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Swoon!: For the sisters: What do you think of giving gifts to siblings with new babies?

Swoon!: For the sisters:

Last time around a friend had made E a "big sister" shirt to wear on the big day, so I didn't plan anything else. She ended up loving the shirt and feeling really special about her new title, which convinced me to do something similar this time around for both girls. I have a growing obsession with fabric envelope clutches! I keep bookmarking and pinning them, especially from the adorable shop Roxy Marj (hello beautiful hand painted fabric!). I ran across this tutorial for fabric envelopes and decided to make a few for the girls. I found some pretty sundresses on sale and filled the envelopes with lip gloss, wooden bracelets, and (because I'm a sucker) some brand new littlest pet shop friends. I also made some "big sister" pins for the girls to wear. And that was the last thing on my list to do......this little guy is now free to come anytime he wants! Steampunk inspired balancing robot. What I made days ago 1) I wonder if he knows he’s made from two toilet rolls… 2) …and an old plastic deodorant bottle!

Steampunk inspired balancing robot

3) Wow… he’s light on his feet (or should I say foot)! This Steampunk inspired toilet roll robot is so agile it can balance on the edge of a ruler, so strong its heart is made of steel, so clever its brain is made of cogs… and so cheap he’s made from trash! A couple of cool additional features are the see-through head, made from the lid of a can of shaving gel and the arms that rotate up and down, revealing the robot’s steel heart. How to make your own self-balancing toilet roll robot with moving arms I have provided full instructions below, but feel free to improvise, you can create your Steampunk inspired robot from almost anything. Download project files› Includes: 1) Collectable instructions – print them out & put them in a folder! [display_adsense ad_type="300x250"] 'Home alone' snail soup decoy. Wire and bead 'toast stackers'

1) Make breakfast fun, build a toast tower… 2) …using these wire ‘toast connectors’… 3) …just stick them in and start stacking!

Wire and bead 'toast stackers'

This fun breakfast activity will make sleepover mornings even more fun (if that’s possible). Simply use these wire ‘toast connectors’ to construct huge towers of toast. Either surprise the kids by making your own toast tower centre piece, or let the kids have fun constructing their own. And of course, it’s not just a fun breakfast activity for sleepovers, it would make any breakfast occasion fun. It all came about when I was attempting to design a toast rack that could arrange toast in interesting ways (rather than just lining the slices up side by side).

How to make your own toast connectors (it’s not a fun breakfast activity without them!) These simple instructions will show you how to make your own toast connectors. Please note: You could use glue to attach the bead to the wire. Download project files› What I Made. Swoon! Swoon!: Two for the road.

I'm excited to show you these little kits I've been putting together for our upcoming road trip.

Swoon!: Two for the road.

Do your kids do well on trips? My girls have done great with a 4-5 hour car ride since birth, sometimes we even forget to bring any toys! This time around our trip is going to take a whopping three days, so I've been busy putting together some goodie bags. Everyday they can open their bag and find new treats and toys before we hit the road. Each bag contains a stack of books, some new and some old. Rae Gun Ramblings: Tutorial: Quick Envelope Pillow Case. Swoon!: Quick gift: Cozy hand warmers. Still have a few people left on your list?

Swoon!: Quick gift: Cozy hand warmers

Here's a quick and cute gift you can whip up in 20 minutes or less! These little hand warmers are filled with rice and are perfect for slipping in your pocket before you run out the door! I made a few extra for myself for those chilly late evening/early morning walks with my dog. Supply list: 4 pieces of 3"x3" cotton fabric (no blends) sewing machine/supplies uncooked rice To Make: Pin two pieces of fabric together, wrong side out Use your machine to sew around the edges, leaving at least an inch open Turn square right side out Fill square 3/4 of the way with rice (I used a spoon) Hand sew or machine stitch the pocket opening Package your hand warmers in a cute bag and be sure to include instructions for use (shown in third photo above).

Now you have more time for eggnog and mistletoe (you're welcome). Swoon!: Made at home: Wool Vases. I have a super easy project for you today!

Swoon!: Made at home: Wool Vases

When it comes to decorating for Autumn, I'm all about cozy materials. I'm not one to do Halloween themed decor, but I like to change things up a bit. Neutral tones are my favorite, which is why I love to bring things from the outdoors in. Like these awesome branches with mini-pumpkins (real!) Growing on them. I found some wool felt on sale yesterday and decided it looked great with the pumpkin branches.