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BecexTech-AU is the authorized e-tailer in Australia. We are here to cater our all customers with varieties of electronic gadgets, from unlocked smartphones to DSLR cameras, tablets to iPads. You can find the product of every renowned brand at our website at quite cheaper prices with our local support service. We are pledged to offer the latest gadgets and electronic accessories online to our visitors.

BecxTech AU — Best Gadgets for Tech-o-Holics to Gift This... Top 3 Compact Digital Camera you can Slip into Your Pocket – BecexTech Australia Blog. Over the past few years, we have witnessed several revolutionary products in the industry of electronic gadgets.

Top 3 Compact Digital Camera you can Slip into Your Pocket – BecexTech Australia Blog

The market of point and shoot cameras have almost taken over by the smartphones, which are coming with incredibly perfect camera module. Thanks to this new smartphone camera technology which has made camera manufacturers to put advanced features in its compact devices to make them worth in the market for better photography experience than smartphones. Now, we can find compact digital cameras with larger sensors, boosting picture quality, improved exposure and zooming capacity, and a lot of other advanced features. Several makers have become active in this industry and are selling their devices online as well. If you want to buy a digital camera online in Australia, then you must have a basic idea of good devices which keep the capability to lure consumers with features. Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100: Sony Cyber-Shot RX100 IV: Fujifilm XQ2: Like this: Like Loading... Electronics Gadget Deals and Informartion Guide Blog: Canon Digital SLR Cameras Available to Buy for Photography Enthusiasts.

It’s been a thing of the past, when DSLR cameras are the tools of professional photographs.

Electronics Gadget Deals and Informartion Guide Blog: Canon Digital SLR Cameras Available to Buy for Photography Enthusiasts

With the technology revolution and fascination for photography has given birth to several shutterbugs in one home. And now, these devices have become the toy of their hands. People don’t hesitate in spending thousands of bucks in these expensive devices. After all, these cameras give photographers manual control, interchangeable lens, more exposure, and brilliant picture quality, which is not possible with an SLR or point and shoot camera.

If you are looking for a best DSLR, then the name of the manufacturer’s first strike in everyone’s mind is Nikon and Canon. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. What should be Your Main Concern for buying iPhone 7? Price or Storage! In the efforts of owning this plushy handset, majority of people give the first priority to the price and then to storage and color.

What should be Your Main Concern for buying iPhone 7? Price or Storage!

But, the fact is that, everyone must concern about the capacity in first and then to price. Well, if you are budget-conscious, then keep both the factors in balance and choose accordingly. Buying the cheapest model just to save your bucks is not a good decision and can show you the negative effects in future. So, give a thought to your mind and choose very carefully, investigating every aspect in terms of capacity. Otherwise, you will have to face the frustration in the form of lack of storage space to store mandatory apps. We can make you understand this point in a more precise way through an example. So, we would suggest you, mark your requirement first and then select the storage capacity as per your need. BecxTech AU — Is it Worth buying a Camcorder for Video... 3 Digital Cameras for Superb Photography at Budget – BecexTech Australia Blog. The love for taking photographs in everyone is on the verge now.

3 Digital Cameras for Superb Photography at Budget – BecexTech Australia Blog

Shutterbugs have been growing rapidly along with the professional photographers and the craze for cameras too with this growing enthusiasm for photography. Even, you might have a kind of flair for photography. Whether you like to capture your kids’ activities, your family in a frame, or build unforgettable memory with your loved one, a camera is becoming the need for everyone. Although, you can find professional photographers, suggesting you for the DSLR, but it is not necessary to spend a hefty amount on it- if you are short on money. You can quench your thirst for photography through a digital camera as well. Well, you are all set for buying a digital cam, but worried about the picture quality and functionality. Electronics Gadget Deals and Informartion Guide Blog: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: Make it Yours for the Class & Performance.

The tech giant Samsung has spellbound the whole world with its incredibly wonderful Galaxy handset of the ‘S’ series, which is luring the people with its astonishing edged-display and rich features.

