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How To Use If Conditions in Sentences - WordsRU. When it comes to English writing, conditional statements or conditional sentences with if conditions are devices of great utility.

How To Use If Conditions in Sentences - WordsRU

They are especially important when it comes to academic writing. These tools can be put to good use in other forms of writing as well. However, it’s necessary to keep certain rules in mind when using them. Read on to get a quick understanding of how to use if conditions correctly. An if-conditional statement has two parts—the main clause and a sub-clause. Example: If you do not study, you will fail. Here, If you do not study forms the if statement or sub-clause that describes a situation. The order of the clauses can change. Example: You will fail if you do not study. Types of conditional sentences Conditional sentences can be divided into five categories based on the nature of the main clause and the sub-clause. Zero conditionalFirst conditionalSecond conditionalThird conditionalMixed conditional. 3 Ways Essay Editing Services Add Value to Your Academic Work - WordsRU. Essays are an important form of academic writing for both students and scholars.

3 Ways Essay Editing Services Add Value to Your Academic Work - WordsRU

Essays are written for non-academic audiences as well. However, the actual writing of an essay is only half the job. Once you finish writing, you must ensure that your essay is properly edited. A professional editing service can do this for you. Unfortunately, many students do not realize the amount of value that can be added to an essay edited by an experienced editing service. Here are three ways a skilled essay editing service can give a crucial, final polish to your work: Why Seek the Help of an Experienced Firm 
Offering Academic Editing Services? - WordsRU.

Students and scholars who wish to get their academic works edited are spoilt for options today.

Why Seek the Help of an Experienced Firm 
Offering Academic Editing Services? - WordsRU

Numerous online and offline editing firms are at their disposal. Often, many students are inclined to take refuge in self-editing. Both students and scholars should be aware of the benefits of professional editing and the importance of opting for an editing firm that offers the type of experience they can tap into to reach their academic goals. Important works need the best editors. Professional Editing and Proofreading Services. How To Write a Running Head - WordsRU. During the course of their careers, researchers frequently have to format running heads.

How To Write a Running Head - WordsRU

Doing it right is a mark of professionalism. Messing it up can make you look like a clumsy researcher, thus tarnishing your reputation and causing you great harm. There are only a few points that you need to keep in mind when writing a running head. Let’s take a look at them to discover how to format running heads according APA guidelines. What is a running head? A running head is the title of your research paper which appears left-justified in the top header of each page. But who should format the manuscript’s running head? The APA format The APA style manual states that running heads are not a compulsory element for student papers. The running head must be a shorter or abbreviated version of the research paper’s title. Keep these short but relevant tips in mind, and you will be able to perfect the easy but important job of preparing a professional-level running head for your manuscript. 5 Reasons Why You Should Opt for Book Editing Services - WordsRU. The past decade has witnessed an unprecedented surge in the number of writers aspiring to publish their work.

5 Reasons Why You Should Opt for Book Editing Services - WordsRU

However, many authors tend not to understand the importance of seeking professional book editing services. This trend is harmful as editing is an integral aspect of writing for publication. There are different forms of editing which strengthen written material in different ways. Here are 5 reasons why, as a writer, you should opt for professional book editing services. Provides another set of eyes You have an emotional attachment to your work. Improves your manuscript Editing assures a high-level manuscript before publication and makes sure that your text is in its best possible form.

Enhances readability Copyediting can greatly enhance the readability of your text. Tailors your manuscript for the target audience Editors offer technical expertise as well as domain awareness. Grammarly review by a human editor - WordsRU. Automated editing tools, human editors, and the three C’s Grammarly, the automated editing tool for writers that detects errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation and more, has recently caught the attention of student writers as well as writing professionals, in part because of its aggressive advertising campaigns.

Grammarly review by a human editor - WordsRU

The hugely popular artificial intelligence-based technology appears on almost every online list of top editing tools, along with competitors such as CorrectEnglish, Ginger, Jetpack, Paperrater, ProWritingAid, and others. Read about: Editing is a specialized skill As an editor at WordsRU, I have worked with scores of clients with various editing and proofreading needs.