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15 Easy Nail Hacks For Beautiful Nails. Looking beautiful has become a part of life today.

15 Easy Nail Hacks For Beautiful Nails

People want to be beautiful in every possible way. Let it be hair, eyes, face. Then why not nails? Nails should also be decorated and glamorized for giving them equal importance. Do you want few ways to beautify your nails? Moisten Your Hand: Use creams that have ingredients like vitamin E, gresline, coconut extracts etc which are natural moisteners.

Mend Broken Nails: Nails are chapped or broken regularly. Clean The Nails: Nails should be trimmed and be cleaned regularly so that they remain clean and hygienic. Do not Paint Them Regularly: Most Beautiful Mehndi Designs. 6K views 532 days ago by DezineGuide Mehndi is the application of henna as a temporary form of skin decoration in India, Pakistan and few other countries.

Most Beautiful Mehndi Designs

Mehndi is a ceremonial art form which originated in ancient India. This post will showcase some of the most beautiful examples of mehndi designs. Like Dislike 0 points. The 13 Coolest Tattoo Artists In The World. Henna King featuring Natural Henna Hair Dye, Beard Dye, Henna Tattoos, Tattoo Design Books, Henna Cones, Henna Powder, Henna Paste, Hollywood Ink, Lip Stain, Eye Stain, Body Stains. The Art of Mehndi - Making Your Own Cones for Applying Henna Paste. Henna paste can be applied several different ways.

The Art of Mehndi - Making Your Own Cones for Applying Henna Paste

Some use a toothpick and carefully place the design on bit by bit. Some use little squeeze bottles and apply it in smooth lines. The pre-mixed paste comes in tubes and is squeezed out easily. If you make your own henna paste at home, the choice is yours as to what you are the most comfortable with. I, personally, prefer cones. What You Will Need: Small freezer bags - one will make 2 cones Scissors Scotch tape Twist ties Step One: Cut the freezer bag into squares The size you make the cones is up to you, but you don't want it too big or it will be hard to handle. Step Two: Make a funnel shape out of the square. Otaku. About Otaku (おたく/オタク) is a Japanese slang term used to describe someone who has obsessive interests in specialized subcultures and hobbies, particularly in regard to anime, manga, pop idols and video games.

With the international success of Japanese cultural imports, the term has gained recognition among manga/anime/j-pop fans overseas. In English, it is usually used to refer to an obsessive fan of anime/manga and/or Japanese culture generally, and to a lesser extent Japanese video games. Online History While the term “Otaku” is somewhat comparable to the Western-derived word “Maniakku” (literally meaning maniac), the nuance of “Maniakku” is significantly softer and less likely to cause offense than “Otaku”.

20 Inspired Foot Mehndi Designs - Stylish and Trendy. In most of the Asian country, Mehndi is one of the vital part of the culture.

20 Inspired Foot Mehndi Designs - Stylish and Trendy

Today, Mehendi design on the foot is as common as on the palm. There are numbers of Mehendi design available for feet. To make the design perfectly and eye catching, cones are utilized to apply the black henna paste which makes a reddish brown mark on your skin. 25 Beautiful Mehndi Designs for Fingers - Our Best Collection. The henna which is used for mehendi typically comes from a small local shrub called Lawsonia inermis.

25 Beautiful Mehndi Designs for Fingers - Our Best Collection

In rural area, the Mehendi is made by grinding the fresh leaves of Lawsonia inermis with the grinding stones along with some particular oil. However, in Urban areas, people mainly opt for dried leaves. After that ground them and make a paste. Both the procedures provide a rusty-red color which ultimately turns into a dark chocolate color that is suitable for creating an attractive design on your palm and feet. Top 20 Eye Catching Leg Mehndi Designs. As we know that mehendi is one of the significant part of our culture.

Top 20 Eye Catching Leg Mehndi Designs

Women of all ages love to apply mehandi. Nowadays, mehandi is also used on the leg, which not only provide a great charm, but also enhance the beauty and gorgeousness of our leg. 15 Best Black Mehndi Designs - Latest Collection. The art of Mehandi has been existing in our society for centuries.

15 Best Black Mehndi Designs - Latest Collection

It is extremely difficult to track out the exact place of its origin, because today this art is used by all most all people. This art is nothing other than henna tattoos. Now the uses of this art are spreading in all over the world, so that its application procedure and designs became more gorgeous, more sophisticated and modern to suit the lifestyles, event and occasions.

Bridal Mehndi and Henna Designs. Comparison between Hotel vs Lawn. When it comes to deciding the venue of an Indian Wedding, there are a few options to consider.

Comparison between Hotel vs Lawn

Some people may choose Hotels, Resorts or Banquet Halls; while some consider Lawns or Farmhouses to be a better option. All of them have their respective pros & cons. In this article, we would be making a detailed comparison between hotels/resorts and open lawns as the wedding options: Wedding Guide: Colourful Jewellery. Indian women have always been envy of jewellery.

Wedding Guide: Colourful Jewellery

It is not only worn in weddings and other ethnic occasions but also in daily use. Gold, Diamonds, Pearls and Gemstones have been associated with jewellery since the time immemorial. In ancient times, even the erstwhile kings used to wear heavy jewellery. Queens and ladies those days adored themselves with many types of jewels items in different colors depending on the occasions and events. 40 Simple and Easy Bridal Mehndi Designs For Your Wedding Day. In this write-up40 elegant mehndi design for the bride who is getting married this winter season.

40 Simple and Easy Bridal Mehndi Designs For Your Wedding Day

Thus, take a look at a little of the most stunning designs plus get encouraged! 1. The art of mehndi designs is all lines, flowers, motifs, peacocks and so on. Related: 30 Outstanding Dulhan Mehndi Designs 2.Look at the elephant design on the wrist that gives a traditional look. 30 Outstanding Dulhan Mehndi Designs To Inspire You. In Indian culture plus East Asian culture, mainly in the neighbouring countries like Pakistan plus Bangladesh as well, once a girl is about to get married, the most enthusiasm springs from the a variety of lavish customs plus rituals which revolve round the wedding ceremony plus wedding event as a whole. A young girl whose wedding is on the cards starts to prepare for her D-Day in many ways. 20 Latest & Beautiful Pakistani Mehndi Designs. Pakistani mehendi is a synthesis method of mehendi art that has been developed by incorporating little elements of Indian plus Arabic styles. They use black Mehendi for sketch red mehendi for internal designs. 1. Beautiful complex designs appear great on each bride’s hands.

As mention above, the shade of the mehendi can be selected according to your skin colour. 40 Most Amazing Arabic Mehndi Designs - Latest Collection. Arabic Mehandi has grown in its fame over the years, for its slender plus complicated designs. Arabic Mehandi differ from Indian Mehandi as its extra intricate by thinner lines, along with leaves more space, whereas Indian Mehandi is intense on covering mainly of the area.