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Esprits critiques. Magazine et actualité culturelle en continu. 1ère catégorie. REPÚBLICA DE FIUME. ProgNotFrog. Musicoteca. Music Lodge. Musique. Tears in my beers. Un violon, un jambon. Fluokids. Critiques musique, cinéma, littérature et bande dessinée. Pinkushion.

SONIC YOUTH. Sonic Youth Gossip. If you draw pictures about Sonic Youth; sneak digital recording devices into shows; snap fuzzy, unflattering snapshot after fuzzy, unflattering snapshot; remixed an SY track or tore yrself away from this forum long enough to generate or record anything else Sonic Youth related and you feel like feeding it to the Sonic-Munching masses, this is as good a place as any.

Sonic Youth Gossip

JUST DON'T VIOLATE ANY COPYRIGHT LAWS!!! Not that I care. It just makes it easier on everyone. Sonic Youth. Bases de données musiques. Novaplanet.