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Rupert Warren

Based in London Hatton Garden, Berganza specialises in antique and vintage jewellery. The family run business is built on their passion for gemstones and rare jewels.

Solitaire Diamond Rings: A History from Berganza London Hatton Garden. Bridal Jewellery from Berganza London Hatton Garden. Snake Jewellery from Berganza London Hatton Garden. Fancy coloured sapphires - A spectrum of colour from Berganza London Hatton Garden. Intaglio rings: A History of Gemstone Engraving from Berganza London Hatton Garden. Opal: The Fiery Gem from Berganza London Hatton Garden. Cocktail Rings: America in The Cocktail Period from Berganza London Hatton Garden. Discovering Sapphires by Rupert Warren. Discovering Sapphires. Antique diamond chandelier earrings, circa 1870. Antique diamond chandelier earrings, circa 1870. Be My Valentine from Berganza London Hatton Garden. Beautiful Baguette Cut Rings from Berganza London Hatton Garden. The baguette cut, from the French for ‘long rod’, is typically a slender rectangular cut with parallel facets.

Beautiful Baguette Cut Rings from Berganza London Hatton Garden

Baguette cuts with their unusual arrangement of facets work the light in a very different way from round stones, rejecting the traditional ‘sparkle’ associated with diamonds and instead glinting with bright flashes when catching the light. This cut of diamond was first developed in the 1920s and reflects the changing tastes from the swirling delicate floral and ribbon motifs of the Edwardian period to the geometric crisp straight lines of the Art Deco era. This change in style merited a new cut of diamond, so the baguette cut was invented.

Baguette cuts can be seen occasionally as an eye-catching central focal point in an engagement ring, such as ring 21346. These baguettes would have been labour intensively cut by hand, and can have very varied proportions, some being very slender and rectangular right the way through to ones with more chunky square dimensions. Unique Engagement Rings. Antique & Vintage Pendants. Aquamarine Engagement Rings. Unique Engagement Rings, Antique and Vintage Jewellery. Ruby Engagement Rings Online. The name ruby was derived from ‘ruber’ meaning ‘red’ in Latin, and has been used to symbolise passionate love in jewellery for centuries.

Ruby Engagement Rings Online

The finest rubies come from Burma, which is where the famous pigeon’s blood hue is found. Rubies from this region have a true colour intensity which is highly desirable. We only have natural unenhanced rubies in our collection at Berganza, set into original period, vintage and antique jewellery. With the exception of diamond, corundum is the hardest of the gemstones on the Moh’s scale scoring a 9, making rubies an ideal choice for a romantic antique engagement ring or a colourful vintage cocktail ring. Find a unique natural unheated and unenhanced antique Burmese ruby ring in our collection, or even a natural pigeon's blood ruby ring.

If you were looking to find out more on what a ruby ring symbolises and represents, read our feature on this fascinating gemstone: Here Or watch our informative video on rubies: Here. Emerald Antique & Vintage Rings. We have only the finest quality antique emerald engagement rings of original classic designs, from Georgian rings to Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco emerald engagement rings, through to retro, vintage and cocktail emerald rings.

Emerald Antique & Vintage Rings

We have rare Colombian Muzo and Chivor emerald engagement rings, all of which are unique pieces. Emeralds are said to be the gemstone of good fortune, healing and fertility, with a romantic power that dates back to ancient rimes. In ancient Rome emerald was dedicated to the goddess of beauty and love, Venus. Emeralds are a variety of the beryl family of gemstones which score 7.5 - 8 on the Moh’s scale of hardness. Vintage Antique Engagement Rings Online. Buy Antique Cuff Links Online. Perhaps unsurprisingly the development and popularity of antique cufflinks over time has been closely linked with the design evolution of the men’s shirt.

Buy Antique Cuff Links Online

Historically the very first cufflinks appeared in the 1600s, with the introduction of the ‘French cuff’- the precursor to the modern cuff. These first cufflinks were only worn by nobility at Court, while ordinary everyday shirts were tied at the cuff with a ribbon. Cufflinks didn’t become a wide spread accessory until the late 18th century when the fashion for adorned cuffs was taken up by the wider population. Today a pair of cufflinks adds that finishing touch to an outfit. Whether you choose Antique gold cufflinks, platinum cufflinks or diamond set cufflinks, they can inspire confidence and leave an outstanding impression. Every man loves Antique cufflinks and we have a wide array of styles from many design periods to suit every fancy.

Visit our vintage & antique jewellery collection, at Jewellery section.