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UTF-8 in Emacs: Everywhere, Forever – thraxys. How to format a presentation in ox-reveal / Reveal.js export in Org mode - Emacs Stack Exchange. The org-reveal export package builds on top of ox-html.

How to format a presentation in ox-reveal / Reveal.js export in Org mode - Emacs Stack Exchange

That means that most export settings are still controlled just like when exporting org to html. How to set the title/author_name/email_address? To set the title, author name and email address you can use the standard org-mode preprocessor tags: EmacsWiki: Word Count. Introduction to org-ref. Jkitchin/org-ref: org-mode modules for citations, cross-references, bibliographies in org-mode and useful bibtex tools to go with it. Emacs SMTP Library: Emacs Speaks SMTP. Emacs includes a package for sending your mail to a SMTP server and have it take care of delivering it to the final destination, rather than letting the MTA on your local system take care of it. This can be useful if you don’t have a MTA set up on your host, or if your machine is often disconnected from the internet. Sending mail via SMTP requires configuring your mail user agent (see (emacs)Mail Methods) to use the SMTP library.

If you have not configured anything, then in Emacs 24.1 and later the first time you try to send a mail Emacs will ask how you want to send mail. To use this library, answer ‘smtp’ when prompted. Emacs then asks for the name of the SMTP server. Mu4e - Email Client — Emacs latest documentation. The advantage of use Emacs as an email client: communication happens at the point where the content is generated. as a statisician/programmer, most likely I need to communicate with numbers, table, graphs, or snippet.

mu4e - Email Client — Emacs latest documentation

I could just copy these results from to email, do a quick editing.HTML email with CSS style. I like to format my email use headingline, fonts, and highlight the code, I used to be write a report in Word/LatEx and write an email with only one line, please see the attachment. which I don’t properly I use search all the time, and this functionality is not working at all in outlook 2013, it also shows up random info ( in osx did a great job). Disadvantage and the things it can’t do: book Meeting/Appointment I am not aware if you can do it in emacs, and we need an iterative way to do. This setting need two programs to work: 1) mu, 2) offlineimap. to install mu on osx,

Master your inbox with mu4e and org-mode. In the following I will put forward my philosophy on handling emails and then show how this is realised in emacs using mu4e and org-mode.

Master your inbox with mu4e and org-mode

I couple of years ago I read an article by the economist Tim Harford which hugely influenced the way I handle my emails. The ideas in the article are not unique but they really struck a chord with me. My email philosophy can be distilled down to one key concept: your inbox is not a todo list Like many people I used to keep emails in my inbox as a way of reminding me of something I needed to do, but the fact is that an inbox is a rubbish todo list. Migrating from offlineimap to mbsync for mu4e. I have just switched over from offlineimap to mbsync (part of isync) for synchronising my local email with Gmail for use with mu4e.

Migrating from offlineimap to mbsync for mu4e

I found offlineimap worked well enough but it would hang frequently if I had connection problems (e.g. on my laptop) and mbsync is much faster. I couldn’t find a guide for migrating, and I encountered a few issues along the way, so I thought I’d document the process here. The isync mailing list has some discussion of how to convert the maildir folders and related files from offlineimap to mbsync format, but I didn’t see any examples of this being done successfully so I decided to play it safe and sync a new maildir directory with mbsync, downloading a new copy of all of my emails from Gmail’s servers.

I’m using a Mac, and built the newest version of isync from source without problems (the version on Mac Ports is older). My Workflow with Org-Agenda. I'm sure we've all had the same experience with "fully-featured" todo-list and project management programs: each had their own niceties, but none quite delivered on their promise.

My Workflow with Org-Agenda

How to add tags completion to org mode capture? Tag searches. This is the official manual for the latest Org-mode release. 6.4 Tag searches Once a system of tags has been set up, it can be used to collect related information into special lists.

Tag searches

A research workflow with Zotero and Org mode. Any research project is going to involve a literature search: reading through a bunch of papers that might be relevant to your topic in order to get a sense of what the field already knows.

A research workflow with Zotero and Org mode

Now, maybe there's some magic technique for picking out the information that matters, passing over the rest, and writing out a single, coherent story in one pass through all the papers you can find. If that technique exists, I have no idea what it is. So when every paper brings up ten new questions and twenty papers to start answering them, I need a system to keep my notes organized. I need notes that let me jump back and forth between papers without losing my place, draw links between papers, and store lists of citations to come back to. GitHub - jkitchin/org-ref: org-mode modules for citations, cross-references, bibliographies in org-mode and useful bibtex tools to go with it.

Org-Mode and Writing Papers: Some Tips - Clark R. Donley. You can easily use RefTeX to quickly insert citations from a .bib file. I modified some of this from Kieran Healy’s instructions. I keep my bibliography file at /Users/clarkdonley/Files/Academic/Bibliography/main.bib and I use biblatex. After a bit of fiddling, this configuration works. Again, it goes in your .emacs or Preferences.el and you’ll need to configure the specifics for your needs. Scientific Writing with Zotero and Org Mode. Michael Behr has an interesting post on his scientific writing workflow.

