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How to Write a Good Blog Comment and Bypass the Spam Filter in WordPress. Have you ever thought about what makes a good blog comment?

How to Write a Good Blog Comment and Bypass the Spam Filter in WordPress

Want to know of a sure-fire way to bypass the spam comment filter in WordPress? In this article, we will show you how to write a good blog comment and bypass the spam filter in WordPress. Comments are a great way to interact with the blogs you read. Most site owners love and crave comments. In their eyes, comments show that readers found their content engaging and useful. Sadly, comments are now being used by spammers and bots as a promotional mechanism rather than a micro-conversation tool. Blogs vaak niet meer dan bijverdienste.

Saaie markt? Vijf tips om toch succesvolle content te realiseren. Je kunt op een slimme manier leads werven als je content realiseert in de vorm van blogartikelen, whitepapers en webinars.

Saaie markt? Vijf tips om toch succesvolle content te realiseren

Dat is een stuk eenvoudiger als je in een ‘sexy’ markt werkt zoals bijvoorbeeld mode of reizen. 6 Ways to Find Blog Topics When You're Stuck. You’re out of ideas.

6 Ways to Find Blog Topics When You're Stuck

Everything you could possibly write about in your niche…. You already have. Well at least it feels that way. Even worse, your readers are expecting consistent content because that is what you have delivered in the past. You’re paddling upstream, and the boat’s going nowhere. 4 Secrets to a Professional B2B Blog Post. Writing is hard, and writing well is even harder.

4 Secrets to a Professional B2B Blog Post

B2B companies are discovering this as they try to put content marketing initiatives into production. Companies realize that they need top-notch writing to attract an audience and then turn them into customers – this is especially true with their corporate blog. Help, mijn blog is gejat! Starting Your Own Blog? Mommy Blogger Crystal Paine Shares 5 Tips. How to turn your love for blogging into something bigger—a career, a moneymaking business If you’ve ever followed the mommy blogger phenomenon, you’ve heard of Crystal Paine.

Starting Your Own Blog? Mommy Blogger Crystal Paine Shares 5 Tips

Her site,, which she started in 2007 as a resource for couponing and deal-hunting, now averages 1.5 million unique visitors every month. Paine is a true work-at-home mompreneur, managing a brand that employs 17 team members and engages more than 750,000 followers—and that’s just Facebook. When I arrived at Paine’s home for an interview, she was busy working. She and her assistant chatted at their laptops as we set up. Why Bloggers Abandon Their Blogs Too Early [Video] Occasionally, one stumbles upon a stop-you-in-your-tracks statistic.

Why Bloggers Abandon Their Blogs Too Early [Video]

For me, it was an IBM study that found 80% of corporate blogs contain fewer than five posts. If the study centered on personal blogs, I’d understand. But corporate blogs? Wow. Further, given that HubSpot’s own research has determined marketers who blog are 13X more likely to drive a positive ROI than those who don’t, the abandon rate is even more startling. How to Make the Most of a Great Blog Post. Effective blog post writing begins with epic post planning.

How to Make the Most of a Great Blog Post

Digging up keywords, crafting clever headlines, and sculpting your ideas into the proper shape takes time, and if you do it right, you could get great reputation management results. And sometimes, you have ideas that are so great and so noteworthy that they garner you a lot of attention. Some might even go viral. Let's Talk: Basic Blog Tips. Lieve dejlig(e) lezers,

Let's Talk: Basic Blog Tips

Let's Talk: Basic Blog Tips. 6 Responsive WordPress Themes for Mobilegeddon. On April 21, 2015, Google released yet another algorithm update, this time focusing on mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal.

6 Responsive WordPress Themes for Mobilegeddon

While many websites weren’t at all bothered by the news, since the merits of responsive design have been discussed for years, still some weren’t ready. Using a responsive WordPress theme solves that problem, since it allows the design to adapt to any screen size, creating a usable version of your website for desktops, tablets, smartphones. There are plenty of responsive themes available; a quick scan of the Themeforest WordPress repository reveals more than 2,000 responsive options.

With so many to choose from, it can be hard to decide which one to use for a project. This is by no means an exhaustive list of the awesomeness out there, but it’s a good place to start. Enfold by Kresi. 20 Free Chrome Extensions for WordPress You Need Now. Add to Chrome GooEdit is a great extension for making quick adjustments to photos on your post drafts before you publish them.

20 Free Chrome Extensions for WordPress You Need Now

After a quick install, clicking the extension’s button in your browser will deploy a bar across the top of the browser page with several editing options. You’ll be able to select the image you would like to edit, then adjust options such as the brightness, hue, saturation, contrast, and sharpen – for starters – and many more such as bluring, color adjustment, cropping and access to a few different filters. Efficiënt bloggen - Hoe snel te leren schrijven? - DutchBlogger. Snel je blogs schrijven kan veel voor de hand liggende voordelen hebben. 5 Ways to Provide Real Value with Your Blog! Today, we have Zac Johnson here, this time to share with us excellent tips to make our blogs a place to be.

Zac is a pro blogger and top affiliate marketer. He’s the found of, a video training platform aimed at out of you a pro money making blogger and affiliate marketer. Over to you Zac… There are well over 300 million blogs in the world today. That’s a lot of freaking blogs! The bad news is that 99% of them are garbage, consisting of either low quality content, forgotten projects or simply don’t serve a purpose to the rest of the world. Free Report: Reveals 8 mistakes that you are currently making that could be causing your blog to be broke ! By Ivan Ho ~ Author of Dot Com Profits & Founder of IMV Business Inc. Ivan Ho and his team at IMV Business Inc. are in the process of helping 1,000 bloggers build 6 figure incomes with their blogs in 2015.

