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Image stacking modes in Adobe Photoshop - PixelStrobist. An image stack is a combination of a group of images, these could be similar frames of different.

Image stacking modes in Adobe Photoshop - PixelStrobist

By combining the images you can create a composed image that could enhance the images in a number or ways: to reduce noise or distortionto remove unwanted elements from the image, this is great for removing for example peoples walking in a frame. Image stacks are stored in Photoshop as Smart Objects which has several benefits. Two Ways to Replace the Sky Using Photoshop. There are many things that you can control when shooting a photograph, but the weather is not one of them!

Two Ways to Replace the Sky Using Photoshop

If you have a great landscape or architecture photo but the sky is too dull it will bring down the entire image, so just keep reading to learn how to replace the sky with Photoshop. “Give the clouds an assignment.” said photographer Werner Mantz. He was right, sometimes you can have the best weather and end up with a flat blue sky. Even worse if you have a horribly cold day that gives you a dull grey sky. Either way it can be the win or lose element of the image. Method #1 – Sky Replacement in Photoshop Most importantly you need an image from a cloudy sky that matches the mood of the image onto which you’re going to paste it. With the image of the subject open, make a selection of the sky that needs to be covered by the new one. Refine the selection I find it’s also useful to go into Menu > Selection > Edit in Quick Mask. Method #2 – Sky Replacement in Photoshop Conclusion Conclusion. How to Easily Erase Background from Hair: the Photoshop Background Eraser Tool - WeGraphics.

Touching up hair in a picture can be one of the most annoying Photoshop tasks — all the little details involved to get a perfect end result are eye-straining.

How to Easily Erase Background from Hair: the Photoshop Background Eraser Tool - WeGraphics

One of the most difficult version of this is when you need to retouch hair to separate it from the background. Luckily, Photoshop has a tool custom built just for that and today you'll learn to use it! Before we begin, if you want to follow this tutorial exactly as described go ahead and download the following woman image from Pexels. 4 Photoshop Tools Every Photographer Should Know. When it comes to photo-editing programs, one of the most popular among both amateur and professional photographers alike is Adobe Photoshop.

4 Photoshop Tools Every Photographer Should Know

While it can appear more complex than Lightroom, and certainly takes more time to learn all of its tricks, Photoshop offers four post-processing tools that come in handy for retouching images. These tools are pretty easy to locate and implement, and in this article I’ll show you how they work, specifically while retouching the image of the Space Needle in Seattle (below). I have the privilege of having this view from my home office, but the problem is that if I take a photo using anything but a telephoto lens, I get telephone pole remnants and wires in my otherwise pretty cityscape image.

Here are the four Photoshop tools I use to retouch my Space Needle images. There are of course other ways to retouch this image to achieve the same or even better results, but these are quick and easy methods that also highlight essential Photoshop skills. 1. 2. 5 Photoshop Layer Mask Tricks - Video Tutorial. How to Make a Little Planet Using Photoshop. Photography doesn’t always have to be serious, sometimes it is nice to do something just for fun.

How to Make a Little Planet Using Photoshop

Making a landscape look like it is a little planet is one of those things. There aren’t any uses for it, and you wouldn’t spend your photography career doing this. It is, however, one of those photography tricks that a lot of people like to try. A Landscape turned into a sphere or little planet. Landscape images work best. This image was chosen because it has all of those elements; the river is in the foreground, there are buildings along the horizon, and there is a sky. Open the photo you want to use in Photoshop.

Open photo in Photoshop. The first thing to do is to duplicate the layer by pressing Ctrl+J (CMD+J on Mac). Duplicate Layer You may need to make the image smaller on the screen using the magnifying tool. Interesting Face manipulation Photoshop tutorial. This Photoshop tutorial will help you to achieve very interesting effect which you can use not only on face but you can start up your imagination and bring something new into this photo manipulation.

Interesting Face manipulation Photoshop tutorial

Everything depends on you, tutorial will help you understand a few basic steps how to get the final result. So let’s begin. I will use Splatter brush set in this tutorial. You can download it from Link is here: First step is to Create new document (File->New). Open your face picture now. When you are done with selecting press Ctrl+j to cut out face from the picture then Select Move tool and drag the face to created new document so it will looks like on picture below. De Photoshoppers. Scott Kelby's Photoshop Insider - Photoshop & Photography Techniques, News, Books, Reviews & More.