Dozens of mining families are expected to leave town in coming monthsFuture rental prices and the standard of the town's housing remains "unknown" COVID-19 recession worsened by 'coordination failure' as everyone cuts costs to try and save themselves - ABC News. As the Reserve Bank meets on Tuesday, there's talk of another interest rate cut. The central bank has been unable to meet its own employment and inflation forecasts and is expected to cut the cash rate from 0.25 per cent to 0.10 per cent on Melbourne Cup Day. Last week, RBA deputy governor Guy Debelle indicated that Australia's economy may have performed better than expected in the September quarter, which led to some media outlets asserting that Dr Debelle said the recession was over.

But it could take some time before we see a real recovery. Small business data gives hope of a 'quite-strong' economic recovery post coronavirus lockdown - ABC News. Salvation Army workshop restores more than just abandoned bikes - ABC News. JobKeeper and JobSeeker to change from September as Government constricts coronavirus support - ABC News. Coronavirus restrictions leave Melbourne's small businesses unable to pay rent, again - ABC News. Tasmanian music festivals crunched by coronavirus at crowd-size disadvantage for future events - ABC News.

Zaynn Bird built a burger empire with little savings or experience – and dad as delivery guy - ABC News. From Hollywood to hospitals, these Tasmanian businesses are shifting focus during the coronavirus crisis. Posted about 4 hours agoFri 10 Apr 2020, 10:50pm Tucked away in a warehouse in an industrial part of Hobart's northern suburbs, Chris Fox's small business makes camera accessories for film and TV.

Key points: Tasmanian businesses are diversifying as the coronavirus crisis creates demand for new productsTwo local businesses have teamed up to produce face shields for health workersOne manufacturer is seeing an uptick in demand for acrylic screens to separate retail staff and customers Most large-scale productions in Hollywood and Europe use the accessories. Mr Fox is an aeronautical engineer and co-founded the business Ignite Digi with cinematographer Tom Waugh. Usually, they sell about 97 per cent of their products to overseas markets but coronavirus has shut down almost every film and TV production globally.

Fullers Bookshop celebrates 100 years as others fall by the wayside. Updated 35 minutes agoSun 16 Feb 2020, 1:08am Sue Burke remembers the first time she visited Hobart's Fullers Bookshop. "I remember going in there, pregnant, and selecting children's books," she said. "It's funny because my daughter turns 45 this year. " Almost half a century and many visits later, Fullers holds a special place in Ms Burke's heart. Increasing popularity of no-alcohol and low-alcohol lifestyles behind growth of new zero-proof spirits. Posted about 2 hours agoFri 14 Feb 2020, 3:58am The trend to cut or quit alcohol is growing in popularity, with the rise of the sober curious — and small distillers are experimenting with styles and flavour to meet demand.

Key points: Demand for zero alcohol and low alcohol spirits is growingSmall distilleries are experimenting with flavours and styles No-alcohol spirits would not attract excise tax. Judge allows Melbourne dentist to try new tactic to more quickly unmask negative online reviewer. Updated about 2 hours agoFri 14 Feb 2020, 1:47am A Melbourne dentist who claims he was defamed in an anonymous online review has convinced a Federal Court judge to order technology giant Google to unmask the disgruntled customer so he can launch "groundbreaking" legal action. Key points: Dr Matthew Kabbabe claims the review has cost him a significant amount of moneyHistorically, attempts to convince Google to unmask anonymous internet users have taken months because of red tape related to an international treatyMr Kabbabe's lawyer has convinced a judge to allow him to use a loophole that will circumvent the treaty by serving Google via registered international mail Matthew Kabbabe said the single negative review, lodged on Google about three months ago, had had a profound impact on his teeth-whitening business and his life.

Insurance premiums rising after long summer of bushfires, storms and floods. MLMs are often seen as a great money-making opportunity. For this mum, the reality was anything but. Updated about an hour agoTue 11 Feb 2020, 3:56am. Charity op shop based on trust and honesty makes do with no staff, no cash registers. Updated about 6 hours agoMon 3 Feb 2020, 12:29am The first thought Whitney Page had when she arrived in the small West Australian mining town of Kambalda six years ago was, "is this it". Hemp is an eco-friendly material, but anti-marijuana campaigns a century ago set the Australian industry back - Science News - ABC News. The British Government was the first organisation to import cannabis into Australia. They carried Cannabis sativa seeds onboard the First Fleet, with the plan to establish large hemp crops in the colonies. Thousands of camels culled in APY Lands despite opposition from animal rights activists, camel meat industry - ABC Rural - ABC News.

