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Visualiser ses données avec l’outil Bakasable (par Heidi Ghernati – Bakasable) Pixel Map Generator. Guide-Tables-citoyennes-methode-EGESS. J’ai testé Brigade, iWantHue. Selected Tools. Utilisation du logiciel Gephi pour l’analyse cartographique. TellMyCity. The mapping module allows me to have at any time a comprehensive view of applications on my city and to measure changesMayor, City of 72000 citizens Maps All requests automatically feed our mapping and statistical analysis tools.


It is thus possible to analyze requests based on their category, from the date of reporting, their neighborhood, etc. Then there are different ways of viewing points. Parlement & Citoyens - Prenez l'initiative. Initiatives et débats citoyens. MultiBÀO : Boite à outils collaborative. Publication_etat_deslieaux_democratie_participative_0. Publication_etat_deslieaux_democratie_participative_0. Méthodes et dispositifs en actes. Expériences collectives - BazarUrbain. — Book Marketing Made Easy. A World of Stories. How to do a SWOT analysis using a mind map. A SWOT analysis is a popular business planning tool that is used to determine an organization’s current Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and the Threats it faces – hence the SWOT moniker.

How to do a SWOT analysis using a mind map

A mind map is a terrific tool to perform this type of analysis, because it can capture so much information in a compact space. It also enables you to see connections between disparate pieces of information. The SWOT analysis above was created by Michael Deutch at Mindjet, and it is located on, an online community for sharing MindManager maps. There is much we can learn by taking a look at how Michael has structured his map (Please click on the image to view a larger version of it): 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 4 free tools for making your own maps. Most of us are very familiar with Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Tour Builder, and ArcGIS.

4 free tools for making your own maps

Awesome tools all. But there are other tools out there to help you and your kids create and share maps. They may not have the same cache and brand name awareness but these types of tools can be very handy. Play with them a bit and run them by your kids. You may be surprised. Create infographics & online charts. En Ligne Directe Vidéomaton Infor Party. How To Make Your Own Website - Best Website Builder. 8 Digital Tools Every Journalist Should Try. When Charlie Beckett asked me to join the Polis journalism conference this week at the London School of Economics and Political Science, he showed the depth of his university by asking a surprisingly practical journalism question for a school ranked No. 2 in the world in the research-laden “communication and media studies” field.

8 Digital Tools Every Journalist Should Try

Beckett wanted to know about the newest digital tools journalists are using to do accountability journalism (which some of us still call watchdog journalism). My first reaction was to mention some of the “golden oldies” Knight Foundation has funded and followed: the encryption software Tor; the investigative paper-tamer Document Cloud and its advanced story-finding cousin Overview; the visual storytelling tool Timeline JS; and the classic crowdmapping application Ushahidi. I say golden oldies because in digital years a lifetime for a product seems like about 21 months. Les nouvelles écritures numériques (avec images, tweets) · fuzzyraptor.

Tour. Paris en Autochromes. Find your people. Typeform, l'outil incontournable et gratuit pour créer vos formulaires, questionnaires et sondages. Besoin de recueillir l'avis de vos clients, lecteurs ou employés ?

Typeform, l'outil incontournable et gratuit pour créer vos formulaires, questionnaires et sondages

Mieux chercher. [cliquez pour lancer la video explicative] Les liens Clearly / Web clipper d’Evernote – La présentation sur le site officiel Clearly pour Firefox et Google Chrome Web CLipper pour Firefox – Chrome – Opéra – Safari Evernote propose depuis plusieurs années plusieurs extensions complémentaires, dont trois sortent du lot.

Mieux chercher

Le léger Clearly qui, d’un clic, […] La vidéo ci-dessous est de qualité discutable, réalisée en une prise son. Ne blamez donc pas l’excellent Shadow Puppet, un petit outil qui vous permet de réaliser des diaporamas sonores avec les photos hébergées sur votre mobile et le micro dudit mobile. (ah, et ne vous moquez pas (trop) des ridicules “Hu” à la 4eme […] [edit le 2 octobre à 7:21 -> ajout de la présentation de Pierre Tran "journalisme et programmation"] Ce n’est pas le site, ou le mobile, qui transmettent votre information.

Une petite image, rapide, mais efficace. The R Project for Statistical Computing. Outils pour les médias – Google. Twitter Search, Monitoring, & Analytics. With iOS 9, Search lets you look for content from the web, your contacts, apps, nearby places, and more.

Twitter Search, Monitoring, & Analytics

Powered by Siri, Search offers suggestions and updates results as you type. There are two ways to use Search on your iOS device. Quick Search Drag down from the middle of the Home screen and type what you're looking for. Siri Suggestions Drag right from the Home screen to show Search and get Siri Suggestions. Get Siri Suggestions Siri Suggestions include apps and contacts that you might be interested in. You can use Siri Suggestions with iPhone 5 and later, iPad Pro, iPad (4th generation) and later, iPad mini (2nd generation) and later, and iPod touch (6th generation). Change search settings Go to Settings > General > Spotlight Search.

PR Newswire: press release distribution, targeting, monitoring and marketing. Free Website Builder - Moonfruit - Total website design control. Fonctionnalites. Create Interactive Presentations And More Without Coding. uMap.

Le storytelling, la strategie marketing qui fait rever ! SurveyMonkey : logiciel gratuit de sondage en ligne et de questionnaire. SurveyMonkey : logiciel gratuit de sondage en ligne et de questionnaire.