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A chat with Elliott Masie. Here’s How Kids Can Get Better Grades. GojimoApp : Cheat sheet of #edtech terms ... We've Been Thinking About Talent The Wrong Way All Along. This article is a rebuttal to Benedict Carey’s article in The New York Times, “How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall?

We've Been Thinking About Talent The Wrong Way All Along

Talent.” Where does true talent come from, anyway? And what’s more important, genes or practice? This scientific war rumbles on with the new release of a meta-study in Psychological Science (a study that analyzed 88 other studies) concluding that practice time matters less than innate gifts. Researchers like K. Despite all the effort, or perhaps because of it, it seems as if the two camps in the nature/nurture debate are no longer listening to each other. Given the apparent impasse, I’d like to suggest another approach to this question, starting with a simple two-step experiment. Step One: Pick a skill you have always wanted to possess. Guitar, sales, comedy, golf, public speaking. Step Two: Seek out someone who’s really good at that particular skill, and study them. Really study them. Step Three: Practice that skill intensely for 15 minutes, twice a day, for one month.

Teaching Games for Understanding - Lesson Demonstration. 10 tips for Tweeting Teachers by. After several years of tweeting, it’s about time I published my own Tips for Tweeting Teachers. 10 Tips for Tweeting Teachers This list is designed for teachers new to Twitter, or for those who have started out and need advice.

10 tips for Tweeting Teachers by

In the blog, I have divided my top-10 suggestions into three levels for beginners, intermediate and advanced users. Audio Player. School PE lessons putting girls off sport, MPs' report finds. Girls are being put off sport by PE lessons and must be offered more "imaginative" activities including dance and cycling, the Commons culture, media and sport watchdog has concluded.

School PE lessons putting girls off sport, MPs' report finds

With 2 million fewer women than men playing regular sport, the cross-party group of MPs will call on the government to force schools into taking girls' exercise more seriously, especially in light of growing inactivity in children. They said this could be done by amending the public sector equality duty for schools to make clear that an equal amount of attention must be given to sport for girls as boys. In a report, the committee, led by senior Conservative MP John Whittingdale, found that some enjoy team games like football or netball, but the top sports for female participation are tennis, swimming, running and Zumba. It said there should be a wider variety of activities on offer, such as dance and cycling, or non-traditional games for girls, like rugby. Self-Directed Learning Through A Culture Of "Can"

Self-Directed Learning Through A Culture Of “Can” The long-term output of any school should be not just proficient students, but enabled learners.

Self-Directed Learning Through A Culture Of "Can"

An “enabled” learner can grasp macro views, uncover micro details, ask questions, plan for new knowledge and transfer thinking across divergent circumstances. This doesn’t happen by content “knowledge holding,” or even by the fire of enthusiasm, but by setting a tone for learning that suggests possibility, and by creating a culture of can. First, it’s important to realize that a “culture” is comprised of tangible factors (students) and intangible factors (curiosity).

It is also ever-present — it exists whether or not we as educators acknowledge it. 7 Simple Ways to Introduce Technology into the Classroom. 7 Simple Ways to Introduce Technology into the Classroom By Susan Fitzell closeAuthor: Susan Fitzell Name: Susan FitzellSite: Susan Fitzell is a nationally recognized speaker and author of several educational resource books.

7 Simple Ways to Introduce Technology into the Classroom

She has over two decades of experience with differentiated instruction, teaching youth with special needs, students with behavioral and anger management issues, and students who experience bullying. Susan’s company, AIMHI Educational Programs, focuses on building caring school communities. aimhieducational.comSee Authors Posts (35) GojimoApp : The digital classroom #edchat ... Teacher Shake. This is the ultimate resource for classroom teachers.

Teacher Shake

Inside the Teacher Shake App you will find over 100 lesson starters, and 35 debrief and reflection activities to conclude your lessons. A majority of the lesson starters will last between five to ten minutes, the perfect amount of time to have students focused after recess or lunch or at the start of a new schooling day. The activities engage and energise students so they are focused and ready to commence learning. How we learn – a change of approach to teaching academic PE. I have read a great deal in 2014, but no one book has had more impact on changing my teaching practice then ‘How we learn’ by Benedict Carey.

