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Benz Packaging

BENZ Packaging is a company that has always believed its not good enough to just meet customer needs, we must anticipate them. That is what it means to be an innovator. Currently, BENZ supplies innovative corrosion protection solutions to the petrochemical, metalworking, telecommunications, electronics/electrical, utility, construction, military/government, marine, basic metals, automotive and equipment maintenance markets. We are expanding into new applications everyday.

Industrial Dunnage Bags - BENZ Packaging. Industrial Packaging - BENZ Packaging. Acid Based Rust Remover - BENZ Packaging. BENZ Packaging RR 125 A is a liquid phosphoric acid based cleaner designed to simultaneously clean and remove rust from steel and iron parts.

Acid Based Rust Remover - BENZ Packaging

Also effective in removing flux, heat scale, and other oxides from steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, and aluminum and hand wipe applications. RR 125 A has a unique property of dissolving iron oxide quickly while etching iron very slowly. This means that you can leave metal in RR 125 A for much longer than necessary with very little damage. The acid will attack bare metal slowly and will start the process of hydrogen embrittlement, so use the minimum etch time that removes all rust. Another unique advantage of RR 125 A is that it leaves a fine coating of iron phosphate behind. Simply soak rusty parts in RR 125 A for few minutes to few hours depending upon the severity of rust and let them dry after rust removal.

It works best when used with Ultrasonic Machine and heated at 50°C. Anti Corrosion Wrapping Paper. VCI Film Manufacturers in India - VCI Plastic Bags. VCI Emitters - BENZ Packaging. BENZ Packaging Solutions in Collaboration with Propagroup has launched on the market VCI Anticorrosion Packing Items to Guarantee Adequate Protection of Metals.

VCI Emitters - BENZ Packaging

The PROPATECH VCI range of products includes anticorrosive emitters and diffusers for a complete and effective protection. PROPATECH VCI NOXY is a mobile VCI integrator. Thanks to its special spring-system, patented by Propagroup, the VCI molecules are quickly and constantly spread within your packaging throughout your product’s entire voyage, also managing to reach hidden points, which are normally difficult to protect. The PROPATECH VCI anti-corrosive papers have several applications and are particularly suitable for being used as intersecting layers between the products, such as a VCI reserve tank combined with other PROPATECH VCI products or to line crates. PROPATECH VCI TABLETS are tablets of compressed VCI powder mixed with crystals that reduce fragility.

PROPATECH VCI TABLETS provide a high protective power. Rust Preventive Oil for Steel Manufacturers Gurgaon India. Our most common Rust Preventive Grades are: Loc-Rust 793 P (Export Purpose – Medium Viscosity Long Term Rust Preventive Oil) Loc-Rust 793 P is a low viscosity solvent based rust preventive oil providing excellent protection of sheet metal parts and other kind of precision parts during shipment and storage.

Rust Preventive Oil for Steel Manufacturers Gurgaon India

This oil makes a soft oily film on the component, which acts as a protective barrier on the surface of metal and prevents corrosion. Due to low viscosity it does not require removal in most cases. It offers excellent protection for all kinds of ferrous components, for export as well as domestic applications, which require long-term protection. Moisture Absorbing Desiccants Gurgaon. The packaging options here in India for your business owners have undergone a significant transformation and we at Benz Packaging can proudly claim to have contributed significantly in this regard.

Moisture Absorbing Desiccants Gurgaon

We are always coming up with the latest developments in the packaging industry We offer you variety and just in case you are looking for something strong, durable, there is scope to choose from the best of wooden plywood boxes, which we offer you. We offer you these boxes, which have sturdy designs and exception strength. Therefore, if you need to pack something heavy, this is just the ideal product to cater to your requirements. PROPASEC desiccant bags & Moisture Absorbing Desiccants represent the most successful and safe solution to reduce the humidity level inside your packaging.

Thanks to its absorption capacity, PROPASEC Desiccant reduces the dew point inside the package allowing to protect the product qualities and properties against humidity attack. Rust Preventive Solution. Slip Sheet Packaging. BENZ Packaging offers PROPASHEET which is a Slip Sheet made in Compact Fiber and it is the winning solution to reduce the volumes, weights and the costs in all dispatch, storage and handling operations.

Slip Sheet Packaging

PROPASHEET costs 2-3 times less than traditional pallets, is sturdy and lightweight and occupy less space. Thanks to these characteristics, with PROPASHEET you can optimally exploit shipping space, reduce transport costs and optimize internal stock management: PROPASHEET eliminates traditional problems associated with pallets, such as nails sticking out, blocked entryways, products that do not fit properly and defective construction, so it also eliminates the main causes of complaints about damaged materials as well. With Slip Sheets you can also avoid fumigating wood problem, required in many countries. PROPASHEET costs 2-3 times less than traditional pallets, is sturdy and lightweight and occupy less space. Angle Board & Protector - BENZ Packaging. BENZ PACKAGING offers Angle Boards which are designed to protect your product during storage and shipment.

Angle Board & Protector - BENZ Packaging

Manufactured from recycled paper or recycled paper and/or plastic, they are designed to reduce product damage by providing added stacking strength and stability, protection from strapping used to secure loads by absorbing load impact at load corners. The Edge Protectors and Corner board gives greater protection to all products.

The solid fiber construction gives additional protection from – forklifts and dropping by absorbing the pressure over a large surface area. These products are applied to corners of pallet loads and protect against – sharp edges as well as providing stabilization for the whole pallet. Shock, Tilt & Humidity Indicators - BENZ Packaging. Industrial Dunnage Bags. Industrial Packaging - BENZ Packaging.