Electronics Gadget Deals and Informartion Guide Blog: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: Make it Yours for the Class & Performance

So, here is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 32 GB model in my hand and now, I can vouch for its design and built. Bringing this device for consumers, company has proved what a premium handset it is. And here it is- the flagship handset of South Korean tech juggernaut, which is applauded for its curved dual-edge display, premium built, staggering camera, and incredible performance.Rumour Mill for Galaxy S7 Mini & Galaxy S7 Active. How 3D Touch Display can make Your Interaction to iPhone Amazing? – BecexTech Australia Blog. Apple always tries best to amaze the public without giving consumers any chance of getting betrayed.

How 3D Touch Display can make Your Interaction to iPhone Amazing? – BecexTech Australia Blog

The company with its hard-working employees keeps their endeavors continue to offer something eccentric and new in mobile technology. Since its first iPhone launch, the tech juggernaut has brought several revolutionary upgrades in its successive iPhone devices. And now, you have four iPhone devices with a great 3D Touch technology. This display technology was introduced with the launch of iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus and then endowed the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus handsets as well with a wide color gamut upgrade. When the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus were launched, they came with several upgrades, but 3D Touch display was praised a lot by the world and had become the show stopper at the launch event. How It Works? Until the introduction of 3D Touch, people had the accessibility to swipe, pinch and pan around the screen.

Three ways of Interacting via 3D Touch: BecxTech AU — Should We Buy the iPhone 7 Plus or Stick with the... Consumer Electronics Products Reviews - BecexTech Australia - National Directory. What’s the Name of Your Smartphone that can Meet Your Needs?

Consumer Electronics Products Reviews - BecexTech Australia - National Directory

The mobile market is flooded with countless smartphones of several manufacturers. Some are new in this industry; some are ready to taste the success, while some are already enjoying the soaring position. The South Korean conglomerate Samsung is one of the renowned names in this mobile industry for manufacturing phones for every class of consumers. What type of handset you can afford in terms of functionality and price? Let’s discuss names of a few Samsung mobile phones available in Australia which are perfect for varied categories of buyers:

BecxTech AU — Is It Just Dual-Edge Display To Make Samsung... Samsung Galaxy S7- Holding The Crown With Top-notch Features. Both these devices have been achieved the success in a very short time and have become the most- capable handsets of the year 2016.

Samsung Galaxy S7- Holding The Crown With Top-notch Features

This is the first time in the history of Samsung- its smartphone has gained so much love and fame in such a short time span and still has been holding the monarch while several smartphones have been arrived to compete against it. iPhone 7 has also come, but has left behind in the race. Generally, Samsung left behind in introducing something creative that can look customers worthy for their penny. Even, the launch of the Galaxy S6 Edge also failed to attract tech savvy due to the lack of technical advancement. But, this new Galaxy handset has won the heart of almost every mobile geek with its astonishing built and top-notch features. What you Ought to know about Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall? – BecexTech Australia Blog. The luxury phablet of Samsung, Note 7 caught in the news after battery explosion issue.

What you Ought to know about Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall? – BecexTech Australia Blog

This issue can’t be ignored, as it caused several accidents. So, the leading smartphone manufacturer announced the product recall just a month after the launch of this plushy handset. After more than 30 reports regarding the battery explosion, company has decided to officially replace the all Note 7 handsets which were purchased before September 15, 2016. However, Australian users are still unaware about this replacement and are dealing with the faulty battery of their phablet. BecxTech AU — Entice the World with a Plushy iPhone 7. Is it Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Dipped in Batman Theme & Cosmetics? - Blog. If you are the game addict, then you will definitely hear about the “Injustice: Gods Among Us” mobile game.

Is it Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Dipped in Batman Theme & Cosmetics? - Blog

You might have played it often or at least once. What if you get a chance to feel the game and imagine yourself as a part of the game? Well, which game enthusiast doesn’t want to be the one to stand against the regime? Samsung, the South Korean mobile manufacturer made the world surprised when it brought the classy Batman variant of its plushy handset Galaxy S7 Edge. This new premium edition made me wonder with its compelling all-black body, adorned with a deep gold colored Batman logo on the back panel. The handset was named Galaxy S7 Edge Injustice Edition, which was introduced to celebrate the third anniversary of this mobile game.

