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Pan Drums by Soniccouture. Reviews of the original Hang Drum/Pan Drum product ..

Pan Drums by Soniccouture

"..The Hangs were sampled at many different dynamics using palm slaps, knuckles and fingers hits, resulting in 2.47GB of data. The finger strikes were performed in three zones round each of the dimpled 'tone fields', the central zone giving the plummiest tone. There's a choice of keyboard mappings, including one that arranges the samples chromatically across nearly three octaves. Alternatively, you can limit yourself to the Hang's original pitches and use a handy Kontakt control to transpose them into any key. A hugely entertaining 'Hang Jammer' script generates endlessly-repeating notes at a user-selected rhythmic value, with total control over the tempo, degree of pitch variation, randomisation and octave range — a great way of creating unpredictable, slightly deranged, gamelan-like grooves. Despite my views on capital punishment, this is one Hang I'm happy to see brought back. 5 Stars - Dave Stewart, Sound on Sound Magazine.

Tongue Drum by CryptoCipher. Duo Steel Tongue by Nine Volt Audio. SPECIFICATIONSDownload the user manual here - Nearly 3 GB of 44.1kHz/24bit samples and 34 Kontakt 3.5/4 instrument patches and multis.

Duo Steel Tongue by Nine Volt Audio

Download is 1.1 GB. - Articulations and patches for both drums include finger tip and finger slaps. The 1Tone also includes thumb hits and brushes. Patches for each drum have been created to automatically switch articulation types based on velocity or modwheel position. . - Each articulation includes between 25 and 40 samples per sampled note, for a total of 3114 samples.

. - “Duo” and “Unison” patches are available allowing for the simulation of two people playing simultaneously. . - Arpeggiator patches include 12 patterns per patch. . - User interface controls are available for the Garrahand patches to alter chromatic playing modes to the instrument’s original keys and scale – along with numerous other keys and scales. - Duo Steel Tongue is compatible with full retail versions of Kontakt 3.5 and up. Tank Drum by AudioThing. Smiley Drum by 8DIO. Smiley Drum Overview You know we’re big fans of the world of tongue-based tuned percussion, if you’ve tried 8Dio’s Propanium and Alien Drum libraries.

Smiley Drum by 8DIO

Whenever we cross paths with an interesting variant of the species, we like to snatch it up and see what we can do with it. Normally, with these types of instruments, we tend to go big and deep sample the hell out of them. However, sometimes, you just need a little taste to tap into the essential musicality of a piece. That’s what our smiley drum library is all about. This library includes custom front-panel controls and modwheel automation to allow pitch adjustment of up to +/- 24 semitones, as well as room wetness re-shaping, going from tight and close to full and lush. Note: This library was formerly known as Microhammer: “Smiley Drum”

Alien Drum by 8DIO. Alien Drum Overview The New Alien Drum VST (aka Hand Pan is a unique tone based percussion instrument, which is almost impossible to come by, since there is only one maker in the world and less than 1000 drums in circulation.

Alien Drum by 8DIO

The instrument has a soft, sorrowful, melancholic tone to it and is a perfect companion for emotional or ambient type of scores. The 8dio Alien Drum is unique in the sense it was recorded at an average of 15 velocity layers and with 10 round-robin repetitions pr. layer/note, so you will never experience any repetition in the articulation. We used custom microphone set-ups to capture the delicate resonance both inside and outside the drum, since the resonance defines the true sound of the drum. Additionally we sampled multiple playing techniques with fingers, palm, slaps, hand brushing and the back-side of the drum, which has the similar properties to the Udu. Propanium by 8DIO. 8DIO is a premium developer of high-end virtual instruments, all available for online purchase and download.

Propanium by 8DIO

Our instruments are featured in some of the worlds leading movies, tv-shows, video games and promo/trailers – and by many of the highest profile artists in the music industry. Close.