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Anatoli's Game Room: Rules with no name (free pdf version review) I've had a freebee version of the "Rules with no name" on my hard drive for some time now.

Anatoli's Game Room: Rules with no name (free pdf version review)

This is the short 27page PDF from when the rules were available for free download, before Foundry bought the rules and made an over the top expensive 130+ pages rulebook out of it. From what I've read the rules are basically the same though, the book has more explanatory charts and such, pictures, full color etc. But let's forget about that and just focus on the raw rules for this game. This game I think is set more towards participation games with more than two players taking part in the gunfights - rather than a 1vs1 player gameplay like in Legends of the Old West. Not that you could not play this game 1vs1 but it feels more open ended which explains some of the design choices such as random activation of models by using character cards drawn from a deck.

The tradeoff is that you will need to have lots of cards and charts at hand to resolve most of the action. How it plays. Anatoli's Game Room: Rules with no name (free pdf version review) 18 card Microgame Contest Geeklist. Contest link: This one has very specific limitations.You need to design a game using 18 cards exactly.No more, no less.The game rules need to be included into the cards.Also, and this might scare people.

18 card Microgame Contest Geeklist

No components.Paper and pencil could be used for scoring, hard to avoid in some cases. DeadlineContest starts - August 31, 2014Contest ends - Dec. 3rd, 2014Voting ends - Dec. 30th, 2014 Games 01. Rules1. PrizesTips given here and on the geeklist will be combined and given to the winners. I am also going to publish a minimum of 2 games for this contest.With the possibility of publishing many more. I want to have the people to vote in the poll for the winners.But in the end I will choose what games I want to publish. A poll will be created for each category.1. All the money donated will be divided between the category winners. Current Prize Pot: 1010 gg And..The plan right now is to publish 2 of the winners with one of my games.This would be 3 games in a standard size tuck box. Gamefroot Game Creator. Recent changes - VASSAL.

Eureka Miniatures. Scribd. Samurai Battles - historical wargames. > Rules & Scenarios Rule Books: • Samurai Battles ART OF TACTIC Rules [German] • Samurai Battles Commands & Colors Introduction [German] • Samurai Battles Commands & Colors Rules [German] • SAMURAI BATTLES Spielhilfe [German] • (6420) Samurai Battles Commands & Colors Expancion #1 Unit Sammary • Samurai Battles Commands & Colors • Samurai Battles Commands & Colors Player Aid • (6413) Samurai Battles ART OF TACTIC Rules • (6413) Samurai Battles ART OF TACTIC Player Aid Scenarios: Art of Tactic • Samurai Battles Scenarios [German] • (6413) Samurai Battles ART OF TACTIC Scenario Booklet • (6420/B) Samurai Battles ART OF TACTIC Ninja Attack Scenario Booklet • Cavalry Battle • A Mountain Pass • Shootout • Bandits • Retreat • Raid • A Mountain Shrine • Defend a Village • Rescue the Daimyo • Shogi Commands & Colors • Samurai Battles Command & Colors Szenarioheft von Richard Borg [German] OrigamiSites.ru.

Samurai Battles - historical wargames

Bleaseworld. Old School Authors » Henry's Wargaming. Documents matching "wargames " Documents Tagged with microgame. British Grenadier! Relativerange.com. Official Blog of the Solo Wargamers Association. Warp Spawn Games. Welcome lost travelers!

Warp Spawn Games

You have traveled long and far, and you will be rewarded! You have happened upon the final resting ground of games written by yours truly, Lloyd Krassner. Arcane and wondrous treasures, indeed!!! What is a Warpgame you ask? Patience, Grasshopper, and all shall be revealed. Oh, and by the way, Comrades, these games are copyrighted 1997+ by Lloyd Krassner, however, you may use the games for your own personal entertainment, not for sale, republishing, et hoc genus omne (Yada, yada, yada). Charley's War. Home - British Pathé.

Boardgame Geek

MeCCG.net - Welcome. Recent changes - VASSAL. Category:Modules - VASSAL. ALIENS the Board Game. Ausloos Design. Down in Flames Overview. On January sixth I met one of the Luftwaffe old-timers, one of the toughest pilots I’ve ever fought.

Down in Flames Overview

Near Coblenz the group raced in a dive after fifteen Focke-Wulfs. Gabreski locked onto a Kraut’s tail and the German’s wingman came hard after Gabby. I saw him swinging in, turned hard, and made a head-on pass. The Focke-Wulf jerked up steeply to the right, turning away. I threw the Jug into a roll and went after him.

