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High-performance Analytics with REvolution R and Microsoft HPC Server. Install Microsoft R Server 9.0.1 on Hadoop. This article explains how to install the latest version of Microsoft R Server 9.0.1 on a Hadoop cluster.

Install Microsoft R Server 9.0.1 on Hadoop

Side-by-side Installation You can install major versions of R Server (such as an 8.x and 9.x) side-by-side on Hadoop, but not minor versions. If you already installed Microsoft R Server 8.0, you must uninstall it before you can install 8.0.5. Upgrade Versions If you want to replace an older version rather than run side-by-side, you can uninstall the older distribution before installing the new version (there is no in-place upgrade). Installation Steps A summary of setup tasks is as follows: Download the softwareUnzip to extract packages and an install script ( the install script with a -p parameter (for Hadoop)Verify the installation. 資料科學實驗室: R語言從「初學」到「進階」到「跨界」的32本書籍推薦. R語言一直是數據分析界的熱門語言,也因此R語言相關的書籍也相當的多。

資料科學實驗室: R語言從「初學」到「進階」到「跨界」的32本書籍推薦

AzureSMR/tutorial.Rmd at master · Microsoft/AzureSMR. [SQL Server][R Language]資料科學用戶端(二)使用RxSqlServerData函數建立SQL Server 資料物件. 除了已經在SQL Server資料庫內的資料,有時候也會有其他來源收集的整批資料,這時候就可以在R用戶端呼叫RevoScaleR函數直接在SQL Server內建立資料物件並且匯入資料。

[SQL Server][R Language]資料科學用戶端(二)使用RxSqlServerData函數建立SQL Server 資料物件

這邊我們會用 Microsoft R 所含的範例資料(格式為.csv,兩個各1萬筆模擬的信用卡詐騙交易,第一個有答案作為訓練資料,第二個沒答案作為預測),但在此之前,我們先在伺服器端的SQL 2016建立一個新的資料庫! 1.建立資料庫 CREATE DATABASE [RDB] CONTAINMENT = NONE ON PRIMARY ( NAME = N'RDB', FILENAME = N'F:\DATA\RDB.mdf' , SIZE = 8192KB , FILEGROWTH = 65536KB ) LOG ON ( NAME = N'RDB_log', FILENAME = N'F:\LOG\RDB_log.ldf' , SIZE = 8192KB , FILEGROWTH = 65536KB ) GO.


RTVS-docs/examples at master · Microsoft/RTVS-docs. Building intelligent applications using SQL Server R services : an End to End Walkthrough. TidyR&&dpylr. Microsoft Azure ML with R - Taiwan R User Group / MLDM Monday (Taipei) Data Visualization – Using R ggplot2 and Microsoft Reporting Services. This post is the 3rd post in a series on how to use the R package ggplot2 to create data visualizations, but before delving into R code here comes a little confession.

Data Visualization – Using R ggplot2 and Microsoft Reporting Services

For a couple of years (decades) I’m an avid user of the SQL Server Data Platform, spanning of course the relational database engine designing and implementing DWHs, but also building analytical applications using MS SQL Server Analysis Services Multidimensional and Tabular. But for a couple of reasons I never get along with the Reporting Services as a platform for Business Intelligence solutions on top of the data stores. With the upcoming release of SQL Server 2016 and Microsoft’s BI strategy (disclosed at the PASS Summit 2015) this will change dramatically. Due to the fact that Microsoft is moving with an unbelievable pace, this post will become somewhat lengthy. Please be aware, that whenever I mention SQL Server or Reporting Services.

You can find all files in this Dropbox folder. R You Ready for SQL Server 2016? It is a late night here in Tampa – 2:04AM EST to be exact.

R You Ready for SQL Server 2016?

Pups are snoring. Crickets are chirping. SQL Server 2016 R Services: Guide for Server Configuration. By: Koen Verbeeck | Read Comments (3) | Related Tips: More > SQL Server 2016 Problem SQL Server 2016 comes with the integration of the popular language R into the database engine.

