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Northern European History. Team EuroHist9 added: Northern European History. EuroHist9. Storm kills 1, causes severe flooding in southern Portugal's Algarve vacation region. Portugal runs for four days straight on renewable energy alone. Green Thumbs Up: Portugal reaches zero emissions milestone. In our brave new world of applying innovative technologies toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions, we are beginning to see some historic achievements from nations working toward the goal of "zero emissions.

Green Thumbs Up: Portugal reaches zero emissions milestone

" This week the honor of achieving zero emissions status goes to Portugal, and it is a well deserved Green Thumbs Up. Last week, reports Science Alert, from Saturday morning, May 7, to Wednesday evening, May 11, the country ran 107 hours straight on renewable energy. Portugal ran on solar, wind and hydro-electric power, achieving the goal without having to fall back on power sourced from coal or natural gas. Portugal's big win comes a week after Germany hit a milestone of its own, saying the country had produced so much renewable energy on one particularly sunny, windy Sunday it actually had a surplus. Algarve Nature Week returns. Around 150 outdoor activities have been organised as part of Algarve Nature week, which returns this year for only the second time and will run from Friday 13 to Sunday 22 May.

Algarve Nature Week returns

Cristiano Ronaldo facing tough task with Portugal at Euro 2016. Soccer-England defender Bertrand to miss Portugal friendly. LONDON, June 1 (Reuters) - England defender Ryan Bertrand will miss their final Euro 2016 warm-up match against Portugal at Wembley on Thursday but should be fit for the opening game with Russia, manager Roy Hodgson said.

Soccer-England defender Bertrand to miss Portugal friendly

The Southampton left-back sat out Wednesday's training session near Watford, north of London, because he was having treatment for a knock. "It is not a serious injury and we are pretty confident he will be fit for when we play Russia," Hodgson told reporters. "It is an injury which will keep him out of tomorrow's game but it is not a long-term concern at all. " Wednesday's session was the first since Hodgson confirmed his 23-man squad.

England travel to France on Monday and play Russia in Marseille on June 11. SoccerSports & RecreationRoy HodgsonRyan BertrandRussia. England v Portugal - BBC Sport. Cristiano Ronaldo's Fitness Again Concerning Portugal, 2 Years On. Much might have changed between Lisbon in 2014 and Milan two years later, but when the final blow was delivered, the symmetry was crystal clear.

Cristiano Ronaldo's Fitness Again Concerning Portugal, 2 Years On

Cristiano Ronaldo stepped up to score from the penalty spot and removed his shirt to celebrate the confirmation that the Champions League trophy would return to the Bernabeu with Real Madrid, at the expense of near-neighbours Atletico. That, for Madridistas and fans back home in Portugal, was a welcome sight. It won’t, however, paper over the other close similarity between Ronaldo’s role in the finals of 2014 and 2016. In both years, the team talisman had been unusually quiet in the 120 minutes leading up to him placing the ball on the spot. Both times, El Real had their happy ending regardless. The fretting has already started to irritate national coach Fernando Santos, it seems, if his words to the media after Sunday night’s comfortable friendly win over Norway are anything to go by.

Paulo Duarte/Associated Press/Associated Press. Portugal centre-right wins re-election despite bailout. Image copyright Reuters Portugal's governing centre-right coalition has won the country's general election, which was widely seen as a referendum on four years of austerity.

Portugal centre-right wins re-election despite bailout

Socialist leader Antonio Costa admitted defeat and congratulated Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho. With almost all votes counted, the centre-right leads with just under 37%, with the Socialists on over 32%. However, Mr Passos Coelho said his coalition appeared to have lost its absolute majority in parliament.

With 99 seats in the 230-seat parliament, the ruling coalition fell 17 seats short of the number it needed. Mr Passos Coelho indicated that he was ready to talk to other parties in the next parliament to pursue the "necessary reforms" he wants to implement. "Times haven't been easy, and the times ahead will be challenging," he said, promising to talk to the Socialists with the aim of maintaining a rigorous budget and a reduction in the public debt.

Why Portugal's constitutional crisis is a threat to all Europe's democracies. But Portugal's more stridently anti-austerity, eurosceptic parties on the Left - the radical Left Bloc (sometimes dubbed the "Syriza of Portugal") and the anti-euro Communists, saw a surprising surge in support.

Why Portugal's constitutional crisis is a threat to all Europe's democracies

Combined, they gained 18.5pc of the vote. A minority government or Leftist alliance: Portugal's election produced a political stalemate. Businessinsider. Reuters/Jose Manuel Ribeiro Earlier this week, Spanish newspaper El Pais reported that Portugal's largest bank, Caixa Geral de Depósitos (CGD), an institution that holds nearly one-third of all deposits in the country, is on the brink of destruction following a horrendous first quarter of the year.


The bank is thought to need a cash injection of as much as €4 billion (£3.04 billion, $4.45 billion) to rescue it from serious difficulties. That number amounts to roughly 2.5% of Portugal's GDP. Goans may lose Indian citizenship if name found in Portugal Registry. Residents of Goa with Portuguese nationality may soon lose Indian citizenship if a high-level central committee's recommendations are accepted, reported Press Trust of India.

Goans may lose Indian citizenship if name found in Portugal Registry

Around four lakh Goans have registered their names with the Portugal Central Registry of Births, Marriages and Deaths. According to Portuguese law, any person who registers his name in the registry is accorded the Portuguese nationality and considered a citizen of European Nations.