More than 5,000 camels have been shot and killed across the arid north-west of South Australia, in a controversial feral cull that has drawn plenty of international attention. Tallangatta businesses band together to get through bushfire crisis, tough economic times. Updated about 5 hours agoMon 13 Jan 2020, 7:35pm. Arnott's makes Tim Tam using 'beautiful' Australian strawberries supermarkets rejected - ABC Rural - ABC News. A new Tim Tam biscuit is boosting a Queensland couple's bid to save tens of thousands of tonnes of Australian fruit rejected by supermarkets at the peak of growing seasons. Kangaroo Island bushfires may have destroyed a quarter of island's Ligurian beehives. Posted about 4 hours agoMon 6 Jan 2020, 8:09pm. Australia called to reassess ties to Cambodian microfinance amid reports of child labour, debt bondage. Posted about an hour agoSat 10 Aug 2019, 10:32pm.

Goat meat as alternative meat source has producers struggling to keep up with demand - ABC Rural - ABC News. Goat meat producers are struggling to keep up with demand as consumers turn to alternative meats, and a dwindling supply due to the drought sees prices jump to record levels. Key points goat meat prices soar.

WA's most remote distillery and brewery team up to create the state's first local corn beer - ABC Rural - ABC News. Small businesses losing up to $7b cashflow from late payments, study finds. Australians are eating more cheese, butter and yoghurt, and Timboon is milking the trend. Florists call for ACCC investigation into 'misleading' advertisements by national firms. Darwin business owner says 40 knives have been stolen from him in a month. Boutique dairies on the rise, as farmers look to process their own produce and set prices.

Cairns is hot on the heels of the Gold Coast for its trendsetting hipster culture. Canberra cafe Kita is open all night, but the regulars make it one of the 'safest' places in town. Growing number of Australian small businesses struggling amid economic downturn. Much more than beer: Outback pubs provide bushfire and emu refuge. Seatbelt covers showing emergency medical information prove a viral hit. Latrobe Valley workers' co-op opens own factory in a bid to create new jobs. What does small business want from the federal election? - Australia Votes - Federal Election 2019 - Politics. Jackson Harrigan's 'traffic light' beach safety system may help prevent drownings. Mandarin variety helps farmer find his mojo after crops wiped out in devastating floods. Dairy expert says Australian industry at 'tipping point' as demand puts pressure on supply - ABC Rural - ABC News. Lindner family traces its history in sock-making all the way back to 1730.

Recreational fisherman raises concerns after dead crocodiles found in Northern Territory river. Humpty Doo Barramundi harvests a record 100 tonnes of fish before Easter - ABC Rural - ABC News. Royal connection drives demand for Queensland teddies and jobs for refugees. Rose was Tasmania's first octopus hunter — then her secret spot was discovered. BlazeAid volunteers lend a hand in flood-affected north-west Queensland. Senate report slams exploitation as franchisees struggle to recover losses. Speed breeding of crops by Queensland researchers in bid to battle global hunger. Wattle seed growers struggle to keep up with rising demand for nutrient-rich native bushfood - ABC Rural - ABC News. Tasmanian honey industry in crisis as bees starve to death. Destocking and desalination underway in WA as autumn breeding begins amid water crisis - ABC Rural - ABC News.

Grape sunscreen helping SA growers fight extreme conditions. Jellyfish stinging salmon industry profits, but could fish farms be creating the problem? Tea farmers reveal the key to a perfect brew — and how they grow their award-winning product - ABC Rural - ABC News. Why cheap cheese is worse for dairy farmers than $1 milk - ABC Rural - ABC News. Beekeeper's sweet supermarket deal takes the sting out of 'fake' honey backlash - ABC Rural - ABC News. Top End businesses hope US Marine increase will fire up flatlining Darwin economy. Fears Darwin soup kitchen for homeless is bearing brunt of anger over crime. Does Chinchilla the 'melon capital' of the world have a future in melons? - ABC Rural - ABC News. Australia Zoo's arguments about crocodile egg harvesting are unscientific, scientists suggest.

Australian start-ups fear tech has fallen out of favour with Government - Science News - ABC News. Old-fashioned farming turns organic sweet potato growers' business into success. Doctor plays waiting game with insurance company over Townsville floods. Hundreds of thousands of viewers watch a dairy farmer's heartfelt farewell to the industry - ABC Rural - ABC News.

Businesses undermine the Reserve Bank's hope of wage rises for workers. Meet the business owners at the forefront of Darwin's economic downturn. Battered Wife fish and chip shop owner says she's been forced to close her business. Lemon shortage and high demand for fresh fruit sends prices skyrocketing - ABC Rural - ABC News. Teen with autism overcomes job hurdles by cornering market in cleaning smelly bins. Darwin's single-use plastic ban creates confusion as markets trade and consumers dump as usual. Farmers in Northern Territory left out of latest skilled migrant worker scheme despite high hopes. How Instagram, coffee and curation are helping suburban street retailers fight back. Dragon fruit imports killing NT farmers who call for stricter country of origin food labelling - ABC Rural - ABC News. Kakadu plum plan aims to take a bite out of lucrative global medicine industry.

Top 10 small business ideas to inspire you. Subcontractors on $87 billion worth of NSW infrastructure lack safeguards, commissioner says. Banking royal commission shows it's a jungle out there and we must protect ourselves. Small business owners want lower music licence fees following Melbourne bar's $200,000 fine.