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Fotor - Photo Editing & Collage Maker & Graphic Design. Photo editor online / free image editing direct in your browser - Creative photo editor and organizer. Smart Photo Editor. Fotograferen met een flitser – deel 1. Inleiding Over het algemeen wordt het fotograferen met flitslicht verfoeid.

Fotograferen met een flitser – deel 1

De reden is heel eenvoudig; fotograferen met een flitser levert lelijke foto's op. Er zijn harde schaduwen, de belichting is verre van perfect, koud en lelijk, de sfeer van de omgeving wordt teniet gedaan. f64 Academy home - f64 Academy. Smart Photo Editor. Online Cursus Nik Collection - De Rooij Fotografie. LandscapePro. 500px ISO » Beautiful Photography, Incredible StoriesCreate Multiple Exposure Photoshop Tutorial. Practical Photography is the world’s best magazine for photographers who want to improve their camera skills.

500px ISO » Beautiful Photography, Incredible StoriesCreate Multiple Exposure Photoshop Tutorial

Whether you’re an absolute beginner, seasoned enthusiast or budding pro, you’ll find all the skills, techniques and ideas you need to take your passion to the next level. Their September issue is out — subscribe at now! This technique uses Layers to build a simple but effective multiple exposure look. To kick things off for this Practical Photography tutorial, start with a single portrait image. Sometimes the shot you take is just the beginning of the creative process, and here’s a good example. While the finished version looks complex and the process uses several different tools in Photoshop, it’s something you can do quite quickly. To create the multiple exposure effect, the most important tools are the Layers palette, Layer Opacity, and the Free Transform Tool. 1. 2. How to Use the Text Tool in Photoshop. There are many reasons that you might want to add words over your images.

How to Use the Text Tool in Photoshop

Text on photos makes great promotional items such as postcards; you can create your own social media messages with quotes or inspirational sayings; and you can add your name or your website URL. I’m sure that once you understand all the creative options for adding text, you’ll come up with hundreds of other things you can create with your photos. This article will guide you through the many ways you can work with text in Photoshop to create beautiful and eye-catching messages with your photos. Basic Text Tools It may seem like a pretty simple topic, but Photoshop has a really versatile selection of tools for working with text.

Here are the basic text tools in Photoshop: There are a few more tools in here but we’ll talk about them later. Playing with Text There are 2 ways of adding text, and it’s critical that you know when to use one way, and when to choose the other. Go ahead and type. JPEGmini - Your Photos on a Diet! Neat Image. <div class="errorSummary" id="JSError"><p>JavaScript is disabled.

Neat Image

This site requires JavaScript turned on to run properly. Please enable it and reload this page. </p></div> Cookies are disabled. This site requires cookies turned on to run properly. Log in Best noise reductionfor digital cameras and scanners How to use Neat Image Here you will find information about using Neat Image starting from the very first steps to the finest details. Quick Start Guides Learn how to use Neat Image in a few minutes: A Beginner's Guide to Choosing the Right Post-Production Software. When it comes to choosing your first piece of post-production software you may find yourself spinning in circles.

A Beginner's Guide to Choosing the Right Post-Production Software

There’s so much to choose from, and the whole idea of learning to do something new can be intimidating. This article will cover a number of the most well known software options available, and hopefully lead you towards the right decision for you. Adobe Photoshop CC Over the years no one has truly been able to displace Adobe’s dominance of the photography software market. Both Lightroom and Photoshop are hugely popular pieces of software and regarded as the go to platforms for professionals. Adobe Lightroom Lightroom is the most popular tool available for post-processing your images. One of the biggest differentiating factors of Lightroom verses other post-production tools is that it is widely supported by third party developers. Finally, due to the popularity of Lightroom, there is no shortage of support for you on the web.

An Overview of Google's Nik Collection Filters for Post-Processing. By now, if you have not downloaded Google’s Nik Collection, at the very least you have heard that this once $500 software, was made free for download in March 2016.

An Overview of Google's Nik Collection Filters for Post-Processing

The Nik Collection, as it has been known for over a decade, is a set of photographic filter plug-ins, and image enhancement tools, that delivers another look and feel to your photo. The Nik Collection is comprised of Analog Efex Pro, Color Efex Pro, Dfine, HDR Efex Pro, Sharpener Pro, Silver Efex Pro and Viveza. As you see, the suite is quite extensive, thus this overview will just touch on its potential uses, and hopefully encourage you to further explore the collection more in-depth. The layout in each set is very similar, which translates to ease of use once you get the hang of it.

Preset filters are listed down the left side panel of the dashboard. An awesome feature that the Nik Collection utilizes is called Control Points, which is available in each plug-in. Learn how to use Animate CC. Converting a difficult image to Black & White with Silver Efex Pro — Hi, it’s been a while since I did a video tutorial so here’s an old one about a plug-in that suddenly is "hot" again.

Converting a difficult image to Black & White with Silver Efex Pro —

It’s about converting a "difficult" image with a very bright sky into a dramatic Black & White with lots of sky detail. Done with my Black & White conversion plugin of choice: Silver Efex Pro. The video also shares some tips on file preparation before you enter the plugin. Please note that the info at the end of the video regarding discounts and pricing is no longer accurate. BigHugeLabs: Do fun stuff with your photos. Topaz Adjust - Create Stunning, Single-Image HDR Photos That POP With Dynamic Color, Detail and Exposure. Intelligent color enhancement gives you a dazzling variety of color effects Go far beyond simple hue, saturation, and luminance with Topaz Adjust's adaptive color technology.

Topaz Adjust - Create Stunning, Single-Image HDR Photos That POP With Dynamic Color, Detail and Exposure.

Intelligently enhance color to make your photos more exciting and vibrant without oversaturating or turning them into cartoons. Learn more about adaptive color → Adaptive color: a newer and smarter saturation Saturation is one of those settings that you can't increase too much, or your image starts to look ridiculous. Although the image above has bold and striking colors, it doesn't look "unnatural" in the way that it would if you just cranked saturation to 100. SlideShowPro: Slideshow publishing tools for your web site.

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