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How AlJazeera plans its interactive storytelling projects. AlJazeera has built several long-form storytelling projects that have infused investigative journalism with digital technology and allowed users to experience stories in engaging ways.

How AlJazeera plans its interactive storytelling projects

See The War Across the River about refugees from the Central African Republic, or Freedom Denied, an interactive exploration of what happens to some Palestinians after they’re arrested by the Israeli military. Palestine Remix, one of the largest interactives produced by AlJazeera, allows users to create their own narrative by re-editing footage from 17 different films about Palestine. Credit: AlJazeera. How does AlJazeera plan and design these interactive storytelling projects? AlJazeera‘s Konstantinos Antonopoulos, a senior interactive designer, and Mohammed Haddad, a data journalist, gave a presentation this week on their editorial and design process during the AlJazeera Forum in Doha, Qatar.

The story is the foundation. The story is the foundation to interactive storytelling. Restraint in the newsroom. How to get started as a multimedia journalist. I’ve now covered almost all of the 5 roles in an investigations team I posted about earlier this year – apart from the multimedia journalist role. So here’s how to get started in that role. Multimedia journalism is a pretty nebulous term. As a result, in my experience, when students try to adopt the role two main problems recur: 1) having a narrow assumption of what multimedia means (i.e. video) and 2) not being able to see the multimedia possibilities of your work.

Multimedia journalism is a very different beast to broadcast journalism. In broadcast journalism your role was comparatively simple: you had one medium to use, and a well-worn format to employ. Put another way: in broadcast journalism the medium was imposed on the story; in multimedia journalism, the story imposes the medium. Multimedia also has to deal with the style challenge I’ve written about previously: With that in mind, then, here are 4 steps to get started in multimedia journalism: Step 2: Plan and practise So practise. Long form. Le clic est mort, vive le scroll. One More Jump. La Fabrique #1 : Un projet de journalisme un peu dingue. Dire que ce pro­jet était longue­ment mûri serait men­tir.

La Fabrique #1 : Un projet de journalisme un peu dingue

C’est en effec­tu­ant deux enquêtes pour l’Hémi­cy­cle et le Monde Argent que j’ai com­pris l’ampleur de ce scan­dale des rési­dences de tourisme. Jusque là je pen­sais comme beau­coup de gens que ces pro­prié­taires nan­tis qui défis­cal­i­saient étaient quelque part vic­time de leur naïveté, et sans doute pourquoi pas, de leur cupidité. Des investisse­ments qui rap­por­tent 6 voire 8% de ren­de­ment annuel, ça n’existe que dans les rêves… de Pic­sou ! Même 4% d’ailleurs, par les temps qui courent ma bonne dame. Donc, ils avaient for­cé­ment voulu croire, des étoiles pleins les yeux, un com­mer­cial ultra-rôdé qui les avait embal­lés avec le pois­son, et hop, je vous rajoute une ron­delle de citron !

Fred di Giacomo : « Les newsgames aideront à consolider l'image d'un média en ligne et à attirer des annonceurs. » NPR host Scott Simon tweets his mother's dying days. As NPR's Scott Simon sat in a Chicago hospital, grieving and saying goodbye, his 1.2 million Twitter followers were right there with him.

NPR host Scott Simon tweets his mother's dying days

Column One Scott Simon, host of National Public Radio's “Weekend Edition Saturday,” tweeted about his mother's failing health from her hospital room. She died Monday night. (Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times) Website Receives RTDNA’s 2013 Edward R. Murrow Award. We are honored to announce that MediaStorm has been recognized by the Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA) as a winner of a 2013 National Edward R.

Website Receives RTDNA’s 2013 Edward R. Murrow Award

Murrow Award in the category of Website by a National Online News Organization. RTDNA is the world’s largest professional organization devoted exclusively to electronic journalism, representing local and network journalists in broadcasting, cable and digital media in more than 30 countries. The Edward R. Murrow Awards has honored work of the highest quality produced by radio, television and online news organizations around the world since 1971. “This year’s winning entries are outstanding examples of electronic journalism at its finest,” said Mike Cavender, Executive Director of RTDNA.

A complete list of winners with links to the winning entries for the 2013 National Edward R. A portál.