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Symmetric Alphabet. Symmetric Alphabet Love it!

Symmetric Alphabet

Would love it even more if I could link to the artist/creator. Update: It’s made by Scott Kim. Thanks @rbrockerhoff 31st of July 2012 Probably Related. Abandoned Mansion Skeleton in The Philippines. 3279093238_0d9f4fc45d_o.jpg (JPEG Image, 486 × 600 pixels) 6a00d8341bf8f353ef0133f0d8bc58970b-550wi (JPEG Image, 530 × 650 pixels) - Scaled (97. Codex Seraphinianus.

RAAD — Branding on the Behance Network. B. W. Betts’ Geometrical Psychology. Collection of Dances in Choreography Notation (1700) The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows. L'Inconnue de la Seine. L'Inconnue de la Seine L'Inconnue de la Seine (French for "the unknown woman of the Seine") was an unidentified young woman whose death mask became a popular fixture on the walls of artists' homes after 1900.

L'Inconnue de la Seine

Her visage was the inspiration for numerous literary works. [1] In the United States, the mask is also known as "La Belle Italienne".[2] History[edit] According to an often-repeated story, the body of the young woman was pulled out of the Seine River at the Quai du Louvre in Paris around the late 1880s.[3] Since the body showed no signs of violence, suicide was suspected. A pathologist at the Paris morgue was, according to the story, so taken by her beauty that he had a mould make a wax plaster cast death mask of her face. In the following years, numerous copies were produced. The popularity of the figure is also of interest to the history of artistic media, relating to its widespread reproduction. Artistic portrayals[edit] L'Inconnue in English literature[edit] Caitlín R. Clicking pictures has never been so much fun! - clikr. Historical Anatomies on the Web: William Cheselden Home. Coolest army!

Military Five-Star generals going nuts!

Coolest army!

George Dawe was an English portrait artist who painted 329 portraits of Russian generals active during Napoleon’s invasion of Russia for the Military Gallery of the Winter Palace, Saint Petersburg, Russia. Replace Face is an awesome Tumblr, he uses digital copies of these paintings as a basis for his own work which involves incorporating his friends, family and even some celebrities into the paintings using photoshop. “One thing I’ve always wanted to try (I have a list) is to incorporate someone into a painting, mimicking the painterly brush strokes and making everything fit and work nicely and look natural and stuff.

There’s an art to head swapping, I’ve seen so many awful attempts. The most important things to consider are anatomy, perspective and lighting. Yes Sir, No Sir! A young man who does not have what it takes to perform military service is not likely to have what it takes to make a living. Like this: Giornale Nuovo: Perspectiva. Perspectiva The exhibition review which led me to the work of Giovanni Battista Bracelli (see below), also made intriguing mention of another work, a volume of designs by a German goldsmith called Christoph Jamnitzer.

Giornale Nuovo: Perspectiva

In the reviewer’s estimation, Bracelli’s designs were ‘timid’ in comparison with those in Jamnitzer’s Neuw Grottesken Buch. I have been unable to find any on-line images from this work, but in so doing discovered that the Jamnitzer family had other illustrious sons, who, like Cristoph, worked as goldsmiths in 16th/17th Century Nuremburg. The Strange Elegance of the Giraffe-Necked Antelope. Found in Eastern Africa ranging from Somalia to Kenya there is a slightly odd looking long-necked creature that is reminiscent of a giraffe but that is one thing it most certainly is not.

The Strange Elegance of the Giraffe-Necked Antelope

With large eyes and ears and an incredibly slender neck, you may be forgiven for thinking that the Giraffe-necked Antelope was actually thought up in the Disney Studio rather than occurring in the wild steppes of East Africa. This unusual and elegant beast is a great survivor – and it possibly owes its continued existence to its wonderfully long neck. When you realize how high the animals stretches in order to feed, you can imagine many an African folk-story being handed down through the generations to explain how it came to get that way. The animal comes under a number of names – including the wonderful sounding Gerenuk. Home > Geometric toy > Origami Spring. Typographer's Glossary.

Serif: Serif's are semi-structural details on the ends of some of the strokes that make up letters and symbols.

Typographer's Glossary

A typeface that has serifs is called a serif typeface (or seriffed typeface). Some of the main classifications of Serif type are: Blackletter, Venetian, Garalde, Modern, Slab Serif, Transitional, and Informal. Fonts in each classfication share certain similiar characteristics including the shape or appearance of their serifs. Serif fonts are widely used in traditional printed material such as books and newspapers. The Worlds Weirdest Book. A truly unique work of fiction, ‘The Codex Seraphinianus‘ is a book that appears to be a visual encyclopedia of some unknown world or dimension.

