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Plunker. Md-data-table. Live demo Angular material table.


Complete implementation of google material design based on angular material components. This component is optimized for speed, and it's faster then other similar implementations, since it generates a native html table, and browsers are optimized for tables. Ng2-md-datatable. Angular 2 with Material 2 is awesome, but it's still lacking a DataTable component (as of November 2016).


As I urgently needed one for a project, I decided to make my own DataTable component and share it on GitHub. This may be useful for you (or not). Features Pagination ComponentColumn sorting (ascending/descending)Row selection (using checkboxes)You can use it with @ngrx/store (that's how I use it) Angular DataTables. GitHub - zefoy/ngx-dropzone-wrapper: Angular 2 wrapper library for dropzone. Leaf - Bootstrap 4 Admin Template. GitHub - mixalistzikas/ngbox: ngBox is the first angular 2 module used to overlay images, videos and iframes on the current page. Imgur API. API Status Status for the API can be found at!

Imgur API

Getting Started Imgur's API exposes the entire Imgur infrastructure via a standardized programmatic interface. Using Imgur's API, you can do just about anything you can do on, while using your programming language of choice. The Imgur API is a RESTful API based on HTTP requests and JSON responses. This version of the API, version 3, uses OAuth 2.0. The easiest way to start using the Imgur API is by clicking the Run in Postman button above. Example code These examples serve as a starting point to help familiarize you with the basics of the Imgur API. Angular - Can md-toolbar be fixed top when inside md-sidenav-layout? Icons - Material Design. Akveo/ng2-admin: Angular 2 admin dashboard framework. Javascript - Apply css rules on nested component in Angular2.

Angular - Use component in itself recursively to create a tree. Recursive Tree-View Using Angular 2 And TypeScript Until nth Level Depth. In this article, I will show you how to create a simple Nth level recursive tree-view using Angular 2 and TypeScript.

Recursive Tree-View Using Angular 2 And TypeScript Until nth Level Depth

Here, I am using TypeScript, which is not mandatory. You can use your own supported scripting language, which can be either JavaScript or any other. I will not go into much detail of each and every piece of code, as I am assuming you already know Angular 2 coding style. I will start by creating a wrapper component that Bootstraps the Application and includes the actual Tree-View component on the page. This sample Tree-View renders a recursive Tree-View structure with the parent nodes, child nodes, grandchild nodes, grand grand child nodes and so on in a parent child relationship fashion. Step 1. Model Driven Forms. We represent the form as a model composed of instances of FormGroups and FormControls.

Model Driven Forms

Lets create the model for our form on our component, like so: The myform property is an instance of a FormGroup class and this represents our form itself. Each form control in the template is represented by an instance of FormControl. This encapsulates the state of the control, such as if it’s valid or invalid and even it’s current value. These instances of FormControls nest inside our top level myform: FormGroup, but what’s interesting is that we can nest FormGroups inside other FormGroups. In our model we’ve grouped the firstName and lastName controls under a FormGroup called name which itself is nested under our top level myform: FormGroup. Custom validators in template driven Angular forms. Angular version 2+ has two different kind of Forms API, the reactive and template driven approach.

Custom validators in template driven Angular forms

In this article we will focus on the template driven approach and learn how to use it as well as how to build a custom validator with it. Contents are based on Angular version 2+. Table of contents Todd Motto recently published a similar article on “Reactive FormGroup validation with AbstractControl in Angular 2”, which you might definitely want to check out for the reactive kind of approach to this. Blur Admin. GitHub - brillout/awesome-angular-components: Catalog of Angular 2+ Components & Libraries.