. - Excerpt from: Thunderbolt! Game Play in a nutshell... DiF is a game that has the feel and flavor of dogfighting in a simple to learn but hard to master card game format. Performance: How many maneuvers its pilot can have at any one time. (Bombers for example have different ratings for turret attack and defense.) Tailing: You are on their tail. The heart of the DiF system is its Action/Reaction maneuver system. Player A (P-47) plays a Maneuver card to get from a neutral to an advantaged position.

I saw him swinging in, turned hard, and made a head-on pass. B-17 Extras. Variants, Game Aids and Extras for B-17 Queen of the Skies -- These are all free -- made by fellow players of the game!

B-17 Extras

1. Errata to Rules: General magazine, Volume 20, No. 62. XLS Form of the B17 Mission sheet and Mission Composite sheet. You can use these if you run out of the originals.3. Mission Sheets incorporating the B-17G rule changes. Lorcrayons' Workshop & Exhibit: Aliens. AVP Kickstarter Project So there is two weeks left on this kickstarter.

lorcrayons' Workshop & Exhibit: Aliens

As of this post, there is roughly 160K BPS contributed to the fund. That said, for those of you wanting these models simply for use in Space Hulk maybe wondering what the hell you need in order to fulfill that goal. In order to ascertain this, several factors need to be taken into consideration. 1) The alien queen is rumored to be placed on a 120mm base, making it a model that likely won't make a good stand in for the genestealer brood lord model as has been suggested in the rethemed space hulk rulebook.

As a decent compromise, the Praetorian Alien may be the best model to stand in for the broodlord. It will also be considerably cheaper than the Alien queen. Hopefully, Prodos will increase the contents of the base game by the end of the pledge drive so that purchasing an additional squad of marines will not be necessary. The Thousand-Year Game Design Challenge. UPDATE: The submission period has closed and here are the entries.

The Thousand-Year Game Design Challenge

If you're an entrant, continue sending pics or vids of people playing your game. The first step to a game lasting a thousand years is for people to play it today. UPDATE 2: And here's the winner! To support games designed for longevity – that can be learned, played and shared for hundreds of years – we offer this challenge to any game designers, artists and imaginative people who also share this desire. Challenge Create a game.

Prize $1,000 to the winning entrant, to be announced and awarded January 1, 2012. Entry Deadline Entries must be submitted before midnight July August 31st, 2011. Entry Guidelines Enter by posting a comment below with a link to your game. Text+Images: Describe your game on a blog post, google doc, or on any other public forum. Video: A video posted on YouTube. In addition, your entry may include an interactive demo of your game, playable online. All humans are eligible to enter. FAQs » Enter the Labyrinth and Rescue the Princess - A Free Paper Game. This is a paper based game that one or two players can play.

Enter the Labyrinth and Rescue the Princess - A Free Paper Game

It is totally complete with everything you need. You print out the 8 page document. Cut out and glue the board and pieces to thin cardboard (cereal box cardboard works well) and you are ready to play. It is a role playing adventure game. It's a fun little game and a bit different than my other paper game called Storm The Castle. In this game you have to make your way through a labyrinth to get to the Princess. The paper game is complete in this eight page Microsoft Word Document. You don't need anything extra except when assembling the game. Everything is included, even a dice that you can assemble.

Note when Printing: This document is a standard 8 1/2" x 11" document and some of the images go right to the very edges. Here it is: The Free Paper Game: Enter The Labyrinth and Rescue the Princess (Right Click and select "Save As") I also have a youtube video that shows you this game: Paper Game Home Page is here. The die is cast: SEARCH AND DESTROY. Pages This Blog Tuesday, 23 June 2009 HUE LIA -PEU BON -SOUTH VIETNAM 1967 All photographs were taken at Ambush Alley Ireland Day.

The die is cast: SEARCH AND DESTROY

Posted by Declan at 6/23/2009 Email ThisBlogThis! Labels: Ambush Alley 3 comments: TheWrist said... FANTASTIC! 9 August 2009 01:42 9 August 2009 01:43 Declan said... Thanks for the comment. 9 August 2009 20:30 Post a Comment Newer PostOlder PostHome. Paper Game: Game Board. Home Dioramas & miniatures Classical Guitar store Telescope Store Terrarium Store Fantasy Art Books Model Rocket Store Siege Engine Store R/C Airplanes Store Swords My Youtube Channel Twitter - Follow Me Banner Exchange MoreLinks HobbyLinks List of Hobbies Things Other Websites More Other Websites Kindred Spirit Links Obsessions Earning money with your website My Other Websites The Telescope Nerd Castlefiction.com Epic-Fantasy.com The Fantasy Blog The Fantasy Guide Medieval Castles Medieval Swords Medieval Weapons The Knight Medieval willkalif.com make-video-games.com hobbynerd.com All Materials, unless otherwise stated are Copyright©2000-2012 Kalif Publishing and StormtheCastle.com For more information or for customer support check out copyright and info page Press/Media Kit here Hi, Thanks for visiting my website.

