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DIY Soldering Station for under $15 using Arduino. Et si on construisait un réseau électrique ? Une histoire de graphes et algorithmes. — Pixees. Présenter, expliquer et jouer avec les graphes et les algorithmes : Dorian Mazauric, partage avec nous.

Et si on construisait un réseau électrique ? Une histoire de graphes et algorithmes. — Pixees

Dorian, pourquoi cette action autour des graphes et algorithmes ? « Ces notions sont centrales en informatique et sont très importantes pour un grand nombre d’applications concernant les réseaux de télécommunication (réseau sans fil, réseau optique, réseau du Web), les réseaux électriques, les réseaux routiers, en biologie (structurale) et pour résoudre un grand nombre de problèmes en général. L’objectif est de présenter des problèmes de graphes et des algorithmes sous la forme la plus simple et la plus ludique possible. » Une publication « Graphes et Algorithmes – Jeux grandeur nature » présente des activités qui peuvent se décliner dans trois espaces : l’espace d’une feuille de papier, l’espace d’un plateau de jeu et l’espace grandeur nature (par exemple avec des cerceaux et des lattes en plastique).

Dorian, expliquez nous cette activité. MQTT, faites communiquer vos objets simplement. La communication entre « objets connectés » ou tout simplement dans votre environnement domotique est probablement l’une des choses essentielles.

MQTT, faites communiquer vos objets simplement

Dans les protocoles de communication que l’on retrouve le plus souvent, vous avez bien sûr http (et ses fameuses API Rest (ou pas)), xPL (dont je vous ai souvent parlé), XAP, XMPP, SNMP (si si je vous assure qu’il y en a qui ont essayé…) et d’autres trucs plus ou moins bien conçus. Un protocole devrait pourtant tenir rapidement le « haut du pavé » et devenir le standard de l‘i.o.t (comprendre l’internet des objets (ou « internet of things » pour reprendre le terme officiel) : MQTT. Comment utiliser votre NAS Synology comme TimeCapsule. 1.

Comment utiliser votre NAS Synology comme TimeCapsule

Introductiona. Raspberry Pi raid array with USB HDDs. Create a Raspberry Pi raid array with USB HDDs using mdadm Create a Raid 0, or Raid 1 or Raid 5 disk array with a Raspberry Pi 2.

Raspberry Pi raid array with USB HDDs

Once the Raid array is assembled, you could then create a Network attached files server or mini dna server. Facebook. Gantry Router. This machine has several options built in, or user definable.

Gantry Router

I like options, flexibility and adjustability. There is nothing worse than getting something you can't modify for your needs. 3D Printed Acoustic Holograms: Totally Cool, Not Totally Useless. If you wave your hand under the water’s surface, you get a pattern of ripples on the surface shortly thereafter.

3D Printed Acoustic Holograms: Totally Cool, Not Totally Useless

Now imagine working that backwards: you want to produce particular ripples on the surface, so how do you wiggle around the water molecules underneath? That’s the project that a crew from the University of Navarre in Spain undertook. Working backwards from the desired surface waves to the excitation underwater is “just” a matter of math and physics. The question is then how to produce the right, incredibly irregular, wavefront. The researchers’ answer was 3D printing. The idea is that, by creating the desired ripples on the water’s surface, the researchers will be able to move things around. What’s cool about the work done underwater by the Navarre group is that all they’re doing is printing out a 3D surface and wiggling it up and down to make the waves.

Real-Life Space Invaders with Drones and Lasers. We’ve seen a proliferation of real-life video game builds lately, but this one is a jaw-dropper!

Real-Life Space Invaders with Drones and Lasers

[Tomer Daniel] and his crew of twelve hackers, welders, and coders built a Space Invaders game for GeekCon 2016. [Tomer] et al spent more time on the project than the writeup, so you’re going to have to content yourselves with the video, embedded below, and a raft of photos that they sent us. 1024 “Pixel” Sound Camera Treats Eyes to Real-Time Audio. A few years ago, [Artem] learned about ways to focus sound in an issue of Popular Mechanics.

1024 “Pixel” Sound Camera Treats Eyes to Real-Time Audio

If sound can be focused, he reasoned, it could be focused onto a plane of microphones. Get enough microphones, and you have a ‘sound camera’, with each microphone a single pixel. Movies and TV shows about comic books are now the height of culture, so a device using an array of microphones to produce an image isn’t an interesting demonstration of FFT, signal processing, and high-speed electronic design. It’s a Daredevil camera, and it’s one of the greatest builds we’ve ever seen.