How we learn – a change of approach to teaching academic PE

Carey is a health and science writer, currently for the New York times, who has an interest in the burgeoning field of how we learn and how the memory works. In the book, he expertly shares research on these topics, in a way that is both accessible and engaging, describing how to implement some effective strategies. A lot is common sense and is probably old news to many teachers, however the research he shares has been widely known for decades is relatively new to me. In previous posts I have explained about my approach to teaching A-Level PE and the failures of my pupils in the past that I have belatedly taken responsibility for. This year I sought out advice from experienced and successful teachers within my school, successful departments with regards to examination results and attended school CPD that has helped to shape my approach this year.

How Urban Meyer Took the Buckeyes to School. Ever since he arrived in Columbus three years ago, Ohio State coach Urban Meyer has set about finding the most efficient ways to educate his players about the intricacies of his high-powered offense.

How Urban Meyer Took the Buckeyes to School

What he hit upon is an approach that is increasingly popular in academic circles, but still mostly unheard of in the hidebound world of football coaching: flipping the classroom. In academia, flipped learning turns the traditional classroom-teaching model on its head, delivering lessons online outside of class and moving homework into the classroom via individual tutoring or activities.

What is an outstanding PE lesson? Throughout my career as a PE teacher, SSCo, a PE subject leader and most recently, as an Assistant Vice Principal with responsibly for a Performance faculty, I often have discussions with school leaders and teachers about teaching and learning within this area, and the question I am asked most is “What is an outstanding PE lesson?”

What is an outstanding PE lesson?

My answer used to involve a list of teacher jargon or buzzwords which would often include quoting the most recent research I had read or the keynote speaker I had listened to at the last PE and Sports college or Sports Partnership conference. 10 Ways You Can Use A Large Screen Display in PE. On a number of occasions I’ve blogged about the incredible possibilities that a large screen display brings to a PE practical classroom.

10 Ways You Can Use A Large Screen Display in PE

With this in mind, I thought I would create a video exploring 10 ways can use a large screen display in your PE Classes. I also go behind the setup at my School and the various ways I’ve used it to enhance my teaching and my students learning. You can watch the video below The Boort DS Solution EPSOM Wall Mounted Ultra Short Throw Projector in custom engineered protective box with Apple TV placed inside. GojimoApp : Twitter #bestpractices for ... Assessment Without Levels in PE. Assessment To Promote Progression Send your proposals and screenshots to be showcased and shared on PE4Learning here. The Aim The aim of this post is to share ideas, resources and comments on the topic of Assessment Without Levels in PE. A Better Way to Grade. Good feedback doesn't have to be hard Give more personalized feedback Give all your students personalized feedback without trying to squeeze your notes into cramped margins.

Use screencasting to put your voice into your feedback and save space. Changing the game in youth sports – TEDx video. Posted by Dean Holden at August 27th, 2014 by John O’Sullivan, 20 June 2014 Changing the game in youth sports: John O’Sullivan (video) TEDxBend John O’Sullivan is the founder of the Change the Game Project, a US-based initiative to “return youth sports to our children, and put the ‘play’ back in ‘play ball.’” O’Sullivan remembers when youth sports was about children competing with other children instead of adults competing with each other through their kids.

Teaching games and sport for understanding. Exploring and reconsidering its relevance in physical education Abstract Over 30 years ago the original teaching games for understanding (TGfU) proposition was published in a special edition of the Bulletin of Physical Education (Bunker and Thorpe, 1982). In that time TGfU has attracted significant attention from a theoretical and pedagogical perspective as an improved approach to games and sport teaching in physical education (PE).

It has been particularly championed as a superior alternative to what Kirk (2010) and Metzler (2011) described as a traditional method. Recently, however, one of the TGfU authors suggested that the TGfU premise needs to be revisited in order to explore and rethink its relevance so that pedagogy in PE again becomes a central and practical issue for PE (Almond, 2010), as it has not been as well accepted by PE teachers as it has by academics.

. © The Author(s) 2013. Half of teenage schoolgirls are put off PE lessons because kit is too 'ugly' Research showed that 46% of 16-year-old girls enjoy being activeBut say they are put off simply because they hate what they have to wearMore than a quarter said they feel ugly when they play sportGirls would be happy to wear leggings, high-necked collars and dark colours By Lucy Osborne for the Daily Mail Published: 23:06 GMT, 31 August 2014 | Updated: 11:22 GMT, 1 September 2014. 5 Research-Based Tips for Providing Students with Meaningful Feedback. In recent years, research has confirmed what most teachers already knew: providing students with meaningful feedback can greatly enhance learning and improve student achievement.

