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The Alpha is regarded as the leader of the pack. The boss. The protector. The one that has it all together. It is not about male or female or being the baddest human on the planet. It is about becoming the best version of yourself.

Take Time To Be Thankful. Best Apps for Tracking Nutrition. Anthony Bourdain. Choosing Your Passion as Your Profession. You found an easier, or faster way to make money.

Choosing Your Passion as Your Profession

This probably is the #1 reason people end up on a different path than their personal interests. You’re in your early twenties and maybe you just finished university. Fresh out, no cash (maybe even debt), living at your parents’ house and trying to figure out your next move. For the past 4 or 5 years, you have been living on your own and hear you are, back to where you came from. You have a business degree but your passion has always been cooking. Billy Joe Shaver. Home Chest and Triceps Workout. Why Political and Societal Unity is a Dream. It is through our differences that make any developed nation, work.

Why Political and Societal Unity is a Dream

We spend so much time as a society wanting desperately to always stand together. To always speak with one, single voice. To all feel and believe in the same things. It seems that we forgot what makes us great and what makes any developed nation function is the sum of our differences. Unified thought, unified opinion, unified belief. Our individual voices provide varying perspectives, feelings, thoughts and outcomes across so many different issues. Expecting society to stand as one unified thought, belief or opinion is nonsense.

5 Books to Help Boost Your Sales Career. Sean Connery. 5 Reasons Why AI Scares Us. Why Stand Up Comedy Can't Be Cancelled. 5 Quick High Protein Snacks We Love. David Goggins. Who You Should Vote For. Music We Are Listening To Now-October. Landing A New Job During Covid. What has this done to your industry?

Landing A New Job During Covid

Well, like any industry it has exposed which companies had their shit together and which ones were propped up on a couple key customers or projects. We are seeing companies circle the drain because they were reliant on a few cash cows and when the market changes, they have no safety net to land on. Think about what we have witnessed in literally 6 months: airlines, hotels, theme parks, the entire hospitality industry, sports etc.

The list goes on and with each of those macro industries; there are several micro industries that count on those markets. Take an airline…you have airports, airport parking, food and beverage in the airport, maintenance, security, jet fuel, mechanics, construction companies, suppliers of the construction companies (lighting, flooring, wiring). Overcoming Home Workout Fatigue. Change the Time of Day You Workout Have you ever wondered why the gyms are open at 5AM?

Overcoming Home Workout Fatigue

Why there are 6AM jiu-jitsu classes? What can of sick person would wake before 5AM to hit a gym at that time of day? More than you know. Amazon Prime Day Deals. Expect deep discounts on Amazon branded devices such as Dot, Kindle etcExpect discounts on other consumer electronics (televisions, Nintendo, Roomba, Arlo etc)Expect discounts on several Amazon Basics items such as clothing and home goodsExpect discounts on toys and gadgets for kids (time to start holiday shopping)Expect discounts on certain kitchen items as well While this may seem very broad and over arching, remember to make a list prior to Prime Day of what you are looking for and start scoping out deals.

Amazon Prime Day Deals

Amazon also has “Lightning Deals” which come and go quickly so be prepared for that. Since we are not primarily a “shopping” site, we are unlikely to have constant updates to this page. Eddie Van Halen. Tips for Flying During the Pandemic. Rickson Gracie. 5 Amazon Original Series To Stream Now. Many of us have spent the last several months hanging around the house more than we are accustomed to.

5 Amazon Original Series To Stream Now

COVID-19 has forced us to stick close to home and forgo much of our normal summer social life. Now that we are heading into fall, at least we can feel a bit more normal when we spend our Friday nights in front of the television. With so much streaming content to choose from, it is becoming harder and harder to decide which streaming services are worth our time and money and which should get the pass. While Netflix, Disney, Hulu and others are strictly independent streaming services that you only join with the intent of streaming content, Amazon is a bit different. Many of us joined Amazon Prime years ago to take advantage of lightning fast shipping and other benefits. 5 Best Portable Chargers For Your Devices. September Whey Protein Basics and Deals. When it comes to protein powder, anyone can get lost in the thousands of available options.

September Whey Protein Basics and Deals

While we are neither physicians nor nutritionists, we are avid athletes and have vast experience in using protein supplements to complement our diets and our training. When it comes to protein, think about the most critical aspects of the supplements you are considering: Type of protein (whey, casein, egg, pea, hemp etc)Macronutrient profile (calories, fat, protein, carbohydrates)Free of banned substances (if you are a competitive athlete)Cholesterol contentCost per serving In this list, we are going to only focus on those powders that meet OUR standards for the above which will conform to the below variables: 5 Best Current Online Savings Accounts. Let’s face it, with interest rates sticking around 0%, nobody is going to get rich sticking their cash into a savings account.

5 Best Current Online Savings Accounts

However, even those of us that have an appetite for risk should always keep a few month supply of cash handy in case of emergency. And if you are going to hold onto that cash anyways, you may as well make some interest in the process. Alternatively, for those risk adverse investors out there, the idea of having a pile of cash around in uncertain times such as these is also very tempting.

