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Admiral Kimmel

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Pacific Fleet Change of Command, 31 December 1941. Return to Naval Historical Center home page.

Pacific Fleet Change of Command, 31 December 1941

Return to Online Library listing Online Library of Selected Images: -- EVENTS -- World War II in the Pacific -- The post-Pearl Harbor raid shakeup of the Pacific Fleet's leadership, begun on 17 December 1941 when Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox relieved Admiral Husband E. Kimmel and temporarily replaced him with Vice Admiral William S. Pye, was completed on the last day of the year. Admiral Nimitz, who had arrived at Pearl Harbor on Christmas day after a seven-day train and aircraft trip from Washington, D.C., had spent another six days in conferences and briefings on the dismal war situation and sobering condition of his new command.

At the Submarine Base immediately following the ceremony aboard Grayling, Nimitz had briefly addressed a gathering of senior officers, including his immediate predecessors. Adm. Kimmel Testifies On Pearl Harbor, 1946/01/14. <div style="padding:5px; font-size:80%; width:300px; background-color:white; margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto; border:1px dashed gray;"> Internet Archive's<!

Adm. Kimmel Testifies On Pearl Harbor, 1946/01/14

--'--> in-browser video player requires JavaScript to be enabled. It appears your browser does not have it turned on. Please see your browser settings for this feature. </div> Adm. Embedding Examples and Help (1) Kimmel speaks to congressional committee that he did not get vital information about Pearl Harbor (2) UNO Tackles Peace Job (3) Eisenhower Promises GI Releases - Ike speaks that every man who served in the war will be home soon. (4) 10 Killed In British Rail Wreck - trains carried 400 passengers in tangled wreck (5) Marine Pageant - decorated private boats on parade (6) speed ice skaters - The End.

This movie is part of the collection: Universal Newsreels Production Company: Universal StudiosAudio/Visual: sound, b&w Creative Commons license: Public Domain Individual Files. Magazine Cover: Admiral Kimmel - Dec. 15, 1941 - Pearl Harbor - Admirals - Navy - Military - World War II. Kimmel, Husband E., Rear Admiral, USN. Return to Naval Historical Center home page.

Kimmel, Husband E., Rear Admiral, USN

Return to Online Library listing Online Library of Selected Images: -- PEOPLE -- UNITED STATES -- Husband E. Kimmel was born in Henderson, Kentucky, on 26 February 1882 and graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1904. After promotion to Rear Admiral in 1937, he commanded Cruiser Division Seven on a diplomatic cruise to South America and then became Commander Cruisers, Battle Force in 1939. This page features a selection of photographs of Husband E. Click on the small photograph to prompt a larger view of the same image. Admiral Husband E. Kimmel. Transcripts of Documents: Take a Mud Water Sailor to Sea--And He Becomes Head of U.

Admiral Husband E. Kimmel

S. Battle Fleet. January 18, 1941 newspaper account from Kimmel's hometown of Henderson, Kentucky about his appointment to Rear Admiral over the Pacific Fleet. Web Links: Leigh Kimmel's Naval Website offers sources for publications about Admiral Husband Kimmel and Pearl Harbor at the start of World War II. The Pearl Harbor Attack Hearings web page provides online access to transcripts of the first nine investigations of the Pearl Harbor attack (1941-1946), plus additional papers presented at the last one, the 1946 Joint Congressional Committee; other memos and reports include the "14-part message. " Kimmel Hearings.

The Dorn Report, part 1. The Memory Hole offers some excellent articles on Pearl Harbor Revision. Pearl Harbor Attacked web site, with message board. Naval Historical Center Brief on Admiral Kimmel's career and several fine images. After Pearl Harbor: Wake Island.