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Lessons. EX - Alabama Learning Exchange. 1.)Lead the class in brainstorming about the characteristics that they believe define a short story, i.e. the length, the number of characters, the time span, a well-defined plot.

EX - Alabama Learning Exchange

Help the class create a working definition of the short story. (Standard definition: the short story is a piece of prose fiction usually under 10,000 words, which can be read in one sitting.) 2.)Read aloud to the class the classic fairy tale “Little Red Riding Hood.” 3.)Show the PowerPoint presentation of the Elements of a Short Story (attached) to the class, discussing with the students the application of its content to the story they just heard. 4.)Suggest students take notes during the slideshow or use the handout "Analyzing the Short Story" attached. 5.)Divide students into pairs. Classic Animal Stories.

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For Young Students (Elementary/K-6) 6 Critical Thinking Skills to Teach Your k-8 Homeschooler – Classical Scholar. The Ultimate Guide to Free Lapbooks for Every Subject - Embracing Destiny. An Entire Year of Homeschool Lesson Plans. Great Homeschool Conventions » Homeschooling – When You Don’t Know Where to Begin. Knees knocking as I walked out of the principal’s office with my 5 year old son happily skipping beside me, I didn’t feel any great big rush of empowerment.

Great Homeschool Conventions » Homeschooling – When You Don’t Know Where to Begin

I could hardly breathe as I thought to myself I am going to mess this child up for life. How will I know I am covering everything? Where do I find curriculum? How am I going to test my child? All of these questions were just the start of what I didn’t know as I started on my homeschool journey, which seems not so long ago. I wish I could put to rest all your fears now. Homeschool Metamorphosis Changes take place during the homeschool metamorphosis. It is exhausting to say the least when you think of the many issues thrown at you at one time. When you know which areas to focus on first, the change from struggling homeschooler to empowered home educator can be less daunting. 4 Short Cuts For New Homeschoolers Focus on the Needs Of Your Children. During times of doubt, a well-defined plan will give you a clear sense of direction. Homeschool Planning and Scheduling. The Planted Trees: How I Plan Our Homeschool Year. As summer arrives, public school teachers breathe a sigh of relief and homeschoolers begin planning season.

The Planted Trees: How I Plan Our Homeschool Year

With Memorial Day out of the way and the "official" beginning of summer right around the corner, I thought it would be timely if I posted about how I plan our homeschool year. While I view my planning as a loose schedule, it is a necessary one to me. Curriculum Archives. Lesson Plans » Science-Friendly Homeschool. List of FREE Unit Studies - Free Home School Lessons Curriculum Unit Studies. Little Journeys to the Homes of the Great. 23 Ways to Use Plastic Easter Eggs. Kansas: A Unit Study – DIYHomeschooler. Unexpected Homeschool: September 2012. Another busy week around here.

Unexpected Homeschool: September 2012

I don't see that changing this semester. I guess our new normal is the crazy, I've lost my head and look rather like a chicken, days. This week Amber finally started using her Heritage Studies 5 book during history. We've been working through other resources to catch up to the timeframe of Heritage Studies and Tuesday we finally reached it! Too bad we only have 2 weeks before we dump all of our history curriculum in favor of a four week unit study on Elections.

It was a nice change though to switch over to Heritage Studies from the strictly factual history we had been using. Amber has become, in the space of a weekend, enamored with Steampunk. For Reading lessons this week Amber was working with some Tolstoy folktales, Aesop's fables and other miscellaneous moral stories. Amber has also started reading King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table for literature. We've still not managed a single nature walk. Linking with: Still Learning Something New. Whether you’re looking for something special to study, trivia, a day to celebrate, or a food to add to the menu, Special Days in January 2015 gives you plenty to choose from.

Still Learning Something New

Here’s the list of January’s holidays, observances, food themes, awareness days , historic figures and authors birthdays, science and historic based anniversaries, and more! January’s Food Themes AppleApricotsArtichokeAsparagusBe Kind to Food ServersDried FruitsEggsFiber FocusHot FoodsHot TeaOatmealPrune BreakfastSlow CookingSoupWheat Bread January Awareness Themes. Unit studies Archives - Tina's Dynamic Homeschool Plus.

Homeschoolers are anything but typical and that difference is reflected in the flow our day with a unit study schedule.

unit studies Archives - Tina's Dynamic Homeschool Plus

I cringe when I think about sharing “typical homeschool schedules” only because I don’t want to ever give you the impression that this is the best way for the season of homeschooling that you are in right now. But having said that, I would rather share with you how my unit study schedule works for my day so that you see how relaxed that it can be. I have had many schedules, even having to schedule to half-hour increments where needed. 2nd Grade Language Homework Place.