SQL Server 2016 R Services: Guide for Server Configuration

This feature has been introduced in SQL Server 2016 preview CTP3.0 and is called SQL Server R Services. This tip will guide you through the set-up and configuration of the server components. Solution.

Sql server 2016 with R

Introduction to Genetic Algorithms in C# Posted on Tuesday May 14, 2013 Get the code A long time ago I mentioned in this post that I was planning on writing up some notes I made at university about Genetic Algorithms (from now on, known as GAs) and my version of a very simple example in C#.

Introduction to Genetic Algorithms in C#

Years later…here it is! C# isn’t the most popular choice for artificial or natural intelligence programming, that job is largely the domain of Java or other more academic friendly languages. This means there aren’t a great deal of C# examples out there for neural networks, search and genetic algorithms and programming. I’m going for the keep it simple stupid approach, sticking to bit strings for each gene.

The basis of the information here is from the original 1970s book “Adaptation in Natural and Artificial Systems” by John Henry Holland, which is how I was taught it at University a few years ago. A brief introduction to genetics Each of these genes in turn contains a sequence of DNA. The lifetime of the species is a single generation. Revolutions. R - Installing of SparkR. MongoDB – State of the R. Naturally there are two reasons for why you need to access MongoDB from R: MongoDB is already used for whatever reason and you want to analyze the data stored therein You decide you want store your data in MongoDB instead of using native R technology like data.table or data.frame In-memory data storage like data.table is very fast especially for numerical data, provided the data actually fits into your RAM – but even then MongoDB comes along with a bag of goodies making it a tempting choice for a number of use cases: Flexible schema-less data structures spatial and textual indexing spatial queries persistence of data easily accessible from other languages and systems In case you would like to learn more about MongoDB then I have good news for you – MongoDB Inc. provides a number of very well made online courses catering to various languages.

MongoDB – State of the R

Elmah configuration. Implement Elmah in MVC Application for error log In Every application capture and maintain error log is very important part of the any application.

Elmah configuration

That is help full to development support team as well client to make application running a smooth in live environment So implementing different error log for every application we need to add few efforts so elmah has good common solution for that. SparkR by amplab-extras. SparkR is an R package that provides a light-weight frontend to use Apache Spark from R.

SparkR by amplab-extras

SparkR exposes the Spark API through the RDD class and allows users to interactively run jobs from the R shell on a cluster. NOTE: As of April 2015, SparkR has been officially merged into Apache Spark and is shipping in an upcoming release (1.4) due early summer 2015. You can contribute and follow SparkR developments on the Apache Spark mailing lists and issue tracker.

NOTE: The API from the upcoming Spark release (1.4) will not have the same API as described here. Installing and Starting SparkR Locally on Windows OS and RStudio. Introduction With the release of Apache Spark 1.4.1 on July 15th, 2015, I wanted to write a step-by-step guide to help new users get up and running with SparkR locally on a Windows machine using command shell and RStudio. SparkIQ-Labs/Demos. Adding and removing columns from a data frame. R Basic. Reshape. R provides a variety of methods for reshaping data prior to analysis. Transpose Use the t() function to transpose a matrix or a data frame. In the later case, rownames become variable (column) names. gRaphics! Resources to help you learn and use R.


套件. R: The R Datasets Package. R 語言初體驗- 使用於 Azure Machine Learning Studio 中 - Meng-Ru Tsai's Blog. Programming R. Swirl: Learn R, in R. Home - RStudio. R論壇. 社群網站分析. Historical NHL Skater Stats.R. Processing JSON with R (rjson) Japanese version is here. Abstract. Data Mining Algorithms In R/Clustering/K-Cores. Introduction[edit] In social networks analysis one of the major concerns is identification of cohesive subgroups os actores within a network. Friendship relation, publications citation, and many other more. Many studies and researches are focused on social network analysis, including in data mining.

It is really important to find patterns in behavior of large online social networks, so the firms behind are able to create better mechanism to handle all that information with lower cost. Online services such as Orkut, Facebook, Twitter and so on, have millions of users using their services simultaneously and interacting with others. 第一次使用R語言做回測:六分鐘,就上手!