Lightning activated shutter trigger using Thunder click - Microcontroller projects. Win at Rock, Paper, Scissors Every Time With This Brilliant Trick. There's a way to increase your odds of winning rock, paper, scissors — if only we had known these techniques in elementary school.

Win at Rock, Paper, Scissors Every Time With This Brilliant Trick

Research has found there are a few simple ways to get an advantage over your opponents. The first throw: Men tend to pick rock as their first throw, maybe because rocks are more of a stereotypically masculine symbol, author William Poundstone says. Women usually throw paper first. So if you're playing against a man, you should throw paper first; if you're against a woman, throw scissors. After the first loss: Once someone loses a round, they generally don't throw the same thing they just threw immediately after. Get a Flashing Meeting Reminder with a Raspberry Pi. I work at home and I spend a lot of time on the phone talking to clients and vendors.

Get a Flashing Meeting Reminder with a Raspberry Pi

My employer uses Google Apps (which includes Google Calendar and Gmail) and the appointment notification capabilities of both are not very robust. Well, they’re robust, but not enough to get me to actually show up for calls on time. What I find is that I often miss the notification when I’m busy doing something else or I notice the notification, but quickly forget about it just a few minutes later and ultimately miss some meetings or join late. One day, after being 15 minutes late for a meeting, I decided I had to fix this problem. 5 façons de faire du streaming vidéo avec un Raspberry Pi. Prix: EUR 24,99 Ancien prix: EUR 55,00. What goes on inside your Fridge ? - Open Electronics. Project Summary: This project helps to know what goes on inside your fridge when it's running. This small sniffer device picks up the temperature and humidity from the surroundings inside the fridge and then transmits on an RF link to a nearby receiver unit.

The receiver unit checks the receiving code and then identifies the right sniffer device and then displays the temperature and humidity. The display changes once in 2 seconds. Build a DIY Desktop 3d Scanner with infinite resolution. - All. An arduino. Connect an iPhone to Arduino over Bluetooth. Simple Arduino POV Wand - 4. Raspberry Pi as an Audio/Media Center: the best Linux distros. Probably, the best use you could do with a Raspberry Pi would be turning it in a full-fledged media center. With some tuning, a Raspberry Pi can become indeed a device that audiophiles will love, or a tiny board that can empower you television to become a 2014-like smart TV.

All you need is some Unix tools (or Win32DiskImager for Windows OSes) to flash your SD Card, and the need to connect your nerdiness to multimedia-related things. This is why in the last week I kept going around the web, spotting the best projects for a Raspberry Pi, to turn it in my personal media center of choice. Raspberry Pi SMS server - Open Electronics. Project Summary: Raspberry Pi SMS Server - is the most light weight PHP SMS server works out of the box.

It's just one open source software - gammu and one PHP program. That's all is required to make it work on Raspberry Pi computer. Just enter the message, enter the numbers and press the send button. The SMSs are on it's way. Building MirrorMirror. A Raspberry Pi powered Magic Mirror A magic mirror is a raspberry pi powered monitor behind a double sided mirror. A mostly black web page allows you to add some widgets to the mirror’s reflection as if by magic. This version includes widgets for displaying the weather forecast, the date/time and a nice randomly generated greeting. No low level hardware hacking required, just some basic woodworking and some code I’ve already put together. Quick Start Domoticz SD card FR. XRobots - Star Wars EP7 BB-8 droid Prototype PART 3, Radio Control Experiments. XRobots - Star Wars EP7 BB-8 droid Prototype PART 3, Radio Control Experiments. XRobots - Star Wars EP7 BB-8 droid Prototype PART 1, Ball Balancing Robot.

Raspberry Pi SMS server - Open Electronics. Brain Reading with Arduino? Leonardo Lupori and Raffaele Mazziotti are active in the field of neuroscience at Tommaso Pizzorusso’s lab at Neuroscience Institute CNR of Pisa respectively as molecular biologist and experimental psychologist. They created an Arduino-based and MATLAB-controlled tool called IOSIC (Intrinsic Optical Signal Imaging Chamber), powered by an Arduino Micro and focused on intrinsic optical signal (IOS) imaging apparatus to run experiments on the plasticity of the brain. Intrinsic optical signal (IOS) imaging is a functional imaging technique that has revolutionized our understanding of cortical functional organization and plasticity since it was first implemented, around 30 years ago. IOS is produced by the brain when processing information and is similar to the information recorded with the plethysmograph (the instrument to measure heart rate from a finger) and it is useful to investigate how the brain works You can download IOSIC code for the Arduino MICRO here.

