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Who is using Holacracy? | Structure & Process | Collaboration Consulting. To be confirmed: Organisations that have previously used Holacracy Please drop us a line if you know other examples or would like your organisation to be listed here! This list was compiled and is being maintained by Martin Röll. Margaux Chiquet and Diederick Janse helped with the initial version. HolacracyOne also maintains a list of Holacracy Case-Studies. Holacracy at Undercurrent. I was fascinated to see a Tweet from Clay Parker Jones talking about how they had implemented Holacracy at Undercurrent.

Holacracy intrigues me since it is such a disruptive idea that plays well to many of the things I bang on about here, and the guys at Undercurrent have been publishing some smart thinking around organisational structures and culture of late, some of which echoes a few themes I've talked about before. And as as I've also said, organisational culture, structures and processes is the stuff that makes for real change. So I really wanted to know more and asked Clay (whom I've followed and known via his blog and Twitter for a number of years) to answer some questions about their experience of it.

He kindly agreed: NP: Why did Undercurrent adopt Holacracy? CPJ: We began thinking about Holacracy in about May of last year. After the session we weren't certain what to do. In the end, it was so close to the way that we actually run things that we decided to give it a go. Case Study: David Allen Company. The David Allen Company (DAC), known for its revolutionary Getting Things Done® (GTD®) method, is a California-based global training and consulting company, and is widely considered the leading authority in the fields of organizational and personal productivity. In 2011, DAC decided to adopt Holacracy.

Nearly 2 years later, CEO Mike Williams shares his experience of DAC’s journey with Holacracy in a conversation with Karilen Mays from HolacracyOne. Some highlights: Holacracy reduces politics and makes restructuring more smooth and efficient.Holacracy is a meta-structure that provides a stable rhythm and framework in which to evolve the organization while getting work done.Aligns with GTD – Holacracy’s Tactical Meetings enable the organization’s roles to sync up and collectively review lists and projects, as GTD does at the individual level. Holacracy is a tool; it can be used in strategic or non-strategic ways. In June 2011 we became a practicing Holacracy organization. Collect Stuff.