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GLYCINE AIRMAN AUTOMATIC « Vintage Watch Collectors. Founded by Eugène Meylan in 1914, Glycine produced watches at a factory in Bienne, Switzerland.

GLYCINE AIRMAN AUTOMATIC « Vintage Watch Collectors

Glycine began producing specialty ladies watches with precise, small movements in cases of gold and platinum dressed with diamonds and precious stones. In 1931 Glycine created an automatic movement based on the Hardwood 180 degree “Bumper” which had a repair feature providing the watch maker the ability to remove the automatic portion of the watch without disabling the movement.In 1952 Glycine introduced the VACUUM chronometers, which were touted for their resistance to water and shock. In 1953, Glycine introduced the most famous of all Glycine watch: the AIRMAN.

The AIRMAN was a TRUE 24 hour watch favored by both military and commercial pilots and was the choice of watches by many U.S. Air Force pilots during the Vietnam War. OUR FREE GLYCINE AIRMAN.pdf MOVEMENT HISTORY First 180 Automatic First 360 Automatic. 24 HOUR ZODIAC GMT AEROSPACE RESTORATION « Vintage Watch Collectors. 1969 MODEL 75A AUTOMATIC, HACK, 24HR,MANUAL DATE ADJ 1970 MODEL 75B AUTOMATIC, HACK, 24HR, QUICK-SET DATE ADJ Case Size Diameter: 34 mm Case Thickness: 9 mm Case Material: Stainless Steel Dial Color: PEARL Band Width: 18 mm Bracelet Material: Steel Movement: 75 A Automatic, GMT, 24HR, Hacking, Country of Origin: Switzerland Circa: 1969-1971 FACTORY RETAIL 600.00 W/RUBBER STRAP 895.00 w/STEEL BRACELET ********************************


Vintage Hamilton Watch Restoration: 1953 Signamatic - overhaul. Hamilton's first foray into automatics was in 1953 with the introduction of the Hamilton Illinois brand.

Vintage Hamilton Watch Restoration: 1953 Signamatic - overhaul

Up until 1953, all of Hamilton's movements were made in the USA but post-war Europe was creating a lot of high quality movements at low price points - so competition in the watch industry was tough. Many American companies folded during this time of the last century, or they were acquired by other companies. Watchmaking & Repair Archive » How a power reserve indicator works... Where Service Matters. Home. Useful resources. Below is a list of some of the resources & services I use, I have had good experience's with all these guys but I am not affiliated with any of them, so as always, "Due Diligence" and do your own research, I will add more as and when.

Useful resources

The SCWF forum(, specialises in Japanese made watches such has Seiko, Citizen, Casio etc. Some knowledgeable and friendly members, if you are into Japanese watches then really worth a visit, also a Trade Forum. James Hyman, If you need any reluming done, dial/hands etc, then James comes highly recommended, professional, speedy, quality service from start to finish and he relumes to your specifications, vintage, modern and colours. Before After Examples of lume Rob at Monsterwatches is another highly recommended guy to go too, check out his website. Dangerous9straps. Video: Creating a watchcase. A Watchmaker's Diary. The definitive guide to Heuer. This section will include information about the chronographs that Heuer manufactured for other brands, where the other brand was less expensive than the comparable Heuer.

The definitive guide to Heuer

Examples of the "poor man's" Heuers include those manufactured for Aristo Clebar Hamilton LeJour Sears and Tradition, a brand sold by Sears Roebuck Tourneau, the retailer that also markets its own "house brand" Zodiac We point out that in this section, we use the term "Poor Man's Heuer" only to refer to chronographs manufactured by Heuer for other brands. We do not cover other brands that were imitating the Heuers, on their own, the so-called "Look-Alikes" or "Knock-Offs". We also do not cover the brands where the timepieces make by Heuer sold at approximately the same price as the Heuer (for example, Abercrombie & Fitch).

Adventures in Watchmaking   - Home. Breitling Valjoux 7750 Chronograph Stripdown. Watch repair tutorials. ETA. ‎ G'day TZners, There has been a fair amount of discussion on the TZ Vintage Forum regarding the replacement of old luminous material in watch hands, and I was interested in having a go at doing it myself.


I have owned this 1920's Bulova hingeback watch for some time now, and have never been happy with the hands as they had remnants of luminous material which looked untidy. Fellow TZner Rob B had recently obtained a bottle of luminous paint produced locally in Western Australia. The paint was originally intended to be used on luminous signs, such as exits, etc, but is now sold at a watch supply house as suitable for clock & watch hands. It is a water-based acrylic varnish containing the luminous material. The first stage in the operation is to remove the hands from the watch and clean out the old luminous material. Re-luming Hands. A short tutorial. Watch Luminizing Tutorial. 163 years old! BCU Horology. ‎ - Read Caliber.

401 winding stem Clock and Watch Parts. Tool Exchange - Jewelers Tools. #9339 Vulcin Pure Bristle Brush, small size.

Tool Exchange - Jewelers Tools

A$ 18. What is happening in our eBay store! Balance staffs; FREE shipping!

What is happening in our eBay store!

ALL our balance staffs are now set on Free shipping. Swiss Watch Manufacturers' Trademarks Illustrated - Vintage Watch Parts Search and Obsolete Watch Parts Search. Watch Manufacturers' Trademarks These marks are most often found stamped into the metal of the main plate below the balance wheel, or in older watches on the main plate under the dial.

Swiss Watch Manufacturers' Trademarks Illustrated - Vintage Watch Parts Search and Obsolete Watch Parts Search

These marks are the best indication of the actual movement manufacturer. Watch Balance Staff Replacement. Watch repair and restoration. Clock-Watch: History and technique of clocks and watches. GmbH. Cousins UK - Document Downloads. Dials for Clocks & Watches - Bedford Dials. Watchmaking. 401 winding stem Clock and Watch Parts. Lifta angle document.