Mind Mapping

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Mind Map Notes. 'Mind Map Notes' was the first application of Mind Maps.

Mind Map Notes

The creation of Mind Maps gave rise to the verb Mind Mapping. Mind Mapping as an alternative to Linear Notes became the main selling point of Mind Maps. This article introduces you to Mind Map Notes by taking you through a scenario of Janet's notes. Janet is a fictitious character, so any resemblance to you is purely coincidental. Her case study also introduces you to important information about sentence and paragraph construction that will make your note taking far more effective. 1. Janet's beautiful highlights No, I’m not talking about her hair, although that looks great too!

Janet always highlighted important information. Janet has always been a prolific note taker. There was one major problem though; Janet was not a top student. Then Janet discovered Key Words! What are Key Words? It is important to choose Key Words that trigger recall. Why use Key Words? Key Words are also the seeds for intuitive association. 2. Topic Sentence 3. Main Page. CmapTools.

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