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We make games. This is where we talk about them. T.C.O.W: CAMPAIGN! WWPD: Wargames, Board Games, RPGs, LCGs, and more! Anatoli's Game Room: Rules with no name (free pdf version review) Anatoli's Game Room: Rules with no name (free pdf version review) 18 card Microgame Contest Geeklist. Contest link: This one has very specific limitations.You need to design a game using 18 cards exactly.No more, no less.The game rules need to be included into the cards.Also, and this might scare people.

18 card Microgame Contest Geeklist

No components.Paper and pencil could be used for scoring, hard to avoid in some cases. DeadlineContest starts - August 31, 2014Contest ends - Dec. 3rd, 2014Voting ends - Dec. 30th, 2014. Gamefroot Game Creator. Recent changes - VASSAL. Eureka Miniatures. Samurai Battles - historical wargames. > Rules & Scenarios Rule Books: • Samurai Battles ART OF TACTIC Rules [German] • Samurai Battles Commands & Colors Introduction [German] • Samurai Battles Commands & Colors Rules [German] • SAMURAI BATTLES Spielhilfe [German]

Samurai Battles - historical wargames

Bleaseworld. 79671244 Tomahawk and Musket[1] Old School Authors » Henry's Wargaming. Documents matching "wargames " Documents Tagged with microgame. British Grenadier! Official Blog of the Solo Wargamers Association. Warp Spawn Games. Welcome lost travelers!

Warp Spawn Games

You have traveled long and far, and you will be rewarded! You have happened upon the final resting ground of games written by yours truly, Lloyd Krassner. Arcane and wondrous treasures, indeed!!! What is a Warpgame you ask? Patience, Grasshopper, and all shall be revealed. Oh, and by the way, Comrades, these games are copyrighted 1997+ by Lloyd Krassner, however, you may use the games for your own personal entertainment, not for sale, republishing, et hoc genus omne (Yada, yada, yada).

Charley's War. Home - British Pathé.

Boardgame Geek - Welcome. Recent changes - VASSAL. Category:Modules - VASSAL. ALIENS the Board Game. Ausloos Design. Down in Flames Overview. On January sixth I met one of the Luftwaffe old-timers, one of the toughest pilots I’ve ever fought. Near Coblenz the group raced in a dive after fifteen Focke-Wulfs. Gabreski locked onto a Kraut’s tail and the German’s wingman came hard after Gabby. I saw him swinging in, turned hard, and made a head-on pass. The Focke-Wulf jerked up steeply to the right, turning away. I threw the Jug into a roll and went after him.

. - Excerpt from: Thunderbolt! Game Play in a nutshell... DiF is a game that has the feel and flavor of dogfighting in a simple to learn but hard to master card game format. B-17 Extras. Variants, Game Aids and Extras for B-17 Queen of the Skies -- These are all free -- made by fellow players of the game!

B-17 Extras

1. Errata to Rules: General magazine, Volume 20, No. 62. XLS Form of the B17 Mission sheet and Mission Composite sheet. You can use these if you run out of the originals.3. Lorcrayons' Workshop & Exhibit: Aliens. AVP Kickstarter Project So there is two weeks left on this kickstarter.

lorcrayons' Workshop & Exhibit: Aliens

As of this post, there is roughly 160K BPS contributed to the fund. That said, for those of you wanting these models simply for use in Space Hulk maybe wondering what the hell you need in order to fulfill that goal. In order to ascertain this, several factors need to be taken into consideration. 1) The alien queen is rumored to be placed on a 120mm base, making it a model that likely won't make a good stand in for the genestealer brood lord model as has been suggested in the rethemed space hulk rulebook. As a decent compromise, the Praetorian Alien may be the best model to stand in for the broodlord.

The Thousand-Year Game Design Challenge. UPDATE: The submission period has closed and here are the entries.

The Thousand-Year Game Design Challenge

If you're an entrant, continue sending pics or vids of people playing your game. The first step to a game lasting a thousand years is for people to play it today. Enter the Labyrinth and Rescue the Princess - A Free Paper Game. This is a paper based game that one or two players can play.

Enter the Labyrinth and Rescue the Princess - A Free Paper Game

It is totally complete with everything you need. You print out the 8 page document. Cut out and glue the board and pieces to thin cardboard (cereal box cardboard works well) and you are ready to play. It is a role playing adventure game. The die is cast: SEARCH AND DESTROY. Pages This Blog Tuesday, 23 June 2009.

The die is cast: SEARCH AND DESTROY

Paper Game: Game Board. Home Dioramas & miniatures Classical Guitar store Telescope Store Terrarium Store Fantasy Art Books Model Rocket Store Siege Engine Store R/C Airplanes Store Swords My Youtube Channel Twitter - Follow Me Banner Exchange MoreLinks HobbyLinks List of Hobbies Things Other Websites More Other Websites Kindred Spirit Links Obsessions Earning money with your website My Other Websites.

Paper Game: Game Board

Valve. WarEngine. Hat miniatures. Tank Leader. 15mm SCI FI Wargame played on Old Crow Models Terrain. Wings of Glory WW2 game for iPad and iPhone is coming! « Ares Games. “The Dust” Hot LZ A Story based upon Boots on the Ground P1. « The Big Board. Hot LZ Dust.

“The Dust” Hot LZ A Story based upon Boots on the Ground P1. « The Big Board

Archives. 2001 Gamers' Choice Awards Nominees Committee member Greg Aleknevicus says a little bit about each of the multi-player nominees. 2002 Gamers' Choice Awards Nominees The finalists for this years' awards in both the multi-player and two-player categories. 2002 Gamers' Choice Awards Winners. HeroClix Collectible Miniatures & Board Games by Wizkids/NECA. Hunters and Haunts: An Ancient Classic Board Game. Fantasy Flight Games [Forum Gears of War: The Board Game] - Leading publisher of board, card, and roleplaying games. WarEngine. White Dog Games. Articles. Simon Roy Prophet. V&V Files. Online - Army of Darkness Board Game. The Army of Darkness board game was put out in 1992 by a company called Leading Edge(now out of business), a company who made board games based movies. The game represents the battle at Arthur's castle at the end of the movie. The game board is composed of 15 3/3 inch squares and 4 6/3 inch wall squares within a square sized castle.

All thin white and red outlines printed on a picture of the Deadites from the movie. You have key squares like the tower (where the book goes), the pit (if this opens Deadites start to appear in the pit), the wall squares (This is where Deadites usually appear), and the gate (eventually the Deadites break through the gate and appear hear).

This game can be played with 1 to 8 players. 103 - Arkham Express. Wargames. Wargames. Battle of Trafalgar(1805) Battle of Trafalgar (1805 AD) Fast Play Rules for Students By Matt Fritz Historical Background: Battle of Trafalgar (1805) The decisive naval battle of the Napoleonic era occurred when a British fleet of 27 ships under the commander of Admiral Horatio Nelson engaged a Franco-Spanish fleet of 33 ships. Nelson devised a daring strategy to overcome his opponents. Games Resources. Battle Part 2. WW1 tank under attack illustration. The Game Crafter News, Mashup Contest Entries. Cambridge Games Factory. IMSTRAT PB Scenario Page. Game Kits. Samurai Battles - historical wargames.

World War Truce: Britain vs. Germany Christmas Football Match.