Scientific Writing with Zotero and Org Mode

The post isn’t really about how he writes his papers but rather how he organizes and curates his research materials. As you’d expect, he uses an Org file to store links to research papers and take notes on them. If you’re an Org mode user you won’t have any difficulty imagining what this looks like. What’s interesting about his workflow is that he use Zotero to capture and store copies of the papers he needs for his research. Saving weblinks to org-mode from Safari. Each day, I come across numerous web articles, blog posts, newsgroup posts, etc, that appear interesting.

Saving weblinks to org-mode from Safari

Often, I discover them while working on another task. To avoid distraction, I typically save their links for later review. Sometimes I drag the links to my desktop. Tutorial for how to make ido or helm menu? : emacs. Understanding the Git Workflow. If you don’t understand the motivation behind Git’s design, you’re in for a world of hurt.

Understanding the Git Workflow

With enough flags you can force Git to act the way you think it should instead of the way it wants to. But that’s like using a screwdriver like a hammer; it gets the job done, but it’s done poorly, takes longer, and damages the screwdriver. Consider how a common Git workflow falls apart. Create a branch off Master Work Merge it back to Master when done Most of the time this behaves as you expect because Master changed since you branched. Unfortunately, your feature branch contained checkpoint commits, frequent commits that back up your work but captures the code in an unstable state. So you add a new rule: “When you merge in your feature branch, use –no-ff to force a new commit.”

Then one day you discover a critical bug in production, and you need to track down when it was introduced. Reading and writing email with emacs - Emacs Stack Exchange. I use notmuch for my emails in emacs. It does only operate on local mails which needed to be stored one message per file and I use maildir folders to which my smtp-server delivers. It should be able to cope with other solutions syncing mails to maildir folders on your computer. To start using it you install the command-line base and the emacs interface and start configuring via a short text wizard by calling notmuch, setup a regular call to a filtering script which calls notmuch new and tags other mails from the threads you tagged (for example mailing list threads you wish to ignore) or tag mails sorted by your mail daemon into special maildirs.

Org-Mode and Writing Papers: Some Tips - Clark R. Donley. Convert between almost any text based formats. Org Mode - Organize Your Life In Plain Text! Okay, I admit it. I'm a clocking fanatic. I clock everything at work. Org-mode makes this really easy. I'd rather clock too much stuff than not enough so I find it's easier to get in the habit of clocking everything. This makes it possible to look back at the day and see where I'm spending too much time, or not enough time on specific projects. Without clocking data it's hard to tell how long something took to do after the fact. I now use the concept of punching in and punching out at the start and end of my work day. Punching in defines a default task to clock time on whenever the clock would normally stop. My clocking setup basically works like this: Punch in (start the clock) This clocks in a predefined task by org-id that is the default task to clock in whenever the clock normally stops Clock in tasks normally, and let moving to a DONE state clock out clocking out automatically clocks time on a parent task or moves back to the predefined default task if no parent exists.

SLY User Manual, version 1.0.0-beta-2. Version 1.0.0-beta-2 Written by Luke Gorrie and others. This file has been placed in the public domain. SLY is a Common Lisp IDE for Emacs. This is the manual for version 1.0.0-beta-2. (Last updated March 12, 2016) SLY is Sylvester the Cat’s Common Lisp IDE. Emacs Manual: Save Keyboard Macro. 17.5 Naming and Saving Keyboard Macros C-x C-k n Give a command name (for the duration of the Emacs session) to the most recently defined keyboard macro (kmacro-name-last-macro). Post. Enabling tikz previews in org-mode. How to Evaluate Emacs Lisp Code. Orgtbl-ascii-plot.el – plots in ascii-art. Org tutorial on generating simple process diagrams using dot and tables.

GNU Emacs Manual: Editing Binary Files. Creating and Publishing Presentations with Org-reveal. That’s great for giving lectures, and is all I really need at 9:55 when I’m trying to type my lecture and walk to class at the same time. Making a reveal.js presentation with org-reveal. Writing Beamer presentations in org-mode. Multicursor. Basics. Utiliser Org comme tableur: une courte introduction. Emacs 24 : Toute résistance est inutile. LaTeX Source Code Blocks in Org Mode. Taming Google Calendar With Org-Mode. Predictive pour booster la productivité du rédacteur technique et marketing. GitHub - atykhonov/google-translate: Emacs interface to Google Translate. Writing A Spotify Client in 16 Minutes. Emacs + Auctex + Synctex + Okular on Ubuntu 12.04 - Signals.

Org mode is awesome. Taking Notes In Emacs Org-Mode. Google Calendar Synchronization.