Thanks to its always-on display which is also there to alert every onlooker that Batman is watching your every move. So, you have nothing new more than the cosmetics in this model to experience. Kamal Swami Latest posts by Kamal Swami (see all) Are you Upgrading to iPhone 7 Plus or will Buy iPhone 6s Plus? Well, the prices of these handsets are also quite premium. So, if you find you don't have such a big amount to spend on Apple's latest premium iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, then you can buy Apple iPhone 6s Plus which cannot make you feel that you have left behind in the race of technology. Do you want to upgrade your old iPhone device with technologically more advanced iPhone? Are you replacing your Android or Windows Phone device for buying a rich, classy, and royal Apple handset? Is Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge the Best Bet for Tech Savvy? – BecexTech Australia Blog. The number of edged smartphones is getting increased with each passing year.

Love to the iPhone 7 & Heartfelt Wreath to Headphone Jack: becextechau. Again in the Apple history, the Cupertino tech giant introduced revolutionary changes with its new iPhone 7 and 7Plus. And, the world is also welcoming the big changes and embracing this new device with all their heart, despite knowing the fact that 3.5mm audio jack is no more alive. Well, the sexy EarPods with lightening connector and game-changing new AirPods are enthralling the world with their amazing capabilities and features. Well, as we know, Apple has given a wreath to its old headphone jack. So now, we have more space to fit the battery, chip, and other powerful features.

Journey of iPhone for the Pinnacle: from First iPhone to iPhone 6s & 6s Plus. Are you ready to get a glance of Apple’s new mobile on September 7? - Gadgets Reviews in Australia. The tech juggernaut Apple is ready to knock your socks off with its next incredibly perfect device in its iPhone family on September 7, 2016. The day is very close when the Silicon Valley tech giant lets the stage fired in San Francisco by announcing its much-anticipated device iPhone 7.

Well, we could imagine the launch of the new MacBook, iPad, and Apple Watch as well. The rumor mill is churning out for its release, name, specifications and price. So, no one can ensure now how you can buy this Apple mobile whose name is also making canards. So, there is really a big event for all Apple admirers this time.

If everything will be fine, then Apple will announce the 256GB model first time in its history. The Swanky Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for Big Boss with Compelling Specs – BecexTech Australia Blog. The plushy phablet of Samsung has been arrived to please the world with its astonishing built and rich features. We are talking about the new member of the Galaxy Note family, which has knocked the socks off everyone in the world with its benign aesthetic and improved specs. The South Korean tech conglomerate has skipped the number six and brought the new member with the name Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

The new Note however, looks identical to Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge in features, but it is still a Note with an improved design and some new features. Electronics Gadget Deals and Informartion Guide Blog: Is it Worth Buying Apple iPhone 6s Plus for 3D Touch? Samsung Galaxy S7: A Good High-end Smartphone for your Bucks – BecexTech Australia Blog. Electronics Gadget Deals and Informartion Guide Blog: Which Premium Samsung Mobile you will buy? Galaxy S7 Edge or Note 7!! Electronics Gadget Deals and Informartion Guide Blog: Which Asus Mobile Phone can be Worth for your Pocket?

Battle in Apple Family for Best: Which iPhone wins your Heart? by BecexTech Australia. By BecexTech Australia Advisor The Cupertino based tech gargantuan Apple is attracting the world with its iOS handsets since 2007. Delineate the success story of every iPhone in a few words won’t be a justice for such powerful gadget. Not a single device keeps the caliber to stand against these magical iOS handsets to compete on features and built. Earlier in 2015, the company dropped a bombshell by bringing larger iPhones and left people in a conundrum whether to choose 6 or 6s or buy Apple iPhone 6 Plus or 6s Plus.