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Moving from Lightroom CC to Capture One Pro 10 – Not Quite in Focus. As of last week, I have been transitioning my post-processing workflow from Lightroom CC to Capture One Pro 10.

Moving from Lightroom CC to Capture One Pro 10 – Not Quite in Focus

To a great extent, I was motivated to make this move after reading and listening to a series of blogs and podcasts by Martin Bailey regarding his migration from Lightroom to Capture One Pro. While I have been generally pleased with Lightroom (LR) since I moved to it from Aperture several years ago, I am finding some aspects of Capture One (C1) compelling. The main reasons I have chosen to move are: Reportedly better raw file processing for Fuji X raw (RAF) files from C1 versus LRFaster importing and file handlingThe availability of layers for image adjustments, ala Photoshop I cannot yet say whether I am seeing true evidence of improvement in the first two issues that support my move. I do see an apparent increase in file import speed with C1 versus LR. The following images show the same RAF file as processed in Lightroom CC and Capture One Pro 10. Blog – ON1, Inc. ON1 Short Clip — The Preset Workflow Trick – ON1 News.

10 Must-see Videos for ON1 Effects 10 – ON1 News. Check out this compilation of 10 Must-see Videos for ON1 Effects 10!

10 Must-see Videos for ON1 Effects 10 – ON1 News

Get the fundamentals, see how to create popular looks and discover hidden secrets. Find all the tips you need for photo editing with this incredible playlist. Leave confident you can take your photos to the next level with ON1 Effects 10. Get the Fundamentals Start by learning about Stacking and Adjusting Filters. Masking Filters is a powerful way you can do precise local adjustments. Create Popular Looks A Faded Matte look for that classic feel. Get the Soft Vintage Sunshine look. Simulate a Tilt-shift Lens with the Lens blur filter. Enhancing Sunrise & Sunset Photos best techniques practices. Discover Hidden Secrets Ultimate Color Control with the Color Enhancer filter pane. Master the Vignette filter and Customize your Vignette. Use the Luminosity Mask Trick to add depth and glow. Often overlooked, protections measure are great for Protecting Highlights, Shadows, or Skin Using Effects. ON1 Inspiration — Episode 13: Creating Elegance from Natural Beauty by Scott Wyden Kivowitz – ON1 News.

One and a half miles, climbing 300 feet, in the darkness, with nothing but headlamps.

ON1 Inspiration — Episode 13: Creating Elegance from Natural Beauty by Scott Wyden Kivowitz – ON1 News

Only one out of the twelve of us knew what to expect at the top. We were worried about bears, and moose and wolves. But we were in a group, so it was ok. Download a free 60 day trial! We climbed over rocks and trees and waterfalls. We arrived at Taggart Lake with minutes to spare before sunrise. The summer was about to start, so the trees and brush were beginning to brown.

Recorded Classes Archives. Blog Archive. Perfect Inspiration: Replicating Faded Film Looks with Liz LePage Posted on April 25, 2014 Film is an addiction – just like anything else – and I am an addict. While the masses have already tossed out their 35mms and you can find once $800 cameras for mere pennies at your local yard sale, I’ve never lost faith: Film is still alive and well, and it rocks my socks off. While digital cameras are expensive, they’re a one time purchase. You get your camera body, a lens or two, some memory cards and bam! Film has never, and will never, be that simple. Nowadays I shoot film when I’m truly inspired, but most of the time I cart around my trusty digital camera. The technique in this video is based off of my favorite color enlarging paper, and while it doesn’t exist anymore, I’ve come to love recreating it on my digital images. To watch the video in high resolution, open the video, click on the gear and select 720p.

Preset 1 Preset 2 Preset 3 Product Used: Perfect Photo Suite 8 Modules Used: Effects. All Videos Archives. The onOne Software Store. OnOne Software's individual products are available in two editions.

The onOne Software Store

The Premium Edition can be used as a standalone app, or as a plug-in to Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, or Apple Aperture. The Standard Edition works as a standalone app. Perfect Effects 8 Unlimited Creativity with the Best Photo Effects Premium Perfect Mask 8 The Essential Cut-out Tool for Photographers Perfect Resize 8.