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Tea, Glorious Tea! A Walk to Lipton's Seat in Sri Lanka. Whale watching and and a secret beach in Mirissa | Tales of Trips. Our next stop on our beach hopping in southern Sri Lanka was the well visited beach resort Mirissa. Mirissa is primarily popular as a base for whale watching. Every day a dozen boats exit the harbor, full of tourists, to see the largest animal of them all: the blue whale. Mirissa also has several beaches. Just like most beaches we visit in Sri Lanka they have quite large waves and strong undercurrents. Waves you would not let your five year old play in but for adults with a playful mind it is a lot of fun to swim, albeit a bit difficult at times. The beach of Mirissa is the obvious place to go to and this is also where we head after checking in to our guest house.

The main beach in Mirissa. We meet up with, Eric, an old travel companion of J. The main beach in Mirissa is full of restaurants back to back with almost exactly the same setup: fresh fish, a long menu with Western meals, a few Sri Lankan meals and very few vegetarian meals. Blue whale? Dolphins jumping close to the boat. Map. Sri Lanka Day 4: Ella’s Rock, Ravana Ella Falls, Adventure | In Pursuit of Exito.

June 7, 2014 After a fantastic breakfast made by Buddhi’s mom at our Mountain View Guesthouse, Kim and I headed out to hike to the top of Ella Rock. Repeating past experiences, we took a couple of wrong turns that, umm, enhanced the difficulty level and adventure of the hike, but eventually made it up to the top. The view was not as nice as Lipton’s Seat, but it’s always a good feeling to get to the peak of a hill/mountain and look down upon the heights you’ve conquered. Looking down and in the opposite direction of Ella, we spotted a waterfall up in the hills in the distance.

With the luxury of not having to move on to another city later in the day, and not wanting to backtrack on the way we came up the hill, Kim and I made it our mission to get to those falls. And a mission it was. Following an ancient tuk-tuk trail along the ridge opposite to Ella from the top of Ella’s Rock, we walked. It turned out we were mercifully on the right path, and that the waterfalls were nearby. Tips: A Day Trip to Sigiriya and Dambulla — jensetgo. How to get from Kandy to Dambulla by Air-conditioned Bus - The Bakers' Journey.

Prepare to dodge traffic as you get over to that side of the road here as there are A LOT of buses driving around. There are a bunch of regular buses to Dambulla so all you need to do is make it to the bus station and find the buses clearly marked with Dambulla (although some stop there without being marked on the front of the bus as the end destination is further along). Each bus has a driver plus an attendant who takes your money so your best option if you don’t find a Dambulla bus straight away is to just lean in to a bus and ask one of the attendants. They are helpful and will point you in the right direction. These local buses have basic bench seats without much padding, are pretty packed and don’t have much room for luggage. They are also HOT as there is no air-conditioning so you’ll have to rely on the breeze coming through the window. There is no pre-booking here, just turn up and pay on-board.

It is pretty easy though. The Coco Beach: About. Serendib Pub & Seafood Restaurant - Negombo. RODEO PUB - Sri Lanka. Surfing - Lion's Rest. If surfing is on your agenda Lion’s Rest is ideally located. We’re right on a beach, halfway between the cities of Galle and Matara This 40km stretch of coastline has an array of surf breaks for all levels, offering excellent reef-breaks and beach-breaks.

Lion’s Rest has one of the best performing reef-breaks, ”Coconuts”, directly in front of the hotel, with another great wave, “Plantation Point”, just 100m walk along the beach. Many nearby surf spots are only a short tuk-tuk ride away including “Lazy Left”, “Rams” and “Weligama Bay Beach Break”. Although Weligama is not a favoured place to stay anymore because of the crowds, we have found some quieter spots to surf on the bay.

We have two tuk-tuks at Lion’s Rest to take you around and mopeds with board-racks are also available to rent. There are some sweet secret surf-spots around that we can show you, but we like to keep these quiet of course! Here are a few local breaks. Life Online - Travelling Through Ella. Ella: A Scenic Getaway We gave you Negombo first and this time around it's Ella! Sri Lanka has become a popular tourist destination in Asia due to its rich cultural heritage, biodiversity, cuisine and other unique features which it has to offer to its guests. When touring around this isle, there are must visit places with eye-catching sceneries and historic landmarks depicting early colonisation and our link to Buddhism during the early centuries.

Ella, is one such destination which offers you a one-of-a-kind experience with unique cuisine, breath-taking sceneries, historic landmarks and many more adventures. This time, the Life Online team visited this trending tourist hotspot in Sri Lanka to try out the various cuisines at the popular eateries in town while also getting involved in a few adventurous hikes to explore what Ella has to offer for its visitors.

Accommodation for the Life Online team was sponsored by Mountain Heavens hotel. Dream Café We first tried a few of their drinks. Slightly-Chilled. Sevana City Hotel Kandy, Sri Lanka. Menu – Cool Corner Fried Ice Cream. About Us.htm. OZO Kandy Sri Lanka - Bars & Restaurants. Restaurants & Bars Taste the local flavours. Smell the home-grown spices. Breathe in the fresh air. Kandy offers delicious cuisine, perfect for the foodie in you. At OZO Kandy Sri Lanka, we’ll bring you the very best local and international favourites right to your doorstep. Wake up from a restful night’s sleep to a pleasant selection of EAT2GO Breakfast Boost juice lifts, caffeine hits and healthy snacks.

Lunch and dinner is served up with an international flair and healthy twist. Or ready yourself for a day of exploring with a quick bite at EAT2GO Grab and Go, anytime. Keeping it laidback yet classy, head on over to our rooftop bar and lounge BOMMU for a dose of refreshing mountain breeze, delicious snacks, mouthwatering tapas, and of course, classic drinks. Property Information OZO Kandy Sri Lanka No 31, Saranankara Mawatha, Kandy, Sri Lanka. Udawatta Kele | Things to do in Kandy, Kandy. A forest reserve in the midst of Kandy. Udawatta Kele, a sizable forest reserve situated in the middle of Kandy town, has with time become a favourite spot where people come to walk around and experience nature.

Morning times are ideal for bird watching and guided tours can be arranged, depending on the place you are staying. Otherwise you can just take a stroll through the forest at anytime, albeit after 6, where paved gravel pathways lead inside the forest looping around. A detailed map at the entrance will show you where each path leads and even without a guide you can find your way passing through ‘The Lover’s Walk’, ‘Marble Seat’, Iron wood forest and buddhist monasteries. An entrance fee will be charged at the front gate and if there is a guide or an attendant do not hesitate to ask about the history of the forest as it is quite fascinating. Negombo Lagoon Boat Tours - About us.

Ocean View Guesthouse, Negombo - Sri Lanka. Ella Rock Hike – The Best Step-by-Step Direct Route. No doubt you’ve read blog articles, forum posts and Trip Advisor reviews about Ella Rock routes and wondering whether you need a guide or can do this hike yourself. Sadly, a lot of what is online about the hike is out of date or incorrect. Trust me, I know, I read it all before I did the hike! Below is a step-by-step picture guide (which I did in comic book style for fun) and answering everything you need to know. Do I need a guide for the hike to Ella Rock? No, there is no real reason to take a guide, unless of course you want to!

With the instructions below you can easily do it yourself. Will locals try to scam me? A lot of what you read online is that locals are trying to send you the wrong way so that you’ll get lost and need a guide. Should you want to ask for directions people working on the track, children or farmers are a good bet as they don’t have a vested interest. What’s this I hear about a bench? How long does the Ella Rock hike take? What is the best time to hike to Ella Rock?