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Presentation-zen ideas on stage Conference 2011

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50 banques d’images gratuites (et légales)… Presentation Zen. 10 tips for improving your presentations & speeches. In September of this year, I was asked back to the TEDxKyoto stage to give a few words regarding tips from storytelling as they relate to modern presentations.

10 tips for improving your presentations & speeches

The 15-minute talk can be viewed below. The title of the talk is "10 Ways to Make Better Presentations: Lessons from Storytellers. " But as I say early in the presentation, perhaps a better subtitle would be "Lessons from watching too many Pixar films. " Below the video I list the ten (actually eleven) lessons. It's not an exhaustive list by any means. . (1) Turn off the computer.Most people open a computer and create an outline. . (2) Put the audience first. . (3) Have a solid structure. Most presentations will not follow a classic story structure, but there are many narrative structures such as explanatory narratives, slice of life, and so on.

. (4) Have a clear theme. . (5) Remove the nonessential.This applies to the content of your talk and also to the visuals you use (if any) . (10) Make ’em feel. . (11) Be authentic. Creative Public Speaking with Tips, Stories and Cooking Recipes for the 21rst century workplace. Not Only for Women! Intelligence Collective : la révolution invisible. Intelligence Collective, la révolution invisible Jean-François Noubel Date publication : 15 novembre 2004 Révision : 24 août 2007 Contact : Jean-François Noubel jf Mobile : +33 6 15 10 60 33 Bureau : +33 4 90 55 49 05 Copyleft 2004 - Jean-François Noubel – jf page 1 Intelligence_Collective_Revolution_Invisible_JFNoubel.odt Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 | Page 5 | Page 6 | Page 7 | Page 8 | Page 9 | Page 10 | Page 11 | Page 12 | Page 13 | Page 14 | Page 15 | Page 16 | Page 17 | Page 18 | Page 19 | Page 20 | Page 21 | Page 22 | Page 23 | Page 24 | Page 25 | Page 26 | Page 27 | Page 28 | Page 29 | Page 30 | Page 31 | Page 32 | Page 33 | Page 34 | Page 35 | Page 36 | Page 37 | Page 38 | Page 39 | Page 40 | Page 41 | Page 42 | Page 43 | Page 44.

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La présentation mise à nu, Pour des présentations percutantes, avec ou sans diaporama. Garr Reynolds, auteur des best-sellers PrésentationZen et PrésentationZen Design, dévoile dans ce nouvel ouvrage comment toucher son auditoire en transmettant l'essence du message, débarrassée de tout le superflu. Il apprend à l'orateur à se mettre à nu en adoptant les principes de simplicité, clarté, honnêteté, intégrité et passion et en reléguant les diapositives, ou slides, à leur rôle de support. Ce livre vous fera découvrir comment dévoiler le coeur de votre message et animer des présentations aussi naturelles que mémorables.

Que vous en soyez encore au stade des préparatifs ou que vous ayez besoin de conseils pour un exposé qui débute dans une heure, vous trouverez ici une sagesse que vous pourrez exploiter pour tisser des liens profonds avec votre public et réaliser une présentation extraordinaire. " On peut résumer l'essence de Garr et de son travail en trois mots : beauté, logique, Asie. Slideshare. Read the introduction. Go ahead and multiply the number 8,388,628 x 2 in your head.

Read the introduction

Can you do it in a few seconds? There is a young man who can double that number 24 times in the space of a few seconds. He gets it right every time. There is a boy who can tell you the exact time of day at any moment, even in his sleep. There is a girl who can correctly determine the exact dimensions of an object 20 feet away. The brain is an amazing thing. Your brain may not be nearly so odd, but it is no less extraordinary. This has strange consequences. Blame it on the fact that brain scientists rarely have a conversation with teachers and business professionals, education majors and accountants, superintendents and CEOs. This book is meant to get you into the loop. 12 brain rules My goal is to introduce you to 12 things we know about how the brain works. The Brain Rules Bonus DVD, included with the book, and interactive tutorials at are an integral part of the project.

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