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Belmonte Bikes sells a wide variety of pocket bikes, super pocket bike x19 & x22, Mini Chopper Motorcycles, ATV, Scooters, & Dirt bikes for kids & adults.

Cheap Scooters For Sale. Buy Drift Trike Gang Fat Drifter Three Wheels 208CC. Vader 49cc Moped Scooter Bike - Generation II - Street Legal. Buy Super Ninja 50CC Super Pocket Bike ZXR6 2020. Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Electric Power Wheels Toy Car 12V - Red. Lycan Mini Chopper Motorcycle LF250-D – Belmonte Bikes. Know The Fact Before Buying An ATV For Your Kid. Kids are always excited when they get to ride ATV, especially in summers. While the season brings a great atmosphere, it prompts children to have outdoor fun. And, ATVs can be a perfect companion to enjoy the summer.

Right from its features to its enchanting appearance, everything about ATVs is many thrills. Whether your kid is a beginner or experienced, it is also important to know safety precautions such as wearing proper gear, goggles, gloves, over-the-ankle boots. We at Belmonte Bikes offer you a variety of kids electric ATVs including colors, accessories, helmet packages. A Complete Family Treat- 50cc Pocket Bikes. Technology never fails to marvel us with its capability to create wonders and make the impossible, possible.

We have witnessed the changes technology has brought in almost every sector. One of its most popular inventions is - Pocket Bikes. Riding has been a good and an adventurous sport since its invention. Various aspects of bikes - such as speed, engine, style - has changed a lot over years. With the evolution in bikes and its popularity, kids/teens are fed up with video games and demand something more enthralling and real. Gift A Pocket Bike On Your Little Ones Birthday. So your little one is soon turning into a teen? Did you give in to their wishes of getting them a pocket bike this year? Well, before going around shopping for the perfect pocket bike, maybe gather an extensive knowledge about it.

How To Choose The Right Dirt Bike For Yourself. Super Pocket Bikes - Why They Are Worth Your Money. These 49cc Pocket Bikes Are More Fascinating Than Your Toys. Maintenance Tips Keep In Mind To Keep Your Bike Well-Functioned. Bikes are the life!

Maintenance Tips Keep In Mind To Keep Your Bike Well-Functioned

Right? But, most of you will agree the fact that maintaining any model of the bike whether it’s 49cc Pocket Bike or another any other model, is more expensive than actually buying it. Regardless of the fact that maintaining takes huge effort and expense, it is equally important to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of functions in a bike. So, you might be conducting some maintaining effort on your own or sending it to the service. But, a little more knowledge about maintaining can ensure the maintenance of a more effective process that can polish the parts of your bike. Here’s All What You Need To Know About Pocket Bikes. The ultra smart and sleek in appearance, powerful and well-packed in a compact shape, gearing up the speed with matching thunderstorm-like features, well what’s this?

Here’s All What You Need To Know About Pocket Bikes

MINIATURE MOTORCYCLE RANGE. They say you don’t need a therapist if you own a motorcycle, any motorcycle.


There is an unparalleled thrill in riding a motorcycle. Every ride on a bike seems like an adventure. Apart from the ease that comes from driving a motorbike, be it a rush-hour or not, there comes an undeniable sense of coolness and freedom. Putting on a helmet, twisting the throttle and going on long drives gives you a sense of freedom to appreciate and connect with yourself and the outer-world. A motorcycle rider also, unbeknownst to their knowledge, contribute towards a cleaner environment since motorcycles release comparatively fewer pollutants. There are a variety of bikes manufactured in the market, depending upon the kind of pavement they are going to be ridden on.

Another classification, in vogue among kids and adolescents alike, is the miniature motorcycles or mini-bikes: Some Of The Smart Safety Tips For New Bikers. Everyone want to experience thrill and adventure whilst riding a bike but how many of you are concern about safety and hence follows some safety tips.

Some Of The Smart Safety Tips For New Bikers

Though, it seems tough to get in the good habit of applying safety precautions while riding, but it is extremely important, because nothing is more than your life, right? Whether you have a stylish ninja bike, dirt bike or even an extremely appealing chopper, what’s more important is to ensure you are riding with utmost safety while you are exploring riding skills. Making safety your priority should be aligned uppermost in the rules of biking tips and equally implemented to enjoy the safe riding. Guide To Choose The Right Bentley Power Wheel. How To Choose A Mini Motor Bike? It is a basic human tendency to research a lot before buying anything new.