When considering an online savings account, we like to focus on the following key aspects: Bill Murray. “This is not a dress rehearsal; this is your life.”

Bill Murray

It may sound like a quote from a famous athlete or business influencer but, that is not the case. Instead, this is a quote from a true legend of show business, Bill Murray. Suffering Required. The reality of suffering is the antithesis of modern commercial culture.

Suffering Required

A quick review of the messages that inundate us daily through television, print, and internet media make one thing abundantly clear: Pain, heartbreak, work, and struggle do not sell. Comfort, ease, and a life full of rewards, but seemingly devoid of sacrifice, does. No surprises here. And while this type of media surely loosens our hold on our hard-earned money, there is a deeper and far more innocuous consequence to these messages as they make their way into our consciousness. 10 Best Wireless Headphones.

Running and weight training acts as the backbones of an effective exercise routine. When we try to picture the concept of a “great training day,” we always visualize it with only one device and that is wireless headphones. We all have had days when working out has felt like a tiresome task but, with the help of the best wireless headphones, we are able to fasten our pace and run towards our fitness goals rather than running away from them. Finding the perfect headphone set is a “make or break” step for every person. Countless brands and models flood your screens once you begin your search for good headphones. To make things easier for you, we have come up with a list of the best wireless headphones for training with additional buying tips and tricks to guide you at every step.

The Rock. Highlighting The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) as a Featured Alpha is unlikely to cause too much controversy. At nearly 50 years old, The Rock embodies the ethos of an Alpha from his physical size and capability, to his work ethic, to his leadership and charity. Let’s take a quick look at how this young athlete became one of top moguls on the planet. The Rock was not necessarily born into normalcy. His father is famed wrestler Rocky Johnson and his mother, Samoan, a non-blood descendent of the Anoa’i wrestling family. Coming from this unique pedigree, The Rock excelled at multiple sports throughout his youth and eventually earned a scholarship to the University of Miami.

At this point in his life, The Rock turned to the family business and in 1996, he had his first official pro wrestling match. 3 Travel Vloggers Worth a Look. 5 Comedians Who Died Before Their Time. Bill Hicks is known to many as an innovator for “dark comedy” and as someone that pushed the limits on sensitive subjects. He touched a variety of social topics such as politics, religion, drug use, and many more. Hailing from the South and starting comedy at the young age of 16 while still living in Texas, Hicks grew up with Baptist parents and his material started as a clear rebellion to their lifestyle and politics.

Making waves throughout the 1980s and early 1990s, Hicks found success in the US and amassed a fan base in the United Kingdom. Hicks made 12 appearances on Late Night with David Letterman but his last appearance was completely removed from the broadcast due to his jokes being considered controversial on topics such as religion and abortion. Towards the end of his life, he took issue with fellow comedian Denis Leary who he claimed stole his material. Buy a collection of Bill Hicks’ routines, journals and letters here. Watch the Bill Hicks story here. Jordan Peterson. Jordan Peterson is a name that can strike up a lot of different emotions. For some, he symbolizes accountability, strength, discipline, and lays the groundwork for being the best you possible.

For others, Peterson symbolizes the alt-right, toxic masculinity, and everything wrong with white male society. Clearly, we align more with the first sentiment. He is a man who has stood his ground, who has pushed the idea of personal responsibility and who has been forthcoming with his failures relating to his own struggles (most recently seeking treatment for a benzodiazepine addiction). At first look, Jordan Peterson is a typical intellectual. Why You Should Buy or Refinance Your Mortgage Now. While many in today’s society like to complain the good times are gone and we are all at a massive disadvantage when it comes to building careers and financial futures, one argument that does not hold water is the average mortgage rate.

Sure, housing costs have increased exponentially over the last 3 decades but, one thing we rarely hear discussed is just how much mortgage rates have fallen. Let’s just look over the last 30 years. In 1990, the average mortgage rate was 10%. Wim Hof. If you have read our article on breathing, then you have heard us write about The Iceman. Best Home Gym Equipment for Your Coronavirus Home Gym. 10 Cool Gadgets To Keep Track of Your Health Under $30. Thailand-Not Just for Creeps. So, the national sport of the USA is baseball and the national sport of the United Kingdom is cricket. Both great sports with a lot of history but not exactly violent. The Thais have a bit of a different idea when it comes to their national sport, Muay Thai, or commonly just referred to as Thai Boxing. Known as the “Art of 8 Limbs,” Thai Boxing incorporates elbows, knees, fists, and legs which makes it much more devastating than K1 style kickboxing popular in some areas such as the Netherlands.