Feeding power to Arduino: the ultimate guide. Let’s deal with the problems of the various powering modes for the most famous Arduino boards, in order to overcome doubts users may have and to provide useful advices. When you want to use an Arduino board in stand-alone mode, the first problem to face is the one of how to power it, once it is disconnected from the computer’s USB port. Unfortunately, a faulty knowledge of the theme of powering sometimes leads people to make unforgivable mistakes, since the first result is often that of seeing the board go up in smoke and almost always irremediably, since from that moment it will not work any more.

In the premise it is good to point out that the article will deal with the powering modes of the Arduino boards operating at 5 V (UNO, MEGA, Duemilanove); a short, specific note will be dedicated to Arduino YÚN, that is still a 5 V board, but with features that are different from the other ones. Comparison between power supplies operating on AC and DC Unregulated linear power supply. DIY Quadcopter with 51 MCU C8051F 2212 KV930 Motor German EPP1045 - Open Electronics. Home > Project > DIY Quadcopter with 51 MCU C8051F 2212 KV930 Motor German EPP1045 By ICStation on November 12, 2015 Web site: Project Summary: Arduino High Speed Photography Trigger. Weekend Project: Gyrocar. Weekend Projects - TRS Drawbot. Weekend Projects - A Touchless 3D Tracking Interface. Arduino + OpenCV. Laser guided automatic machine using opencv and arduino. Arduino + OpenCV Laser Tracking Demo. Arduino + OpenCV Laser Tracking Demo.

Arduino/C++/OpenCV/PID controller. OpenCV Python Neural Network Autonomous RC Car. Ball and Plate PID control with 6 DOF Stewart platform. OpenCV Tic-tac-toe. Opencv + SDL Interactive Game. Arduino self balancing robot. 3G/GPRS + GPS shield for Arduino. Lie Detector and Biofeedback Arduino Based. GPS Guided Car Robot - AGV. Robot autonome avec Arduino UNO. Arduino Neural Network.

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Inventor Reveals Secrets Behind Attacknid Walking Robot Toys. Category: Arduino - Ubiquitous   Codes. With the eyes of a electronic engineer, the aim of this project is to research, if there is a way using Arduino and it‘s embedded technology to track falling rock motion and rotation, as well as the decent and impact. 28BYJ-48 Stepper Motor with ULN2003 driver and Arduino Uno. First, lets see the little steppers in action! David Drew and Joanna Dai. David Drew djd36, Joanna Dai jxd2. Watch This Tiny Adorable Drawbot Write Out the Time. Every 5 minutes this little drawbot wakes up, extends its cute little arms, grabs its adorable tiny eraser, and gets to work as a clock.

First, it erases the previous message. Then, it sets the eraser aside to begin a drawing of the time. This whiteboard clock is inefficient, imprecise, and wonderful! Lipo Rider Pro. Wireless Weather Station. Raspberry Pi Online weather recorder - Open Electronics. Perspective projection with Homography – OpenCV. LED Notification Cube is a Good First Project. Mikesoniat/Fijibot. Fijibot is an autonomous solar powered robot that lives by finding light on its own.

Charge accu robotique

Obstacle avoiding robot. BristleSwarm: Explorations into Swarm Robotics : Programming. MIDI TO ARDUINO : THE POSSIBILITIES. Let us build a handmade Hexapod robot : HAVE FUN. Obstacle avoiding robot. Social Bug: bluetooth dancing robot : Test social bug. Single-layer Perceptron. Arduino Neural Network. Elektor Nouvelles - Carte compatible Arduino avec alimentation embarquée Elektor. Spherebot Reloaded: Customize Your Xmas. Arbeitsbereich Technische Aspekte Multimodaler Systeme. Sans titre. 3D Printed Robot Arm. Introduction and Modelling. Products Archive - Maker Club.

Connect Arduino Uno to Android via Bluetooth. ARIETTA-G25 : ARM9 Linux Embedded Module (128MB) Pushetta: Send push notifications from Your Raspberry Pi - Open Electronics. Inductive Proximity Sensor. A GSM/GPRS & GPS Expansion Shield for Raspberry Pi. EASY Kinect 3D Scanner! Liquid Level Sensing Part 2 Optical Gravitational and Sonic Techniques.

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Projets L3 (2013-2014) Master 1 - FST.