To help map out this process, they recently they sat down with 127 bloggers struggling to make money online and asked them one question: 5 Blogging Tips from the Pros to help Your Blog Take Off. 15 Top Tips From Bloggers For Bloggers. I’ve been pulling together some of the best blogging tips from my series, The Blog Lowdown, over the last few weeks, and today sees the final instalment…. 1. If you have ideas for posts but no time, write titles and draft them! (More Than Just A Mummy) 2. 4 Weapons Blogger Need for Offline Branding & Networking. A blogger’s life is ‘online’ but increasingly, it’s becoming important for bloggers to take note of offline branding too.

What is Offline Branding? Offline branding, as online, is simply the creation of buzz around the blog. You get to attend meets and conferences, connect with people personally and truth be told, this gives a good boost to business, especially if you’re offering services like SEO and SMO, apart from being a blogger. Now, online your presence is mostly defined by being on social media, but what about offline? 11 manieren om de bounce rate van je blog te verlagen.

Kijk jij nooit naar je bounce rate? Zou ik ook niet doen. Saaaaaai. Nee, we gaan gewoon lekker bloggen. Google Analytics doen we later wel een keer. Verhoog je Google Adsense inkomsten! - Bloggen en loggen. Hoe je ervoor zorgt dat je trots kunt zijn op je blog – en werkgevers ook - Passie voor SchrijvenPassie voor Schrijven. Laatst vroeg iemand me wat voor mij de aanleiding was om te beginnen met bloggen. 4 Tips for Successful Business Blogging. Blogging is an amazing business tool and a great way to share your brand, your expertise, and build relationships with current and new clients. Blogs are also a source of fresh content. And, we all know how much the search engines love fresh content. Creating content on a blog post is more than just tossing some thoughts, ideas or information you copy/pasted from your marketing materials onto a blank page, pressing Publish and calling it a day. Blogging needs thought, strategy and a purpose to be the effective tool of business it was designed to be.

Give ‘Em What They Want: Write what your readership and target market wants to read. Website Grade: How to Calculate for Free. Do you know how well your site is doing? We’ve got an Internet resource that can actually tell you your website grade for FREE! One of the largest factors involved in a successful blog (along with excellent content, of course) is the site itself.

It is important to ensure great content, readability, interest, and blog design are prominent when users are visiting your site for the first time. Once you create the fabulous content on a regular basis, you want to be sure it is easy to find, optimized, and easily shareable., otherwise known as a web grader, is an excellent tool to determine the effectiveness of your blog or web site. Within seconds, will generate a comprehensive report reviewing your site and calculating a website grade. 12 essentiële elementen om jouw gastblog geplaatst te krijgen. Gastbloggen is nog lang niet 'uit'. Sterker nog, met de toename van gespecialiseerde blogs op het web, nemen ook de mogelijkheden van dit soort 'content marketing in netwerkvorm' toe. Het heeft zich inmiddels bewezen als een zeer effectieve vorm van het bouwen van een merk. How to Create Infographics that Send Hoards of New Visitors to Your Blog.

Zo Gezegd - 11/03/15. What to keep in mind when starting a blog. Hoe vaak je blogt maakt niet uit, hoe vaak je hebt geblogd wel - LEWISPR NLLEWISPR NL. How Many Posts Should a Blogger Post? [Pros and Cons of Daily Posting] Goedkoop natscheren: TAG: Blogmannen. 13 Types of Blog Headlines That Will Get You More Traffic. How to Get Your Blog Posts Read. How to SEO a Blog Post – 4 Simple Steps. 25 Spring Blog Post Ideas - The Blog Market. Meer succes met zakelijk bloggen? Start een blogcompetitie! Let op: de Facebook Like Box verdwijnt. 4 Ways To Avoid Writers Block & Keep Coming Up With Blog Content — The Alisha Nicole.

20 Actions You Can Take to Look Like a Pro Blogger - by Regina. 6 Ways to Make Money With Advertising on Your Blog and the Websites To Help You. 6 Ways to Make Money With Advertising on Your Blog and the Websites To Help You. 8 Blogging Excuses that You Need to Release Now. How to Keep Your Website's Content Fresh. Off-topic gaan… durf jij dat aan? - BlogQueen. Jullie lezen alleen wat ik niet verwacht - Elja Daae. Waarom je blogdoelen nodig hebt - [Blog Content Generation Series] 5 Steps to Create a Niche Blog. Untitled. Gouden regels bij het gebruiken van tags - 60 Tips to Keep Your Blog Current. How to Refresh Old Blog Posts - Modern housewife. 11 dingen die ik van bloggen heb geleerd. Lokaal nieuws is een bron van 'content', ook als klein bedrijf - Elja Daae. Mijn favoriete internet marketing blogs - Expeditie Internet.

How do bloggers make money? — Blog Ambitions. Creatief Schrijven. Autumn Leaves: 8 Tips on How to Blog on a Budget. Not provided: hoe je toch de zoekwoorden ontdekt - Blogaholic. How Blogs Work, van blogger Stephanie Duval - Galabria. De 5 must-have plugins voor iedere blogger - Roos notes. Bizar! Met deze simpele stap krijg je meer bezoekers. Avoiding Atrophy: How To Write Well And Write Often (Part 1) Fotoof - Fotografietips: bewerken voor online media. Op zoek naar geweldige content om te delen? Deze 5 gratis tools helpen je.