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Fubiz. "idealist" via blinkr in Google Reader. Dornob. Yanko Design. Top 10 of Green Design Never one to let a trend pass without jumping on the bandwagon ourselves, here is Yanko Design’s top 10 list of the most impactful green designs of recent memory.

Yanko Design

Given so many criteria available to judge the concepts, ordering the list was tough, but in the end we shot from the hip as well as flipped a lot of coins. Without further ado, hit the jump for your daily dose of feeling good about Mother Earth. 10) Com-bat: A solar powered, robotic spy plane, the 6″ wide Com-bat uses hair trigger sensors to navigate the battlefield and relay data back to base. 9) Lotus Eco-Elise: Drawing on friendly materials like “eco wool”, sisal and hemp, the new Elise stands apart from its hybrid brethren by also incorporating solar roof panels to power its electrical systems.

Art Design. SUPER POTATO. ROKA London, 2003 Category: Restaurant & Bar THE FUTURE AND MUJI Tokyo, September 2003 Category: Exhibition Grand Hyatt Tokyo Tokyo, April 2003 Category: Hotels, Restaurant & Bar, Public, Spa MUJI Milano Salone Milano, April 2003 Category: Exhibition Grand Hyatt Beijing Beijing, 2003 Category: Hotels, Restaurant & Bar ZUMA London, 2002 Category: Restaurant & Bar SHUNKAN Tokyo, November 2002 Category: Public Island Shangri-La HONGKONG HongKong, 2001 Category: Hotels, Restaurant & Bar.


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