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Scrum exercises

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An Exercise in Flow: The Dice Game. List of Agile Team Exercises. 101 Ways All About Agile List of Agile Team Exercises by David Koontz, 27 March 2014 | The Agile Blogosphere.

List of Agile Team Exercises

4 Gamified Solutions for Agile Scrum Training. Gamify Your Scrum Training and Build Team Synergy Agile is all about team alignment, mindset sharing and streamlined, self-assessed work to bring about the best value possible to all stakeholders.

4 Gamified Solutions for Agile Scrum Training

This methodology is found in all kinds of Agile development, especially in the Scrum form. 3 Agile Exercises to Help Clients in the Discovery Process. In a typical product development scenario, a client comes to you with an RFP or a list of all of the things their web app or website must do.

3 Agile Exercises to Help Clients in the Discovery Process

Here are just a few of the must-have items from RFPs we’ve received recently: “It’s got to have drop downs!” Teach Scrum through games - Scrum Simulation with LEGO. Training Exercise: Scrum Simulation. Agile Project Management with SCRUM - Training Material. Title Agile Project Management with SCRUM Author Bernard Szlachta, Prateek Shrivastava.

Agile Project Management with SCRUM - Training Material

Learning Scrum Through Games. While this is the session I ran in 2011 it has been replaced by: Learning Scrum Through Games – Goldilocks Iterations II.

Learning Scrum Through Games

Last week at Agile Tour Toronto I had the privilege of working with my friend Paul Heidema to help introduce the basic concepts of Scrum in 60 minutes. This is a really interesting challenge, what’s the minimum amount you can teach people and still give them a taste of Scrum. In end we opted for about ~10 minutes of talking heads (spread throughout), ~30 minutes of simulation time and 15 minutes of debrief. Agile Games And Exercises List – AgileSparks. Scrum Training Exercises. What are some good training exercises that can help people experience Agile planning, prioritization, burning down, reflecting, and so on?

Scrum Training Exercises

"scrumnoob" writes: I am running a 60 minute session in a couple of weeks for some of the employees close to, but not part of my project (Scrum project). What I would like to do is have a 1 or 2 sprint cycle as part of the hour but am lacking the inspiration to think of some backlog items that could be used. The old "make a cup of tea" or "book a holiday" ideas are floating around, but I am wondering if anyone has tried anything that has worked. "David H" recommends a sixty-minute Scrum exercise that he says was part of the original Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) course material.