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Matter Of Form. Letter Effects and Interaction Ideas. A couple of ideas for typography animations and letter (hover) effects for playful interactions.

Letter Effects and Interaction Ideas

Today we’d like to share four typography animations with you. Letters are such a great thing to play with and they allow for so many interesting interactions and effects to enhance a design and make decorative headlines stand out. For some animations we use anime.js. Charming.js helps us with the needed structure for the letters. Attention: We use some modern CSS properties like CSS Grid and CSS Variables in the demos, so please view them with a capable browser. Please note that some of the effects are specifically made for hover so mobile support is limited.

Here are the previews of the demos: We hope you have fun with these little effects and find them inspiring! Urban Fruit – Chris Biron. A mobile optimised solution was essential as Urban Fruit grew on social media, especially Instagram – driving views on smaller screens.

Urban Fruit – Chris Biron

The end result was a bubbly, interactive design that showed off Urban Fruit's delicious products and gave them a fresh digital presence to be proud of. Inside Design: Google Ventures - InVision Blog. Many of the world’s most innovative startups wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for GV, Google’s $2 billion venture capital fund.

Inside Design: Google Ventures - InVision Blog

Their portfolio of 300 companies includes Uber, Slack, DocuSign, and Medium. We’re proud to say they’re part of the InVision community. GV’s full-time design partners work with their portfolio companies on everything from marketing to engineering, to hiring and, of course, design. Getting the login page right – Prototyping: From UX to Front End. 2 ) Size Of Network This is for a case where you have both groups of returning and new users flocking equally to the same destination, usually the website.

Getting the login page right – Prototyping: From UX to Front End

However, you may not have this equal influx of both groups at the same time. Meaning when you just roll your service out, you’ll definitely(hopefully) have a lot of new users, and not that many existing ones (beta testers and the dev team that built it.) So, who do you think it makes more sense to make provision for? New users of course, and how? Unique and Smart Logo Designs. THECUBE Madrid. MIOTI – The first 100% IoT school. RONIN Amsterdam. Color - Visual Design - iOS Human Interface Guidelines. In iOS, color can indicate interactivity, impart vitality, and provide visual continuity.

Color - Visual Design - iOS Human Interface Guidelines

Look to the system’s color scheme for guidance when picking app tint colors that look great individually and in combination, on both light and dark backgrounds. Teal Blue Use complementary colors throughout your app. The colors in your app should work well together, not conflict or distract. If pastels are essential to your app’s style, for example, use a coordinating set of pastels. In general, choose a limited color palette that coordinates with your app logo. Consider choosing a key color to indicate interactivity throughout your app. Type Scale - A Visual Calculator. What is GEL? Veamos las guías de estilo para diseño de páginas web de diez marcas que amamos. Estas son páginas web que podemos observar por horas.

Veamos las guías de estilo para diseño de páginas web de diez marcas que amamos

Son diferentes, adictivas, todas diseñadas a cada píxel. Intro to Icons by MDS. UI Interactions of the week #75 – Muzli -Design Inspiration. Features. Veamos las guías de estilo para diseño de páginas web de diez marcas que amamos. Stylify Me - Online Style Guide Generator. Cómo elegir, utilizar y combinar las fuentes en tu web. Servicios para probar fuentes en tu página web desde el navegador. Searching for Syria. Darie Alikaj, 40, did not want to leave Syria.

Searching for Syria

She was a successful microbiologist and head of the microbiology department at the University of Aleppo. But as the bombing advanced, she had no choice but to leave her home to start a new life in Turkey. “I left Syria for the sake of my daughter,” she said, watching her nine-year-old daughter, Mayas, retrace their route to safety on a map. YouTube - Saffron Brand Consultants. Color Theory. Slider that animates recurring text ~ CodeMyUI. Blueprint: Page Stack Navigation. Creative Link Effects. Folder Preview Ideas. Infinite Tubes with Three.js. UI Motion: A Beautiful Problem Solver to Improve UX. The answer is simple, because motion supports the essence of real-time interaction.

UI Motion: A Beautiful Problem Solver to Improve UX

It creates the same emotional benefits like when people interact with a physical object in real life. For sure, the interaction makes users satisfied. There are 5 pillars of interaction design that I found very useful for creating UI Motion. UI Motion is a very powerful way to make the mobile app simple, clear, bright and user-centered thus providing positive user experience. Fluent Design System. 5 ways to upgrade your UI design portfolio. You could be the next Mike Matas (who has an amazing portfolio, by the way), but if your portfolio doesn’t do your work justice, you’ll never get noticed—there are just too many other designers competing for work.

5 ways to upgrade your UI design portfolio

I’ve looked at hundreds of design portfolios over the years, and it’s the same details that make you want to pick up the phone and call that candidate. “You’re only as good as your portfolio.” So what exactly is it that makes a UI design portfolio great? How do you make it stand out among the rest? I’m going to answer these questions and give you some tips and tricks for making sure your UI design portfolio gives you the best possible odds of getting an interview. Search All the GIFs & Make Your Own Animated GIF. DEVX Experiments - Digital Design Days 2017 - An Experiment by Lin Yi-Wen. This website is not supported on mobile or tablet.Please visit it on desktop Digital Design Days is a 3-day event offering exclusive conferences, the second Offf Milano edition, professional workshops, digital showcases & installations, a party, an unmissable experiential Gala DDDinner and many more networking activities. about devx Developers from all over the world created digital experiments following pixel as the main theme to showcase what can be done with webgl and their creativity and skillset.