How To Choose A Mini Motor Bike?

Today, we use the internet for doing so and years back people use to do the same through their social contacts. The matter becomes all the more crucial when it comes to vehicles. As a vehicle is something that is not changed or replaced quite often by people and therefore, most of them pay special attention while buying a new vehicle. A particular type of vehicle is the mini bike; it is available in some styles and models in the market today. Advanced Designs of Electric ATV and Super Pocket Bikes. Advanced Designs of Electric ATV and Super Pocket Bikes Every person has desires to take note of attractive elements in electric motorcycle and atv on online.

Advanced Designs of Electric ATV and Super Pocket Bikes

They have loads of options every time they compare top brands of electric atv designed and manufactured by specialists. On the other hand, they need easy-to-understand guidelines to select and purchase one of the most suggested electric atv. They can make a test ride and try a variety of models of vehicles in this category right now.

What Really Are Pocket Bikes? Pocket bikes offer everything that normal sized bikes do, but packed in a smaller size.

What Really Are Pocket Bikes?

This small size isn’t a flaw, or a shortcoming, it’s what makes them fun. Before you decide to buy one of the mini sized rocker, you should know what exactly makes a pocket bike. So, following are some points that will help you make sense of the crazy machines that these bikes are. Pocket bikes, or mini bikes, are characterized by their smaller frames and minimal engine capacities. Minimal here means as little as needed to propel the rider and the machine forward at a thrilling speed. Engine capacity Lower limit for engine capacity averages around 40-50 cubic centimetres, and while some lesser known brands are able to shrink this size by another tenth, such bikes are devoid of all practical thrills. How to ensure that your mini bike is street legal. Over the past few years, pocket bikes have received a lot of attention from enthusiasts and lawmakers alike.

How to ensure that your mini bike is street legal

From new enthusiasts because they discovered a whole new way to enjoy two wheelers and ride for fun. These bikes came under scrutiny of lawmakers because they themselves came under pressure from “non pocket-biking” members of the society about the perils that come associated with riding fast and hard between traffic, two inches up from pavement. In this article we explore the ways in which you can make your pocket bike road legal.

This also serves as advice if you wish to purchase a bike that will be be road legal, so that you can enjoy it on the pavement. Buying A Super Pocket Bike Is Worth The Thrill. Pocket bikes are fun to ride and there’s a league of thrill-seeking riders that flock by them religiously.

Buying A Super Pocket Bike Is Worth The Thrill

As is said in the mini bike circle, “there is more bike per cubic inch” in a mini bike than in an average bike. And when we talk about super pocket bikes, the saying becomes all the more valid. The addition of “super” to the moniker, as in the X18 Super Pocket Bike, comes with many under-the-hood changes, major one being a bump in power. Benefits of buying an electric 4-wheeler for your kid. In this technologically advanced era of super fast computers and mobile phones, it's fairly easy for your kids to get their hands on one and develop an addiction for it.

Benefits of buying an electric 4-wheeler for your kid

While they enhance the capabilities of their mind, there are many risks related to continuous mobile or screen use that you may be well aware of. To state the obvious, mobile phones emit harmful radiations that can lead to cancer, heart diseases & sleeping disorders. On the other hand, using a mobile phone or computer for a prolonged amount of time heavily strains the eyes and may lead to loss of vision to an extent in young children.

So, letting them play with their gadgets all day is a big no-no. Amazing Features Of 250cc Mini Chopper. You will love to own our super stylish 250cc Mini Chopper with amazing features. That would give the feel thrill while riding. Riding chopper motorcycles not only thrills you but also enhances your personality and status. Chopper motorcycles has always been successful in resisting its domination amongst other various motorcycle designs and style. DIfferences between Pocket Bikes and Super Pocket Bikes. Pocket bikes usually are smaller, more nimble versions of regular racing bikes and are mostly used as practice bikes to gear up for the big ones later! Racing competitions are held specifically for pocket bikes around the world and many racing enthusiasts take part in it to pave a way for their successful racing career!