Angular/material2: Material Design components for Angular 2. Mseemann/angular2-mdl: Angular 2, 4 components, directives and styles based on material design lite. [ASP.NET WebApi]使用JWT進行web api驗證. GitHub - coryrylan/ng-pokedex: Pokedex progressive web app built with Angular 2. GitHub - mseemann/angular2-mdl: Angular 2, 4 components, directives and styles based on material design lite. [Angular] Angular 4 - Universal with ASP.NET Core. AngularClass/awesome-angular: A curated list of awesome Angular 2 and Angular... Ios - xcrun: error: unable to find utility "PackageApplication", not a developer tool or in PATH - Since updating xCode. Ionic Services Docs. Ionic Services Docs.


GitHub - CocoaPods/cocoapods-deintegrate: A CocoaPods plugin to remove and de-integrate CocoaPods from your project. Visual Studio Code and Azure App Service - a perfect fit. If you're like me, you were excited to see the announcement of Visual Studio Code last week and immediately started to think about how cool it would be if you could hook it up to your projects deployed on Azure App Service.

Visual Studio Code and Azure App Service - a perfect fit

So, between sessions at //build2015 and on the way back home from San Francisco (with the help of my awesome colleague David Ebbo), I was able to put together a great starting point. A Node.js app running on Azure App Service that I can develop in Visual Studio Code and publish to the Azure Cloud by doing a Git Push. The artifacts created by the steps I will describe below are: An Azure App Service Web App implemented in node.js A GitHub repo that is synchronized with the Web App (every commit to the master branch publishes a new version of the Web App using a GitHub hook) A local git repo setup to push to the GitHub repo as a remote A Visual Studio Code workspace configured to use the local git repo The end result?

System Requirements Putting it all together. Publishing website from Visual Studio Code to Azure with Git - @eliostruyf. For a hobby project which I was creating with Node.js and Visual Studio Code, I was amazed about how powerful the Visual Studio Code has gotten in such a short time period.

Publishing website from Visual Studio Code to Azure with Git - @eliostruyf

Most of us know how easy it is when you publish one of your web projects from Visual Studio to Azure. It is just a matter of clicks and your website gets pushed to the cloud. In Visual Studio Code it is not that easy as its big brother, but that does not mean that it is hard to achieve. You have to do a couple of things yourself, but once you have done these things it is as easy as in Visual Studio itself. The way to achieve it is via the continuous deployment functionality of a Web App. Deployment options As you can see in the screenshot above, you have a couple of options. Create an Angular 2 and .NET Core app that can be edited using Visual Studio 2017 -

In the recent series on using Angular 2 and .NET Core to check the weather we used the ASP.NET Core Template Pack to save time manually installing/configuring Webpack, Node, Angular etc.

Create an Angular 2 and .NET Core app that can be edited using Visual Studio 2017 -

That works well if you want to create your new projects using the new project wizard in Visual Studio 2015. But what if you’re using using Visual Studio 2017? You have another option. Install the templates As you’ve got Visual Studio 2017 installed you already have a suitably recent version of the .NET Core SDK installed to make this work. You’ll need to check you have NodeJS version 6 or later. Open up a command prompt and type the following. Wait for that to install and you’ll find you have new options for the dotnet new command.

Angular 4.0.0 Now Available. Angular version 4.0.0 - invisible-makeover - is now available.

Angular 4.0.0 Now Available

This is a major release following our announced adoption of Semantic Versioning, and is backwards compatible with 2.x.x for most applications. We are very excited to share this release with the community, as it includes some major improvements and functionality that we have been working on for the past 3 months. We’ve worked hard to make sure that it’s easy for developers to update to this release. Smaller & Faster In this release we deliver on our promise to make Angular applications smaller and faster. View Engine. Phonegap-plugin-push/ at master · phonegap/phonegap-plugin-push. Can't add android platform since Android SDK Tools update 25.3.0 · Issue #10604 · driftyco/ionic. Ionic 2 FCM Push Notification. This is a tutorial about how to add push notification to Ionic 2 App using Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) in complete steps for production iOS and Android apps. How does it work?

