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Gamificación en el aula. Storytelling Nuestro protagonista se llama Joel / Arlat.

Gamificación en el aula

The Psychological Comforts of Storytelling. When an English archaeologist named George Smith was 31 years old, he became enchanted with an ancient tablet in the British Museum.

The Psychological Comforts of Storytelling

Years earlier, in 1845, when Smith was only a five-year-old boy, Austen Henry Layard, Henry Rawlinson, and Hormuzd Rassam began excavations across what is now Syria and Iraq. In the subsequent years they discovered thousands of stone fragments, which they later discovered made up 12 ancient tablets. But even after the tablet fragments had been pieced together, little had been translated. The 3,000-year-old tablets remained nearly as mysterious as when they had been buried in the ruins of Mesopotamian palaces. An alphabet, not a language, cuneiform is incredibly difficult to translate, especially when it is on tablets that have been hidden in Middle Eastern sands for three millennia. Even so, Smith decided he would be the man to crack the code. Stories can be a way for humans to feel that we have control over the world.

8 Ways Digital Storytelling Transforms Learning in 21st Century Education: The Research Evidence. Gamificación Club › 4 ejes para crear experiencias memorables. Transmedia: nueva narrativa fluida para una realidad líquida. El mundo del entretenimiento está dejando atrás la narrativa lineal.

Transmedia: nueva narrativa fluida para una realidad líquida

Las historias en la actualidad tienden a desbordarse, a superar el medio y el canal para el que fueron concebidas, y ramificarse a través de relatos paralelos que germinan en distintos soportes. Es la denominada narrativa transmedia. Untitled. The Aesthetics of Game Art and Game Design. The Aesthetics of Game Art and Game Design By Chris Solarski What can we learn from the techniques of the Old Masters to help us create more varied and emotionally meaningful gaming experiences?

The Aesthetics of Game Art and Game Design

And how must we go about adapting these classical art techniques when we add video gaming's unique element of interactivity? To explore these questions, this article examines the psychology of shapes and dynamic composition, which are the focus of a series of talks I recently completed around North America (kindly supported by Gbanga, Swissnex, and the Swiss Arts Council, Pro Helvetia). I firmly believe that dynamic composition should be the topmost consideration for developers wishing to shape the emotional experience of their video games. Character shape Character animations Environment shapes Pathways We'll explore how these elements work together aesthetically, and finish by applying the techniques learned to game design. Click for larger version. Black and Violet (1923), Wassily Kandinsky. Digital Tools Session I. La narrativa en gamificación. Herramientas, diseño y emocionar en educación.

Storyboard. Storyboard o guion gráfico es un conjunto de ilustraciones mostradas en secuencia con el objetivo de servir de guía para entender una historia, pre-visualizar una animación o seguir la estructura de una película antes de realizarse o filmarse.


5470 14127. Cómo escribir un cuento #infografia #infographic. The Neuroscience Of Storytelling (For Presentations) Narración digital I. The Ultimate Alternate Reality Gamified Transmedia Classroom Toolkit. New to the Blog?

The Ultimate Alternate Reality Gamified Transmedia Classroom Toolkit

If you’d like to read about the implementation of the video game Gone Home in a high school English class, start here. Want to know how to turn your class into an alternate reality game, start here for an overview, or keep reading for the resource toolkit. Welcome to the Toolkit In the last post we introduced you to ARGs and reviewed some examples of how teachers are using them. Now you’re ready to turn your class into an immersive game, and everything you need is right here. Please write or comment with suggestions for additional resources or to report dead links, as this will be a living document which will hopefully grow and support any educator who wants to transform a class, a unit or the entire school year into an engaging, immersive and memorable experience.

Basic Terms Before you journey too deeply into the ARG universe, you may want to learn some of the lingo. Initial Design and Structure Attribution: A Few Words on Story & Narrative The Rabbit Hole. Plot Generator. Animated videos made in minutes. Descubre Cómo Crear una Página Web. Twine / An open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories. Timeline JS3 - Beautifully crafted timelines that are easy, and intuitive to use.

Inklewriter. Gone Google Story Builder. Instrucciones. Instrucciones Edad: 3- 99 años Se comienza jugando de manera individual una casilla tras otra.


Todas son obligatorias excepto las de “elevator pitch” que son optativas. Para jugarlas deberás coger una carta del montón correspondiente y al hacer la actividad que propone ganas la moneda del juego que se acumula para la puntuación final. La zona de recreo y SLOW EDUCATION son áreas de descanso para que te tomes un respiro y reflexiones sobre lo que has hecho hasta ahora.

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