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Benjamin Vaughan

We are a dynamic team of Shirt makers & Tailors who work exclusively for key players who are particular about their appearance and understand the importance in the way they dress. We make rare, exotic, one-of-a-kind shirts, suits, jackets, cufflinks, ties and of course the complementing hankie to match. We ensure the attire fits immaculately with the unique taste of the individual we work with. Meaningful exchange with our clients allows us to pour our energy and focus on our customers, not only creating but also altering cost effectively their existing garments, to construct a specific capsule wardrobe for all occasions. We design outfits, not just shirts. All we do is help people to have a stunningly good-looking ensemble, that gets noticed and that keeps our clientele coming back time and time again

Facebook’s Page Post Targeting Sets the Stage for Contextual Marketing. InShare197 Content Context is King!

Facebook’s Page Post Targeting Sets the Stage for Contextual Marketing

Social media ushers in an era of contextual relevance that finally trumps content as king.

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