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Bikes. O passado e futuro das bicicletas. A bicicleta, sempre presente na sociedade actual, pouco mudou na sua estrutura base em mais de duzentos anos de história. Desempenhando um papel de extrema importância, foi e é mais que um mero meio de transporte. A preservação dos modelos clássicos mantém-se, mas a corrida aos modelos Hi-Tech é fervorosa. Novos materiais, designs e gadgets para todos os gostos. A bicicleta é inegavelmente um elemento de sempre na sociedade actual. Introduzida no início do século XIX, muito evoluiu, apesar de pouco mudar na sua estrutura base. Tendo como função primeira o transporte, desde cedo o seu potencial se revelou. Rondando um bilião em todo o mundo, as bicicletas são o principal meio de transporte em muitas regiões, a ferramenta de trabalho de muitos e um elemento recreativo para todos. Num mundo tecnológico e dominado pelo design, o desejo por bicicletas Hi-Tech só podia crescer.

A motorização, criando uma ponte de ligação entre bicicletas e motorizadas, foi sempre um ponto de interesse. Saddle Lock Bicycle. Saddle Lock provides a way to quickly lock the rear wheel without the need for additional locking accessories. The seat post swings down around the main frame when a button is pushed. The saddle features a cut-away shape that allows it to sit over the rear wheel. A combination lock allows the release of a special alloy rotating lock that extends from one end of the saddle to the other, securing its connection to the wheel.

Designers: Lee Sang Hwa, Kim Jin Ho & Yeo Min Gu. Cannondale's Chainless CERV Concept Bike Transforms as You Ride It! Priority Designs and Cannondale have joined forces to create a cutting-edge concept bike that transforms to change shape as you ride it! Known as the Continuously Ergonomic Race Vehicle (CERV), the forkless, chainless, and dynamically adjustable bicycle made its world debut at EUROBIKE last month where it was hailed for its innovative transformer-like design. The CERV features a unique “dynamically adjustable headset that moves both fore-and-aft and up-and-down” while a cyclist rides it. They system is designed so that the rider is always in an optimal position based on the terrain that they are riding on. On the Priority Design website, the team state that “the headset translates forward and down for a clean, low-drag position when descending. When climbing, it moves up and back, creating a more upright position for maximum leverage on the crank.

Doing all this with a traditional fork in place wasn’t going to cut it, so a single-sided swing arm was proposed. . + Priority Designs. 6: 36 Volt, Electrolyte | 11 Of The World's Hottest Bikes. New York City’s soon-to-be-launched bike-sharing program has met with Big Apple-size skepticism. It’s too dangerous for a city with so little cycling infrastructure, detractors cry. The bike stations are too ugly (and a blight on historic neighborhoods), and the bikes themselves are crass advertisements for their corporate underwriter, Citibank. Regardless of whether those criticisms are fair, the program does reveal the fact that bike culture—the lifestyle most often associated with the Netherlands and, on this side of the pond, Portland, Oregon—is riding into the mainstream. New York may not become Amsterdam anytime soon. But even here, interest has fueled daring experiments in bike construction and fashion.

Supported by technological advances, designers are sculpting novel materials (wood, bamboo, carbon fiber, and even cardboard) into breathtakingly novel forms. Buy Velo here for $37. Modern Bicycle Concepts That Will Blow Your Mind. Transportation Designers have always tried to push the envelope when it comes to speed, style and grace. The world of streamlined bicycles is driven by all of these same principles.

However, several concept bikes have begun to look like they are screaming around corners even when they are sitting still. Here are some super sleek & stylish modern concepts that are beautiful and intriguing. Pulse This vehicle is part fitness membership, part fashion statement, and part Kyoto-pact contribution. Designer: Teague Chris Boardman – Olympic Cyclist, Concept Future Bike A very light and strong carbon fiber bike that uses a clip on iPod-like type device to display maps, speed, warnings, and communication.

Designer: Lewis Rowe IBike Has unique features, like a place for your iPod, a built in lock & spot to plugin headphones. Designer: Reindy Allendra Designer: Jerome BLANCHARD eco // 07 Compactable Urban Bycicle designed to save space when it is being transported or it is not in use. Designer: Victor M.