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Six reasons iPad is an artist's productivity tool. There's a lot of folks who say the iPad isn't proper competition for netbooks because it isn't a 'productivity tool'.

Six reasons iPad is an artist's productivity tool

They're all wrong. Take the visual arts, for example, and you'll find a growing army of examples of artists using the Apple device to create stunning pieces of art, here's six stories to illustrate this. Clearly this illustrates why netbook sales have cramped up and why Apple's iPad is such a success, because it unlocks imagination for users, developers, old and new media. [This story is from the new Apple Holic blog at Computerworld. Subscribe via RSS to make sure you don't miss a beat.

David HockneyOne of the UK's leading artists, David Hockney is revered. "It can be anything you want it to be. Hockney last year made a splash when he revealed his work using the iPhone (and the Brushes app), as detailed in this video here. Hype - Money is just a tool. Discover Hype To manage your money,all you need is a smartphone.

Hype - Money is just a tool.

With Hype, a simple app is all you need to exchange money in real time, pay your expenses, reach new goals, seize personalized deals, and much more besides. Discover Hype. Untitled. LIFT: Contemporary Printmaking in the Third Dimension January 30 - April 19, 2015, Knoxville Museum of Art This exhibition examines the work of established and emerging international contemporary artists who use a variety of strategies to bring a sculptural dimension to printmaking.

Some achieve this by using centuries-old methods while others take advantage of cutting-edge digital tools. Hyperbole and a Half. The Victorian Web: An Overview. Pixelomics on Behance. How sustainable is your smartphone? - interactive. How sustainable is your smartphone? - interactive. DaVinci-inspiration. Leonardo Da Vinci, the original Renaissance Man, was best known as a master painter and sculptor.


He was also a capable inventor, mathematician, scientist and more. In fact, he was a polymath who studied multiple disciplines including music, writing, anatomy, architecture, botany, plate tectonics, civil engineering, optics, and hydrodynamics. The number of scientific inventions da Vinci produced was truly remarkable. Instagram. Destructoid. Your everyday life stories. Christchurch, New Zealand- NEWS. Total peace of mind for your building project using Virtual Tours March 4, 2014 VIRTUAL BLUEPRINTS - A 360 degree look at the pre-lining stage of a building site to display an invaluable record of positioning of all electrical, plumbing, studs, ceiling, framing and details that may not exist on your plans or blueprints.

Christchurch, New Zealand- NEWS

We can also offer an additional layer of information- a measuring tape reference by including strips of marker tape for precise reference. No need for hundreds of images- one virtual tour contains all the information you need. Zoom in for finer detail. You receive all the files so you can view this tour on your own computer without being online. You also get the whole tour hosted online so you can access it from anywhere on any computer, tablet or mobile device.

Iprl.wz. Product Design and Personal Accessories - New Zealand Weather Forecasts by city and region – MetService. The Idea Sketchers. I’m always amazed even to this day how I got into this industry, by luck really.

The Idea Sketchers

I had graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design Illustration program in 2005 but I’ve been freelancing long before that. I realized there was a market for storyboards and comps since my 2nd year advertising class when on a school field trip we visit Ogilvy and Mather in Toronto. I met there an on-board illustrator named Dan Milligan and saw the things he can do with a stylus tablet and I was instantly hooked! Although what I wasn’t prepared for (and no art school can) is how to deal with art directors and creative directors as a business-to-business relationship. I’ve done countless jobs in dealing with both advertising and film production companies and have dealt with almost every type of individual in regards to a smooth production flow. Woody Norris invents amazing things. 20 Best Creative Products You Can Actually Buy. Creativity refers to a person creates something new that has some kind of value.

20 Best Creative Products You Can Actually Buy

It can be a product, solution, artwork, etc. What counts as “new” may be in reference to the individual creator, or to the society or domain within which the novelty occurs. What counts as “valuable” is similarly defined in a variety of ways. Today we have showcased 20 Best Creative Products You Can Actually Buy. Annie Collins - Biography. Annie Collins found herself at an editing bench partly by accident, only to discover that it felt like home.

Annie Collins - Biography

Her extensive CV, much of it in documentary, includes a number of projects which have excited intense debate, including Patu! And The Neglected Miracle. Collins admits that she is often attracted to projects that scare off funders or broadcasters: "'s usually a sure sign that the subject is a good one. " Collins has spoken of being attracted to documentary "that seeks to analyse injustice or social conditions", or explores people pushing themselves beyond normal parameters. In the 1970s, Collins became one of the first editors in New Zealand to be trained outside the normal environs of either television, the Government-owned National Film Unit or John O'Shea's Pacific Films.

Your everyday life stories. Respect! Brother Where You Bound - Rene Daalder. Go away. Mozilla Developer Network. Pinterest / Home. THE PITCH - AMC. Storyboard. Index. All My Faves.