DEVX Experiments - Digital Design Days 2017 - An Experiment by Lin Yi-Wen

Design Principles Behind Great Products – Muzli -Design Inspiration. Lately, I needed to come up with some top level principles for the product I’m currently working on. I seek for some simple yet powerful concepts that will guide our team design decisions and break stalemates in discussions. For the first step, I decided to look around to see what others come up with. Through a miracle of time, I bring together this compilation, that should be useful for those who face the same challenge. But first, I found that there are some misleading concepts what are design principles itself, so let me take a quick dive into the topic. Moving Posters / Wednesday by Anton Repponen - Dribbble. 11 Tips For Building Great Color Palettes – Prototyping: From UX to Front End. Whether you’re a novice or an old hand, how to use color is one of the most contentious and elusive questions in design. Colors have myriad cultural, social, and emotional meanings, and the complexity of choosing a palette isn’t made any simpler by the fact that a designer’s options are practically infinite.

In this week’s article, our in-house design guru, Patrick Multani, shares his tips for how to build great color palettes. Let us know what you think in the comments – and feel free to share any other tips that you use in your work! 3 trends in landing page design – Muzli -Design Inspiration. 1. Pocket Penguins – Colourful Classics for everybody. Twitter. 10 consejos para diseñadores que aceptan encargos de políticos. Lanzaderas de empleo. Lanzaderas de empleo. Fundación Santa María la Real, Fundación Telefónica y la Xunta de Galicia colaboran para implantar en la ciudad un programa pionero de fomento del empleo. Para ello, cuentan con la cofinanciación del Fondo Social Europeo, dentro del programa operativo POISES. Creating Usability with Motion: The UX in Motion Manifesto. The 12 Principles of UX in Motion Easing and Offset & Delay relate to timing.

Parenting relates to object relationship. Transformation, Value Change, Masking, Overlay, and Cloning all relate to object continuity. Parallax relate to temporal hierarchy. Obscuration, Dimensionality and Dolly & Zoom both relate to spatial continuity. Meet the Designer: Carlos Pariente. Carlos Pariente keeps busy as a UI designer at Redbility—a Madrid-based, all-purpose digital design agency—and stays busy with personal projects outside the office that allow him to realize his own self-directed branding, UX, and UI experiments. We got the scoop from Carlos on the importance of functional design, the inspirational power of networking, and why coffee and cacti make a major difference in the creative process. 1.

What drew you to UX/UI design, and how did you get your start? ECD MEDIA Catalunya (@ECDMEDIACat) Diseño web: ¿Cuáles son los reales méritos del material design de Google? Carrera en Accenture Interactive – Spain. Carrera en Accenture Interactive – Spain. AGI UX for Mobile Devices and Touch Screens Online April 2017. Call me - Mobiltelefoner, mobilt bredbånd, abonnement og taletid! Home. Sin Palabras: Cómo dibujar la innovación. Visual thoughts, pensamientos visuales 1. Strategic Design Firm. Experience Fighters. Code and Theory. Home - Delcan & Company : Delcan & Company. Alberto Romanos - Flat 101. Flat 101 - Comercio electrónico, tráfico, conversión Web y UX. Educación y Tecnología, recursos educativos. Educación Inclusiva 2017. DesignOnScreens. Tendencias en el diseño de apps en el 2015. En el proceso de crear una app de éxito hay un proceso establecido que debemos seguir si queremos que nuestra idea de aplicación móvil llegue a buen puerto.

Desde el principio del todo cuándo debemos trabajar para definir un buen proyecto de app móvil, hasta que encontramos a un desarrollador de apps perfecto para nuestro proyecto. En alguna ocasión ya os hemos comentado lo que se lleva y lo que no en cuestión de diseño de apps móviles. Las tendencias es algo que va cambiando continuamente, van y vuelven, tanto en diseño de aplicaciones móviles como en todo lo demás (coches, moda, telefonía, etc). Brand Book – CLICKFER. Brand Book – CLICKFER. Local, Universal, Funcional y Ecológico. Motion graphics. Curra y Corre. ‘Branding’ e identidad corporativa: cómo crear una guía de estilo.

Christoph Niemann. GUIA WEB copia. GUIA WEB copia. Manual identidade visual externo. Responsive Data Tables. Qué es una madre - Puleva. Las Cosas Atractivas Funcionan Mejor. Awwwards - Website Awards - Best Web Design Trends. Awwwards - Website Awards - Best Web Design Trends. The FWA - Awards. Busca de datos - Abert@s. Portal Open Data da Xunta de Galicia. Cercadors. Guia web gencat. About/Press – Christoph Niemann. International festival of digital creativity and electronic music. Christoph Neumann Christoph Neumann Photography Berlin. IAB Spain – Interactive Advertising Bureau. Creative Showroom – IAB Spain. ¿Necesita a una asistente virtual que responda a su llamadas? A global map of wind, weather, and ocean conditions. How to Create Parallax Effect in PowerPoint.

The Rolling Stones - Hate To See You Go. Parallax Media Opener by PixartStudios. Parallax Media Opener by PixartStudios. Website Presentation by ChervonStudio. Stock Powerpoint Templates - Free Download Every Weeks. Stock Powerpoint Templates - Free Download Every Weeks. Parallax Media Opener by PixartStudios. Videohive. Website Presentation by ChervonStudio. Website Presentation by maxafter1. Videohive. Video presentacion pagina web.