Push notification sent from app server to Firebase then firebase distribute to iOS and Android devices that have registered to Firebase. The Android app receives push notification that carried by Google services and iOS app receive a push notification that carried by Apple Push Service that gets notification from Firebase. GitHub - tiagomtotti/firebaseNet: Client library for Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) written in C# / .NET.

Azure-content-zhtw/ at master · Azure/azure-content-zhtw. Send push to Android by C# using FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) Android - FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) Push Notification with Asp.Net. Quickstart-js/messaging at master · firebase/quickstart-js. Send Firebase push notification from JavaScript/jQuery. Authentication in ASP.​NET Core for your Web API and Angular2. Authentication in a single page application is a bit more special, if you just know the traditional ASP.NET way. To imagine that the app is a completely independent app like a mobile app helps. Token based authentication is the best solution for this kind of apps.

In this post I'm going to try to describe a high level overview and to show a simple solution. Intro As written in my last posts about Angular2 and ASP.NET Core, I reduced ASP.NET Core to just a HTTP Service, to provide JSON based data to an Angular2 client. There are many ways to protect your application out there. And that's the key word: A Token Based Authentication is the solution for that case. With the token bases authentication, the client (the web client, the mobile app, and so on) gets a string based encrypted token after a successful log-in. In one of our smaller projects, didn't set-up a different authentication server and we didn't use Azure AD, because we needed a fast and cheap solution.

The Angular2 part Conclusion. Easy Angular Authentication with JSON Web Tokens. Stateless authentication is a great fit for Angular apps. In this post, guest-blogger Ryan Chenkie from Auth0 talks about implementing it using JSON Web Tokens. -- Victor Savkin TL;DR: Single page apps--like the ones we build with Angular--present a few challenges when it comes to authentication. Angular: Easy Angular Authentication with JSON Web Tokens. Angular 2 JWT Authentication Example & Tutorial. Unsaved project - Plunker. Routing & Navigation - ts - GUIDE. The Angular Router enables navigation from one view to the next as users perform application tasks. This guide covers the router's primary features, illustrating them through the evolution of a small application that you can . Overview The browser is a familiar model of application navigation: Enter a URL in the address bar and the browser navigates to a corresponding page.Click links on the page and the browser navigates to a new page.Click the browser's back and forward buttons and the browser navigates backward and forward through the history of pages you've seen.

The Angular Router ("the router") borrows from this model. The Basics. Reactive Programming 簡介與教學(以 RxJS 為例) Rx 其實也出來一段時間了,前陣子看到一篇文章解釋得蠻好的,擷取重點並加入一些自己的心得範例供大家參考,畢竟 Rx 中文的介紹似乎少了點… 相信聽過 Rx 的讀者,應該也會耳聞 RxJS, RxJAVA, RxAndroid等等,因此被 Google 慣壞的我們一定會試著去搜尋一下 Rx 到底是什麼 然後在 Google Search Result page 的最下方會看到 MSDN 的 Reactive Extensions 和 ReactiveX 好的看來就是我們要找的東西,但這好眼熟喔? 是每天在寫的React嗎? Angular 2 Forms 介紹:Model-Driven Forms. Jeff's WebTech Note. 前言. GitHub - BTMorton/angular2-grid: A drag/drop/resize grid-based plugin directive for angular2.

Authentication in Angular 2 – Gábor Soós – Medium. IMPORTANT!


Ag-Grid Data Grid Example. Angular2 Bootstrap. 快快樂樂學會 Angular 2 網站開發框架. Angular2-highcharts. Angular 2 Tutorial for Beginners: Learn Angular 2 from Scratch. Building Blocks of Angular 2 with TypeScript. Angularjs 2 with TypeScript Tutorial for Beginners. Visual Studio 2015 QuickStart - ts. Some developers prefer Visual Studio as their Integrated Development Environment (IDE). This cookbook describes the steps required to set up and use the Angular QuickStart files in Visual Studio 2015 within an ASP.NET 4.x project. There is no live example for this cookbook because it describes Visual Studio, not the application.