For the Thais, Muay Thai is as common as any pickup game of baseball in any small neighborhood in the USA. There are fights almost daily in what feels like an infinite amount of venues all over the country. Now, Thai boxing gyms all over the country offer almost resort accommodations for foreigners (or farangs in Thai slang) to stay and train. 3 Unconventional Business Influencers. 5 Exercises You're Probably Not Doing Right. Why Motivation Will Let You Down. 5 Songs That Tell a Story of Struggle. Americans Prohibited-Travel Ideas During COVID-19. 5 Classic Mental Health Books You Should Own. The 2020 Economy in 1000 Words or Less. The world is on fire. Unemployment is growing. The market is going to crash. Interest rates are at rock bottom. Employers are laying off in record numbers. The dollar is going to be worthless in 2 years.

Unemployment. 20 Best To-Do List Apps to Keep You on Track in 2020. Keeping Your Mind Sharp During Current Times. 2. Stay disciplined. Featured Alphas Archives. Overweight & Healthy vs Just Overweight. The Censorship of Technology. Throughout history, we have been presented with examples of censorship and manipulation of the media. 3 Financial Mistakes to Avoid in 2021. Every Breath You Take. Gladiator Breathing Diaphragmatic breathing, namely deep breathing, has been around for centuries, if not longer. Galen (129-200 AD), known as the “Doctor to the Gladiators,” left studies on the importance of deep breathing for health in humans.

5 Movies You Can’t Unsee. Our 5 2021 "Resolutions" Ramon Dekkers. December Playlist Focus-Chuck Ragan. Saint Nicholas. 1. He lived from March 270 until December 6, 343. 2. He was of Greek descent and is known as Saint Nicholas of Myra. 3. He is the patron saint of sailors, prostitutes, unmarried people, thieves, archers, brewers and even pawnbrokers. 4. List of Our 5 Favorite Christmas Movies. Take A Break From Social Media. 5 Vitamins and Minerals We Take Daily. 3 Tropical Destinations During COVID - Become Your Alpha. Tim Dillon-The Comedian We Need - Become Your Alpha. Considering stand-up comedy has been basically on a hiatus due to COVID, Dillon’s weekly podcast has been a refreshing moment of hilarity that breaks away from the normal “woke comedy” that we are subjected to. Dillon’s comedy is matched by his sometimes surprising intelligence and knowledge of economics, policy, politics and history.

Both openly gay and somewhat conservative, Dillon’s views on current events offer the majority of us who are somewhat at the mercy of the powers that be, the outlook many of us can resonate with. At times very serious, he still cannot help but laugh at the insanity of it all with the very clear message that nobody gives a damn about you and you only get one chance at life so, make the most of it. Ways to Combat Anxiety - Become Your Alpha. Theodore Roosevelt - Become Your Alpha.

What We Are Listening To-November - Become Your Alpha. Advice For Boosting Your Savings - Become Your Alpha. Choosing Your Passion as Your Profession - Become Your Alpha. 5 Books to Help Boost Your Sales Career - Become Your Alpha. Best Apps for Tracking Nutrition - Become Your Alpha. 5 Reasons Why AI Scares Us - Become Your Alpha. Pre-Holiday Diet and Macros Tips - Become Your Alpha. 1. Keep It Simple If this was still the age of print magazines, right about now is when all the covers would be saying things like “Holiday Diet,” “Get Slim in Time for Christmas,” “Lose the Flab for the Holidays.”

Well, there is no need to overthink this or think there is some special diet necessary. Home Chest and Triceps Workout - Become Your Alpha. 5 Quick High Protein Snacks We Love - Become Your Alpha. Take Time To Be Thankful - Become Your Alpha. Why Political and Societal Unity is a Dream - Become Your Alpha. Who You Should Vote For - Become Your Alpha. Anthony Bourdain - Become Your Alpha. Billy Joe Shaver - Become Your Alpha. Wim Hof - Become Your Alpha. Jordan Peterson - Become Your Alpha.

The Rock - Become Your Alpha. Bill Murray - Become Your Alpha. Rickson Gracie - Become Your Alpha. Eddie Van Halen - Become Your Alpha. David Goggins - Become Your Alpha. Sean Connery - Become Your Alpha. Americans Prohibited-Travel Ideas During COVID-19 - Become Your Alpha. Thailand-Not Just for Creeps - Become Your Alpha. 3 Travel Vloggers Worth a Look - Become Your Alpha. Tips for Flying During the Pandemic - Become Your Alpha. Why Stand Up Comedy Can't Be Cancelled - Become Your Alpha. 5 Movies You Can’t Unsee - Become Your Alpha.

5 Songs That Tell a Story of Struggle - Become Your Alpha. 5 Comedians Who Died Before Their Time - Become Your Alpha. 5 Amazon Original Series To Stream Now - Become Your Alpha. Music We Are Listening To Now-October - Become Your Alpha. The 2020 Economy in 1000 Words or Less - Become Your Alpha. 3 Unconventional Business Influencers - Become Your Alpha. Why You Should Buy or Refinance Your Mortgage Now - Become Your Alpha. 5 Best Current Online Savings Accounts - Become Your Alpha. Landing A New Job During Covid - Become Your Alpha.