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Eye makeup

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It can make your eyelashes ticker, stronger and make them grow faster. To avoid getting a thick mess in your eyes, apply Castor oil with a brush to your lashes and eyebrows when you go to bed and leave on, and it will moisturize and encourage growth naturally

How to Choose Right Foundation For Your Skin Tone. Are you looking for How to Choose Right Foundation for Your Skin Tone,if yes here is the right post for you..

How to Choose Right Foundation For Your Skin Tone

Many of us might have observed that people use extra foundation on their face to look fairer. Many of us might not have even been familiar to the correct way of using the foundation. Well the reason behind being makeup disasters is that we do not know as to what is the right tone of foundation which relates to our skin tone exactly.

Evening Beauty Routine For Teenagers. How you care your skin in the nighttime?

Evening Beauty Routine For Teenagers

Later than a extensive workday, we discover ourselves back at home previously preparing for the next day devoid of taking a moment to very soon relax. However, if you have get 10 minutes to clean off your mascara plus lipstick, afterward you have extra than sufficient time to unwind by an evening beauty routine. Thus, in this write-up we are telling you the top 10 beauty routines for teenagers. So, read this article carefully. 1. Home remedies for dark eye circles. Dark eye circles can be effectively diminished somewhat with home remedies. These remedies can be even more effective when combined with anti-dark circle products. By themselves, home remedies will not be as effective as many of the latest products developed by scientists and dermatologists - but they're much better than leaving the house when you look like you've gone twelve rounds in a boxing ring.

Please be cautious when applying anything to the highly sensitive skin around the eyes. Also, don't rub, scratch or exfoliate that area too enthusiastically, as it may lead to serious irritation. Now, onto the remedies for dark eye circles! Kim Kardashian Contouring and Highlighting Makeup. Contouring and highlighting are the oldest practices in the makeup industry, they help to enhance our features and sculpt our face.

Kim Kardashian Contouring and Highlighting Makeup

Contouring is makeup trick that helps to create your cheekbones, nose and chin perfect. As we all know Kim kardashian is queen of contouring. She is world famous TV star and fashion icon. She is an average girl with bare face but plays with her features with the help of contouring and highlighting. 17 Secrets of Perfect Makeup You Should Know Each - Beauty Epic. Do you want to know the perfect make-up secret?

17 Secrets of Perfect Makeup You Should Know Each - Beauty Epic

There is a lot to learn regarding makeup plus beauty out there—still we all confess that it can be awesome at times. We asked the experts, and they’ve spilled the beans on how you can make the most of your make up. Thus, today we have listed some of the best secrets to do the perfect make-up. 1. Clean Your Makeup Brushes: Best Makeup Remover Hacks in Your Kitchen. Below are the hidden nature secrets… Shhh !

Best Makeup Remover Hacks in Your Kitchen

We all love makeup as it enhances our beauty and help us to look gorgeous. But, does your skin really love that makeup? The answer is a big NO. While going to bed we must remove makeup because while sleeping our skin regenerates. 10 Shapes for Your Eyeshadow. This article is especially for those of you who may feel stuck with your everyday makeup look and desire to branch out, but just can’t seem to figure out the best way to do it.

10 Shapes for Your Eyeshadow

Whether you are new to makeup, or a pro, we hope you find these ten eyeshadow shapes useful! Highlights: Makeup is, after all, just a trick of the light. By highlighting certain areas, you can easily create the illusion of a brighter eye. Using lighter shades in areas to help them stand out, and deeper shades to add depth, pushing them back. Eyes To Kill 2011. Eyes To Kill The Real Art of Cosmetics can be Seen on Eyes. Eyes that are done Beautifully with makeup changes the over all look of your face because eyes are the most attractive part of our face. So many techniques and different application of cosmetics are done on eyes to make them more and more appealing and Beautiful and there’s no doubt Eyes attract a lot when they are Professionally styled.

Check out the following Screen Shots, the eyes that are ready to kill with its look. Smoky gray eye makeup. Dramatic smoky eye makeup. Gold & black eye makeup. How To Apply Bridal Makeup Step By Step - Tutorial. Get gorgeous!

How To Apply Bridal Makeup Step By Step - Tutorial

A woman’s wedding day is a dream day of each lady. They start planning the day from the time they were little girls. Every woman wants to make this day very special and unforgettable and wants to seem like a princess or fairy. One should select the perfect or proper wedding makeup. Groom Make up. As we know, one of the important features in an Indian wedding is Bridal Make up.

Groom Make up

We have often seen that bride and her family are most concerned about her looks. Usually, a bride starts her beauty regime about a couple of months before the wedding day. 10 Tips for Glowing Skin For Bridal Makeup. A Bride wishes to look beautiful and gorgeous on her wedding day.

10 Tips for Glowing Skin For Bridal Makeup

Quite often, she is in a bit dilemma about how to plan & prepare her skin before the wedding functions. Most of the brides are only serious on getting makeover and skin cure just a few days before the main wedding event, but they fail to realize that there are many small things which needs to be done regularly 2-3 months prior to the wedding in order to further boost the appearance on her big day. A few small initiatives by a bride can make all the difference and can be summed up by way of 10 tips for Bridal Glowing Skin as under: Water intake must be increased during the day. Your morning must start with drinking two glasses of water as this flushes out the system thereby adding glow to the overall body.Physical Fitness is extremely crucial to get and maintain a glowing skin. How to Apply Mascara Perfectly - 10 Simple Tips to Look Fantastic - Beauty Epic. Applying mascara can help to enhance a women’s look and also helps to raise a dramatic style in her.

How to Apply Mascara Perfectly - 10 Simple Tips to Look Fantastic - Beauty Epic

After Kajal and lipstick, mascara tends to be the best friend of every woman because she finds her beauty in the product as it helps in enhancing her looks. This is one among the staple ingredient, but there comes a surprise when we actually say, there are so many people doing it wrong! Now I mean there are so many people who are not wearing mascara properly and they are committing this sin day after day. How To Make Your Eyelashes Grow Longer(Thicker) It is a true fact that not every people are blessed with the gift of thick, lengthy and voluptuous eye lashes.

In fact, there are very few amount of women are satisfied with the thickness and length of their eyelashes. That’s why they continuously looking for lash lengthening product which can help to grow their eyelashes longer. Home Remedies To Cure Dark Circles Under The Eyes. All young men and women have same problem.i.e., dark circles under eyes. Most of them ignore because, it’s a common problem and they think It never cure.

But It has few solutions. Our nature gave all plenty resources to cure all problems. Beginner Eye Makeup Tips & Tricks –Tutorial. You will soon fall in love with your eyes! Eyes are the ones that people notice first in you. Though eyes are non-verbal in nature, they could communicate a lot.