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Por leer. The creative spark. Free locksmith training - Try a lesson. Enjoy your first lesson for free – a video that teaches you how to pick a Mult-T-Lock in a matter of seconds. The first students registering for the course will receive a 57% discount. Each lesson in the Online Locksmith's Course has five steps: Step 1: View my original video clip. Step 2: Read through the written material and the attached documents, which will help you understand the subject covered in the lesson. .

Step 3: Open the links to video clips accessible online, showing professional locksmiths around the world working on projects similar to those described in the lesson Step 4: Perform the practical exercise described in the lesson. 20 cursos online gratis de Psicología para 2016. #01.

20 cursos online gratis de Psicología para 2016

Electronics Basics: Fundamentals of Electricity - dummies. By Doug Lowe In order to understand even the simplest concepts of electronics, you must first understand what electricity is.

Electronics Basics: Fundamentals of Electricity - dummies

After all, the whole purpose of electronics is to get electricity to do useful and interesting things. The concept of electricity is both familiar and mysterious. We all know what electricity is, or at least have a rough idea, based on practical experience. In particular, consider these points: Lono. Tecnología -E.S.O. y Tecnología Industrial -Bachillerato: E.S.O. Free Online Course Materials. How to Organise an Event. Steps.

How to Organise an Event

Event organiser job profile. Event organisers are responsible for the production of events from conception through to completion.

Event organiser job profile

Events can include: exhibitions and fairs;festivals;conferences;promotions and product launches;fundraising and social events. They work in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors and can work for event management companies, in-house for an organisation or freelance. The role of event organiser is hands-on and often involves working as part of a team. Event organisers must be able to complete a wide range of activities requiring clear communication, excellent organisational skills and attention to detail. They must work well under pressure, ensuring the smooth and efficient running of an event.

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Ball lightning. A 1901 depiction of ball lightning Ball lightning is an unexplained atmospheric electrical phenomenon. The term refers to reports of luminous, spherical objects with diameters varying from pea-sized to several meters. It is usually associated with thunderstorms, but lasts considerably longer than the split-second flash of a lightning bolt. Many early reports say that the ball eventually explodes, sometimes with fatal consequences, leaving behind the odor of sulfur.[1][2] Many scientific hypotheses about ball lightning have been proposed over the centuries.

Welcome To Netter Images. Hespérides. Según el poeta griego siciliano Estesícoro, en su poema la Canción de Gerión, y el geógrafo griego Estrabón, en su libro Geografía (volumen III), las Hespérides estaban en Tartessos, un lugar situado en el sur de la península Ibérica.


Apolonio de Rodas, por su parte, situaba el jardín cerca del lago Tritón, en Libia.[1] Para la época romana, el Jardín de las Hespérides había perdido su lugar arcaico en la religión, reduciéndose a una convención poética, forma en la que fue resucitado en la poesía renacentista, para aludir tanto a un jardín como a las ninfas que moraban allí. Las ninfas del atardecer[editar] Eritía (‘la roja’) era una de las Hespérides. Faust. Faust is the protagonist of a classic German legend.


He is a scholar who is highly successful yet dissatisfied with his life, which leads him to make a pact with the Devil, exchanging his soul for unlimited knowledge and worldly pleasures. The Faust legend has been the basis for many literary, artistic, cinematic, and musical works that have reinterpreted it through the ages. "Faust" and the adjective "Faustian" imply a situation in which an ambitious person surrenders moral integrity in order to achieve power and success for a delimited term.[1][2] Summary of the story[edit] Menger sponge. Fractal. Figure 1a.


The Mandelbrot set illustrates self-similarity. As the image is enlarged, the same pattern re-appears so that it is virtually impossible to determine the scale being examined. Figure 1b. Seeing Through Photographs - The Museum of Modern Art. About this course: Although taking, sharing, and viewing photographs has become second nature for many of us, our regular engagement with images does not necessarily make us visually literate.

Seeing Through Photographs - The Museum of Modern Art

This course aims to address the gap between seeing and truly understanding photographs by introducing a diversity of ideas, approaches, and technologies that inform their making. In this course you will look closely at photographs from the collection of The Museum of Modern Art and hear a variety of perspectives on what a photograph is and the ways that photography has been used throughout its nearly 180 year history: as a means of artistic expression, as a tool for science and exploration; as an instrument of documentation; to tell stories and record histories; and as a mode of communication and critique in our ever increasingly visual culture. El mundo de la ecologia: Guias de campo en PDF. Aquí os dejo una serie de enlaces a guias de campo en pdf en los que podéis consultar y descargar dichas guias.

El mundo de la ecologia: Guias de campo en PDF

Guia RapacesNocturas.pdf Guía para la determinación de la edad y sexo de las estrigiformes ibéricas Guia limpieza ecológica Guía para la limpieza, económica y ecológica. Understand Open Education Resources OER. Treasure Chests: The Legacy of Extraordinary Boxes - Lon Schleining, Randy O'Rourke - Google Books.

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