Professor James Pennebaker from the University of Texas at Austin has been researching the benefits of frequent testing and the feedback it leads to. He explains that in the history of the study of learning, the role of feedback has always been central. When people are trying to learn new skills, they must get some information that tells them whether or not they are doing the right thing. Writing Student Reports: 7 Helpful Tips. Report writing seems to come around quickly, doesn’t it? It seems like we just finish one lot of reports and before we know it, it’s upon us again. Writing student reports can be a busy and challenging time for teachers and we are all awaiting that moment when we can say “I’ve finished my reports.”

So, this week, here’s 7 helpful tips to make your report writing more effective. E-safety - Outstanding Lesson. Association for PE sur Twitter : "Outstanding Teaching in Physical Education... PDHPE Curriculum, NSW Department of Education and Communities. Physical literacy is defined as “the motivation, confidence, physical competence, understanding and knowledge to maintain physical activity at an individually appropriate level, throughout life” (Whitehead, 2006).

A 5-point plan for teacher #wellbeing by. John Hattie's 10 Myths about Student Achievement. Drowningintheshallow. Drowningintheshallow. Twitter. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Two Awesome Visuals On ADHD for Teachers. April 10, 2014 ADHD is one of the most common neurodevelopment disorders. People with ADHD find it hard to concentrate on a single chore at a time, however, though they are strong symptoms of ADHD, lack of inattention or focus alone is not enough to diagnose somebody as having ADHD. The Classroom Experiment (Ep.2) The Classroom Experiment (Ep.1) Improving Teacher Feedback To Students (Better Learning For Schools #13) - Remarkable Chatter » Podcasts. 9 Ways To Have Amazing Meetings [Podcast] - Megan Dredge. Public Speaking: 5 Quick Tips - Megan Dredge.

I’m often asked, “What do you do when you’ve got to give a speech?” It is certainly something I like helping people with, whether you’re aged 5 or 75 or anything in between. Qualities Of Memorable Teachers - Megan Dredge. 10 Quick Tips For Effective Student Report Writing [Podcast] - Megan Dredge. [funny] Things A Teacher Will Never Say - Megan Dredge. The Teacher's Guide To Twitter. How To Plan Your Professional Development: 7 Questions To Ask - Megan Dredge. 10 Steps for Avoiding Teacher Burnout. Edutopia : [Trending] Put a pep in your... Education Week. Balancing teaching and parenthood: what works and what doesn’t? The Talent Code. The real reason why our kids quit sport. The Thinking Skills Pack. TeachingIdeas : Have you used our Thinking ... Learning to Move, Moving to Learn? Carrot and Stick: Tried, Trusted, but Inappropriate. Loose Lips Sink Ships – Things That Can Get Educators in Legal Hot Water!

She Bullies: Dealing with Aggressive Girls. 10 Twitter Chats Every Teacher Should Know About. Youth Sport: is it all about enjoyment? A developmental perspective. Mindfulness For Kids: Why We Should Be Encouraging Young People To Find Inner Peace. Rhyme Desk - Rhyming Dictionary. A Teacher’s Summer Resolutions. Teachers' wellbeing: under scrutiny and underappreciated. Excellent (& I Mean EXCELLENT) Differentiation Infographic. ASCD: We love this from @cat3y's ... Outstanding Lesson Plans and How to Create Your Own. [funny] A Little Bit Of Holiday Humour For Teachers - Megan Dredge. Edutopia: 5 Ideas to Improve Modeling ... Growing Schools. Physically Fit Teenagers Perform Better in Exams than Inactive Peers, Study. Jca_1975 : A3: #aussieED Sport - pedagogic ... Screen-Shot-2013-06-05-at-2.06.33-PM1.png (PNG Image, 1363 × 744 pixels) - Scaled (75%) TheTeacherGeek: Technology Integration Mindset. ...

WHSRowe: Informative slides from #CPSEEi ... National Curriculum: Marie-Louise Brown on citizenship. 8 Ideas for Outdoor Learning - Creative Education. PE lessons to be re-energised to spread a love of sport. 9 Strategies to Use Current Events in the Classroom. Nothing But The Facts? Change Your Tomorrow In 60 Seconds Today [Podcast] - Megan Dredge. Teaching practice.