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Which Type Of Pull Up Bar Is Best? There are lots of different kinds of pull up bars on the market. It can be hard to figure out which is best in terms of quality and price. In this post we will show you the disadvantages and advantages of each one and hopefully by the end you will know which pull up bar is best for you. Telescopic Door Frame Pull Up Bar Telescopic door frame pull up bars are the most basic style of pull up bar. The setup is easy, the bar extends on either side and wedges itself between the two uprights of your doorframe. This style of bar is easy to put up, take down and store and is a great introduction to pull up bars and calisthenics in general.

You can perform a variety of basic exercises that will build your upper body and core strength. Door Frame Leverage Pull Up Bars Door frame leverage pull up bars are one of the most popular styles of bars, and for good reason. Wall And Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bars Free Standing pull up bars So Which Is Best?