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Yours Truly, x Yours Truly, x I don't know if you've ever noticed, but quite purposefully my little corner of the internet has yet to succumb to adverts or banners. Now before you think I'm galloping off on my high horse, I can assure you I have no issue with advertisements on other blogs, in fact it can lead to finding great new labels and etsy shops, which is obviously great! I just never wanted it for Yours Truly. I always want my blog to have sincerity and integrity. Whilst I don't write all the mundane details of my daily life, I'd like to think I give an honest (albeit up-beat) account of my life.
A Pretty Penny A Pretty Penny My Nan was a true beauty, inside and out. Full of kindness and grace, she had a way of making everyone around her feel important and loved. She taught me all the best things about being a lady, and while I resisted her beauty advice as a stubborn messy-haired adolescent, I embrace as a (still messy-haired) woman approaching her 30s. Here are seven of the most important beauty rules I picked up from Betty Jean:
(photo taken from my instagram) I'm back from Paris, and it was such an incredible trip! We were sad to leave, but I am so excited to be going back. keiko lynn keiko lynn
Sea of Shoes This hairstyle is a ridiculously easy Brigitte Bardot inspired look that you can do in less than ten minutes. Even better, it works best on dirty hair! Yay! Sea of Shoes
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A Beautiful Mess Here in southern Missouri, where we live, spring is tormenting us. One day it's nice and warm; you could totally wear sandals and no jacket at all (which excites me as I LOVE sandals). The next day it's cold, and I find myself pulling my coat back out of the closet. Also, one of my brulees got a little too toasty. A Beautiful Mess
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NAILED IT! photos by http://www.angelaandithyle.com post designed by kristin ess There’s something really nice about taking a break from nail polish for a second, right? There are so many fun nail trends today that it makes you want to change things up… a lot! In this tutorial, we show you how to give yourself a perfectly polished, natural manicure that looks lovely and allows your nails to breathe. Always clean your tools properly before you begin. NAILED IT!