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TraiN'ternet - Possum Valley. Les bâtiments et le décor Un bon nombre des bâtiments sur ce réseau sont des kits en bois de Republic Locomotive Works (RLW).

traiN'ternet - Possum Valley

Ils ont été conçus à l'origine pour être utilisés avec du matériel à voie étroite (Nn3 ou Nm) et certains d'entre eux ont dû être modifiés pour pouvoir être utilisés avec de la voie normale. Le "clou" du réseau est la scierie (Coon Gap Sawmill de RLW) qui n'est pas un kit facile à assembler puisqu'il a demandé près de 3 mois de construction ; l'intérieur est entièrement détaillé avec toute la machinerie. Les autres bâtiments de RLW sont : la remise à locos (qui a dû être très largement modifiée pour contenir les locos à voie normale), la gare de fret, les réservoirs d'eau, un bon nombre de bâtiments annexes autour de la scierie et un des treuils à vapeurs utilisés dans l'exploitation de bois.

La forêt est constituée en majorité de conifères avec quelques arbres caducs disséminés çà et là. Ensuite, commença la plantation des arbres et le décor du réseau. West Virginia Railroads: Chesapeake and Ohio Railway (C&O) coaling and sanding tower at Thurmond, West Virginia (WV) Marsh Creek Railroad. SKAILLumberco. Edger Boiler Steam Engine Cut off saw Live Rollers Circular saw Log Carriage.


A lot of the interior details like the edger, cut-off saw, rollers etc... are scratch-built. Most of the pulleys and hangers are from N.W.S.L. with various other details from a bunch of manufacturers including a million Grandt Line NBWs. The belts are strips of plain brown paper bags. Work has stopped at the mill because one of the belts has jumped the pulley. The foreman poses for a picture. The scratch built cut-off saw swings like the real McCoy, note the green counterweight.

Workbenches Grease Barrel Drill Press Circular Saw Power Table saw Repair Bench from Ist Floor Hoist & Access hatch Grinder Stove "Lounge" Exhaust Fan There are plenty of details with all sorts of power tools, machines and the workbenches have their own tools too, even a brassy spittoon. There is still a lot of work to be done, handrails for the stairs that lead to the shop, the smoke stack, windows, more figures and other details.

SKAILLumberco. Sawmill. Danby Sawmill Page Keystone Locomotive Works - Danby sawmill (craftsman kit) Finished Feb. 25, 2005 Extra side sheds and additions, scratch built.


I have since sold this mill and will be building a larger sawmill that will work better with the layout plan and will reside in the valley of my mountain end of the layout. This mill I hope to begin construction on in Feb. 2006 which is the B.T.S. " Coon Gap Sawmill" here are a couple photos of what it looks like from the directions booklet Kit started Jan. 29 2005 I drilled out the door grate on the boiler and put a flickering flame light inside First Tree ( Forest in a Flash) Feb. 15 Log Deck for Mill Feb. 20 (scratch built with hardware from Sierra West Scale Models ) Log Ejector below Log deck attached to mill ( Ramp to be built once on layout ) Steam hoist cradle and winch by Mile Post Model Works.

Introduction. To the casual observer, the ordinary saw mill of ninety years ago was not an impressive structure and may have had a dusty, noisy, un-kept appearance.


Upon closer observation, there arises a sense of purpose to the scene. Other than employees, few outsiders have seen the daily routine within the saw mill or how lumber is manufactured, mainly because the mills were often in a remote location and they were dangerous. Small Circular Saw Mill And Tram-Roads(Red River Museum & Historical Society) The mill was a busy place; log trains arrived, dumped their loads into the mill pond with spectacular splashes, and then moved on. Men on the mill pond catwalks forcefully prodded the logs toward the jack slip and the logs disappeared into the mill.

Regardless of size, the saw mill had but one purpose; to take timber from the forest and manufacture it into lumber.