Valve. Portal 2 draws from the award-winning formula of innovative gameplay, story, and music that earned the original Portal over 70 industry accolades and created a cult following. The single-player portion of Portal 2 introduces a cast of dynamic new characters, a host of fresh puzzle elements, and a much larger set of devious test chambers. Players will explore never-before-seen areas of the Aperture Science Labs and be reunited with GLaDOS, the occasionally murderous computer companion who guided them through the original game. The game’s two-player cooperative mode features its own entirely separate campaign with a unique story, test chambers, and two new player characters.

This new mode forces players to reconsider everything they thought they knew about portals. Success will require them to not just act cooperatively, but to think cooperatively. Leondus.com. WarEngine. Hat miniatures. Dated: May 4, 2010. Any collector knows what the worst part of toy soldier collecting is, the wait! It's often a wait of months and even years before new sets show up. Designing and producing each set takes a long time. Every set of new toy soldiers (from any company) you've bought have probably been a year in the making. It cannot be determined for certain when a set will be released due to vagaries in the mold making process, but to make the wait as painless as possible we have created this page which shows the production status of the sets in the form of little graphs, so you'll how close to production the next set is.

Various stages: 01) Research of uniforms and design of set. 02) Sketches are drawn. 03) Sculpting starts. 04) Sculpting ends. 05) Pattern making starts and ends. 06) Mold making starts. 07) Mold making continues. 08) Mold making continues. 09) Fitting of mold. 10) Testing of mold. 11) Production begins! Return to HäT home page. Tank Leader. Tank Leader, published in three games in 1986-1990, is simply the best platoon level armor game ever, still decades ahead of Panzerblitz, Panzer Grenadier, Blood & Thunder, and all others I've seen. Another John Hill masterpiece. The third game in the series, Desert Steel, won the 1990 Charles Roberts Award for best WWII boardgame. List the cards, the units, quality, experience, morale/morale modifier, plus sometimes the unit ratings. (ASCII format) 15mm SCI FI Wargame played on Old Crow Models Terrain. Wings of Glory WW2 game for iPad and iPhone is coming! « Ares Games. “The Dust” Hot LZ A Story based upon Boots on the Ground P1. « The Big Board.

Hot LZ Dust. It was always dust. Dust in the eyes, dust in the clothes, dust in your kit, dust in your weapons….worst of all dust in the mechanics of your transportation. The 6 of us were limping along in a transport chopper late afternoon from a rapid response support operation, part of a larger repression effort on the outskirts of town for Company F 23rd ID.

Fucking dust, I’m so sick of it. . “ Hey LT you having a personal pity party up there” Alonzo shouted over the grinding roar of the chopper blades. ”You look so triste and rendido!” We all laughed. “Alonso boy you better strip that fiddy down right tonight no more jams like today” I said. We were almost back to Camp Kilo. “RPG RPG RPG” Called Weston. Our pilots are the best! What we were not going to survive was the tearing popping noise from the engine housing. In the end the landing was ok, if you call swirling 360’s and a plunge from 20+ feet all right. . “ Get inside quick.” To be continued……… Like this: Like Loading... Archives. HeroClix Collectible Miniatures & Board Games by Wizkids/NECA. Hunters and Haunts: An Ancient Classic Board Game. Fantasy Flight Games [Forum Gears of War: The Board Game] - Leading publisher of board, card, and roleplaying games.

WarEngine. White Dog Games. Articles. Simon Roy Prophet. V&V Files. Online - Army of Darkness Board Game. 103 - Arkham Express. Wargames. Wargames. Battle of Trafalgar(1805) Games Resources. Battle Part 2. WW1 tank under attack illustration. The Game Crafter News, Mashup Contest Entries. Cambridge Games Factory. IMSTRAT PB Scenario Page. Game Kits. Samurai Battles - historical wargames. World War Truce: Britain vs. Germany Christmas Football Match.