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The Padcaster. Mobile multi media case for the iPad and iPhone. Studio In a Box. Live Production Hardware and Software. NEW Studio 3.0 Live Production Switcher Buy Now Download Free For Windows 7+ Studio 3.0 Discover all the new features The most versatile live switcher HDSDi HDMI Blackmagic Download Upload Apple Android Video Connect any type of wired camera See supported devices Choose from a range of wireless cameras Learn more.

Live Production Hardware and Software

Bambuser - show the world. USTREAM - Broadcast Live Streaming Video, Watch Online Events, Chat Live, send a Tweet, follow on Facebook, record your Live Shows. Mobile Journalism: Android apps for mobile journalism video reporting. Radio Free Europe is arming reporters in the field with smart phone kits that allow correspondents to produce and deliver high quality multimedia from just about anywhere in the world.

Mobile Journalism: Android apps for mobile journalism video reporting

The iPhone still has the largest ecosystem of apps and accessories to be able to produce high quality video, audio and other multimedia reportage, but iPhones are not always practical to deploy for reporters working in many parts of the world where Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty operates. For live streaming a Q&A with a reporter and interview subject, Bambuser is the way to go. To collect a series of Vox Pops and export them as a real back to your video editing desk, the camera app, Androvid and Video maker suite of apps are currently the way to go. Apps + Accessories + Training + Workflows is what makes the pro difference. Training and workflow development need to be integrated with the field multimedia storytelling ass. Most of the field staff are carrying Samsung Galaxy S2 and a few have S3's. Going Pro. CollabraCam: Multicam Social Video Production. Teradek, LLC - Wireless HD Video.

Show the world what you love to do with the new Live:Air (Pronounced “Live to Air”) video production suite for iOS.

Teradek, LLC - Wireless HD Video

With a host of real-time video editing tools and support for all of the popular live streaming services, the Live:Air app helps you share your experiences online with a professional look that will keep viewers locked to their screens. Add style to your online broadcast with Live:Air’s selection of graphics, text overlays, and other visual effects. Director Mode - Switcher Studio. Streambox Inc. Software Downloads. Support. View topic - List of Laptops that works with BMD USB3.0 products. Changing the way broadcasters stream video. Hourly pricing Billing is measured in terms of content duration.

Changing the way broadcasters stream video

If you encode a 1.5 hour video, that's 1.5 total hours of encoding, not per adaptive bitrate. Ditto for storage and playback. Simple It only takes one upLynk encode to make your content available on all platforms. Always HD HD is included at no extra charge. Low commitment Pay only for what you use and nothing else.

Predictable Hourly-based pricing is much easier to forecast. Future proof You'll never have to re-encode your content to reach new platforms. Intrigued? Creating an account is absolutely free. Sign me up! I have a 2 hour movie in HD. It will cost you 2 hours of encoding — total. Ok, what if someday I decide to bring that same 2 hour video into a Windows 8 app? If the video is already in the upLynk system it won't cost you anything. upLynk's single format technology makes the same adaptive format work across all devices, even if they didn't exist at the time you encoded your video.

Encoding is a one-time fee per video. RENESAS/NEC Drivers & Firmwares. Blackmagic Design Intensity Shuttle - Périphérique de montage et acquisition vidéo. Intensity Tech Specs. Live Streaming Video. For those of you reading this who don’t know me – I’m a techno-creative who’s been working in digital even before there WAS a digital.

Live Streaming Video

And throughout that rather extensive time period, I’ve done something that many other creatives could not understand: I swore my allegiance to the Microsoft Operating System. I’ve heard the whines and the complaints, I’ve endured the file format debacles (“Oh, we just assumed you’d be using a Mac for Art Direction”) and I’ve even dabbled for a couple of years on the dark side…but it always came back to two things: Windows OS (and Windows Hardware overall) were cheaper and essentially did the exact same thing.

And after many, many years of troubleshooting Windows – well, I’m pretty good at it. I’ve gone from Windows 95 (uh-huh) all the way up to Windows 7 Ultimate – and considering there are about 18 systems here at the shop – I work in EVERYTHING in-between.