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Kumihimo Earrings Double Helix Braid. Japans vlechten met kumihimo disc. Kumihimo. Nine Braids Created with Braid Runner. Talzhemir's Kumihimo Page. This is the Japanese art of braiding, using a stand. Permission granted to photocopy or print these pages for free. A quick introduction: kumihimo.pdf How to do Kongo Gumi: kumihimo2.pdf Beginner Tips and Tricks kumihimo3.pdf (c) 2007 All rights reserved. More Instructions Cheryl Moote presents a clear & simple one-page .PDF for four-strand Kongo Gumi Hira Kara Gumi This is the family of flat braids that can be done on a craft wheel or Marudai (round stand) Paulette Adam's Christmas Hearts flat braid Rosalie Nelson introduces , the computer program for designing small flat braids.

Looms Talzhemir's Cardboard Kumihimo Wheel Pattern and Summary of Kongo Gumi Moves. Upright Loom from NavaChing, a site that teaches pursuits with a spiritual side, such as Shakuhachi ("Zen") flute. Some Experts and their Exciting Projects. Kumihimo Details. Kumihimo Braid making can be found throughout the world, but as with many other subjects, the Japanese braids have a distinctive character of their own.

Kumihimo Details

Kumihimo has been an integral part of the Japanese culture for many centuries, used for both function and decoration. These braids were used in all walks of life but notably in the construction of Samurai armour. There were not buttons or zips then, so braids were used instead. How to Braid Beaded Kumihimo and Make a Bracelet. Tutorial Kumihimo - Blog à part ! Suite à des demandes, je vous présente un petit tuto tout en photos sur le tressage avec 4 brins.

Tutorial Kumihimo - Blog à part !

L'essentiel des explications sont sur les photos. Voici le matériel utilisé. Mettre le disque en carton sur le mobidaï selon les explications de la photos. Insérer les brins à l'intérieur du mobidaï. Répartir les brins sur le disque, le principe étant un fil sur chaque marque rose. On commence la séquence, il suffit de suivre la progression des chiffres 1a en 1b puis 2 et 3 etc... jusqu'à 6. J'en profite pour vous montrer mon premier collier issu de l'alliance de cette technique et de la pâte polymère. How to Make Jewelry Now. Kumihimo braiding is an ancient art form, and one that is quite beautiful.

I bought supplies a few years ago, made one rope then tucked it all away. But a friend of mine who is just getting into kumihimo made me break out the supplies and start braiding again. So today's post will be about the supplies you need if you want to try this. It's actually pretty inexpensive, unless you're like me and have to have silk and satin in every imaginable color (which is a whole other story). Kumihimo tutorial - square braid - firkantfletting. Kumihimo firkantfletting med 8 tråder Kumihimo tutorial - square braid with 8 threads Du trenger til et armbånd: 4 tråder i valgfri tykkelse ca. 75 cm lange, i en, to eller fire farger.

Kumihimo tutorial - square braid - firkantfletting

Instruksjonene viser 2 farger satt opp symmetrisk som gir et stripete mønster. Det er brukt satengtråd i tykkelsen 2+ mm, "rattail". Tutorial: Make your own spiral bracelet! Du trenger til et armbånd (eller to barnearmbånd): 4 tråder i 1-1,5 mm tråd ca. 75 cm lange, i en, to eller fire farger, og 2 tråder ca. 150 cm lange (kantfargen).

Tutorial: Make your own spiral bracelet!

Flettingen passer i 8 mm endestykker. Du trenger også: 2 endestykker 8 mm, en lås, en perle på perlestilk og 4-5 o-ringer 5 mm. You´ll need for one bracelet (or two child size): 4 threads in mousetail size, aprox. 75 cm (2,5 feet) long, in one, two or four colors, 2 threads aprox. double the length (edge color). Kumihimo - tutorial; flat braid with hearts. I thought I´d post a tutorial of a kumihimo pattern; flat 12-tread braid with heart pattern: For about 2 bracelets (finished length 30+ cm), I used 6 x 1,20 m lengths; 5 x 1 mm cords in dark blue satin and 1 x 2mm cord in pink satin.

Kumihimo - tutorial; flat braid with hearts

The thicker cord might be a bit shorter if you want. Lay the threads double and place the 12 threads in the starting position as shown under. (I will refer to the disc as a clock: 12 o´clock is on top, 3 o´clock is to the right, 6 o´clock is bottom ans 9 o´clock is left.) Tutorials. Lytha Studios KumiPlanner - Kumihimo Pattern Design Application. How to: Wedded Bliss Beaded Kumihimo Necklace. Project N666Designer: Julie Bean Make a stunning necklace for your special day using Swarovski Crystals and the ancient Japanese braiding technique of Kumihimo.

How to: Wedded Bliss Beaded Kumihimo Necklace

The colors are subtle and muted, perfect for a wedding or any day you want to feel beautiful. Variations Make this necklace in a wide variety of colors. When substituting in items, pay attention to sizes and styles to make sure all your pieces will fit together. Everything for Kumihimo: disks, plates, marudai, free kumihimo instruction, books, jewelry kits and findings for braids. Kumihimo Patterns for the Kongo Gumi Braid. Kumihimo is the ancient Japanese art of braiding cord (“kumi”= to braid, “himo” = cord).

Kumihimo Patterns for the Kongo Gumi Braid

Over the centuries, these cords have been used for religious ceremonies, lacing samurai armor, securing the kimono sash (obi) and other decorative uses. There are hundreds of braiding structures, ranging from simple to very complex, and requiring from 4 to over 100 threads. The braid described here is traditionally made on a round braiding stand (marudai) which uses weighted bobbins to produce a balanced tension and manage long threads. However, some of the more simple braids such as this one can also be done as short samples using a portable diskshaped card, which you can make yourself out of cardboard or craft foam, or purchase in kit form.

Diamond Kumihimo Pattern. Friendship Bracelets. Bracelet Patterns. How to make bracelets. We will need: 16 strings (12 violet and 4 green) about 20 cm longer than your wrist circumference + some for tying the bracelet.

Diamond Kumihimo Pattern. Friendship Bracelets. Bracelet Patterns. How to make bracelets