Other than that, a pocket bike serves as a perfect gift for children and teens alike. Buying An Electric ATV Is a Better Option. Much like the industrial revolution electric cars, mainly Tesla, have bestowed upon the global automobile industry, Electric ATV’s are trying to do the same. Even after being powered by small lithium-ion batteries, big electric ATV’s have the same amount of engine power that the regular ATV’s produce with their roaring gas powered engines. Have you ever been in the middle of a hunt in a wild forest, bustling through the trees with your ATV roaring as loud as it can, trying to catch a meal to settle for the night? Safest bike for early teenagers. There is a predetermined age for indulging into every sort of activity. Safety Tips To Follow To Ensure Safe Go Karting. There are multiple adventure sports present throughout the world, and different people prefer different types of sport. Go karting is an adventure sport loved a lot of individuals today.

Also, considering the 4 seater go karts for sale online, there is a huge craze throughout the world for the same. But in almost every adventure sport there are some factors that must be considered to ensure better enjoyment and to ignore any mishaps. Likewise, there are some safety tips that you must consider while go karting or starting to learn go karting. 40Cc Pocket Bike is Safest Bike For Early Teenagers. Why You Should Gift Super Pocket Bike To Your Little One. Buy Premium 500 Watts Electric Mini Pocket Bike. Top Features Of Two Seat Dune Buggy Go Kart. Zap down the streets and have fun with speed in this Dune Buggy Two Seat Go Kart. Desirable Features Of Super-Stylish 200cc Bolt Go Kart. 5 Simple Steps To An Effective Drift Trike Gang For Sale Strategy. Every individual who is related to automotive industry can relate to the fact that right from manufacturing to the marketing of the products require a smart strategy to attain the perspective result effectively.

Marketing of each and every product needs to be handled individually for its best sell and huge rate of return. When it comes to market drift trikes, the looks and features of the product will do the 50% work and the other part holds to build a smart strategy to increase the sale. Drift trikes are everyone’s need and especially kids, they love to drift on the pavements. A fully modified drift trike will be the centre of attraction not only amongst kids but also adults would prefer to have a ride. The drift trikes are designed to drift on the pavement and some special drift trikes are designed for racing purpose. 6 Reasons To buy our Stylish 200cc Bolt Go kart. Go karting is great fun and interactive activity to enjoy with family and friends. 5 Ways Drift Trike Gang Improves The Day. Armored 200cc Go-Kart so unique from others How? Safety Tips You Must Follow While Go Karting.

List of Street Legal Bikes to Enjoy. Our Super Pocket Bikes are the right choice for you Why? Guide to a mini chopper. MAINTAIN 50CC ENGINE OF YOUR SUPER POCKET BIKE HOW? How to clean and maintain your pocket bike. How To Perform Routine Maintenance On Your Pocket Bike. Laws Regarding Pocket Bikes Mini Motorcycles. GAS VS ELECTRIC POCKET BIKE. Seven Amazing Benefits Of An Electric ATV. Safety Tips For A Fun And Secured ATV Ride. Why Do Need To Buy Electric ATV For Your Kids. Replacing the Parts Of Your Pocket Bikes. FERRARI CALIFORNIA ELECTRIC POWER WHEELS CAR 12V TWO SEATER - RED. Buy 110CC GO KART WITH STEEL WHEELS & SPARE. How To Limit The Maximum Speed For My Mini 49cc Pocket Bike. Bentley Toy Car: The Perfect Fun Ride For Your Kid. Things You Need To Do Before Riding Your Brand New X19 Super Pocket Bike. BOOM SR9 125CC FULL-SIZE SUPER POCKET BIKE MOTORCYCLE.

Buy 35 MM Air Filter. 9 Least Known Benefits of Mini Choppers. Top 5 Tips To Guide You In Purchasing The Right Bike. The 3 Best Dirt Bikes To Buy. What are the 3 best mini choppers you can ride. BUY BOOM SR3 125CC MOTORCYCLE STREET LEGAL SUPER POCKET BIKE. 125CC ATV QUAD SPORT FOUR-WHEELER 4-STROKE WITH BIG 8" TIRES - SEMI-AUTOMATIC. Skull Face Tube Mask. Why buy an ATV from Belmonte Bikes and not from Honda or Yamaha or Suzuki?