The Worlds Weirdest Book

Written down in one of that worlds beautiful curving languages, the book by Italian artist, architect and industrial designer Luigi Serafini, explains the odd inhabitants and their colorful behaviors. The book was created between 1976 and 1978 and for the low price of about $500.00 you can ponder over your own copy… then again, if you can’t afford that, check out the video at the bottom. See Also MOUNTAINS OF BOOKS BECOME MOUNTAINS Via: Google Image Result for. ATT00001.jpg (JPEG Image, 600 × 600 pixels) Knots, ties and splices; a handbook for seafare... Yay Omlets! Wait What? Jimmy Ruska's Blog Funny Pictures Hardest game ever 2Crazy art by GlennzWho needs PhotoshopFun with Pie Charts4chan and the Dark KnightFunny Baby PicturesDangerous JobsWeird Cat is WeirdA Joggers NightmareGuys Vs Girls in the MorningsSee all 41 postsFunny Pictures RSS Categories.

Yay Omlets! Wait What?

Aa_views. P02823.jpg (JPEG Image, 3051x1633 pixels) Ss-bear-necessities.jpg (JPEG Image, 700x1050 pixels)


Bugs. The Creators Project. 20aafa92-e9fc-4b7d-a424-da9aa80339a0.jpg (JPEG Image, 200x157 pixels) Pine-marten-running-.jpg (JPEG Image, 650x435 pixels) Kohei Nawa. Kohei Nawa <-- Sculptor, Assistant Professor at Kyoto University of Art and Design; Nawa was born in Osaka in 1975.

Kohei Nawa

In 2003, he completed the doctoral program in sculpture at the Kyoto City University of Arts, Graduate School, Fine Arts Research. He has developed a diverse array of artwork using a variety of materials that include beads, prisms, silicon oil, expanded polyurethane, and glue, centered on a concept called PixCell=Pixel + Cell, that is based on an awareness of the surface of things. He is currently in the midst of a number of projects, having launched SANDWICH in Kyoto as a platform for the production and creation side of things. In 2007, Nawa was awarded the Kyoto Prefecture Culture Prize. Hyper realistic sculptures. Art & Design Ron Mueck makes these amazing sculptures..

Hyper realistic sculptures

%28+I+%29Chingado.jpg (JPEG Image, 1000x513 pixels) The Trees that Draws (5 Photos) Posted by rd on Sunday, May 29, 2011 · At first glance I thought, these were sketches of trees. True, except the trees are the ones drawing. That’s something you don’t see everyday. Wonder how a tree draws? Pantagruel01.jpg (JPEG Image, 624x768 pixels) Michael_Manitz_wildlife_tier_natur_mauswiesel.jpg (JPEG Image, 900x605 pixels) Sensibilities - Myths and Legends of Russia: the Illustrations. Let us have more pictures, shall we? Several of us are experiencing December blues and quite unable to rouse ourselves to the spirit of the season. I hope these may provide a few moments' entertainment at the very least. I never did manage to post these illustrations here. I did post a link to my dA gallery instead a few months ago, but links are no fun.

Besides, there are fewer illustrations there. 400_F_7740966_V6b5rh8LikI3XQ6JIAYSSFEpc3kTmhF7.jpg (JPEG Image, 400x300 pixels) Doodle faces. Emerge 04-VII - On the Cutting Edge Exhibition. Green Shadow X - On the Cutting Edge Exhibition. Fox11.jpg (JPEG Image, 634x600 pixels) Buffalo-american-animal_w725_h473.jpg (JPEG Image, 725x473 pixels) Rabbit_skeleton_labeled.gif (GIF Image, 700x508 pixels) Gasser_Fig1-1la.jpg (JPEG Image, 697x505 pixels) Evolvedrawing.jpg (JPEG Image, 704x955 pixels) Hippolka.jpg (JPEG Image, 519x645 pixels) - Scaled (73%) Depression-Era Woodcuts by Lynd Ward, Father of the Graphic Novel - Maria Popova - Life. Some time ago, we marveled at the work of graphic novel pioneer Lynd Ward (1905-1985), whose stunning wordless woodcuts sparked a new dawn of visual storytelling. The genre has since expanded across everything from Hollywood to serious nonfiction -- cue in these 10 masterpieces of graphic nonfiction or the recent Richard Feynman graphic biography.

12.jpg (JPEG Image, 576x576 pixels) Blog: Printing with Taring Padi. Posted March 30, 2010 by roger_peet in Art & Politics Here's a little photo essay showing the printing process used by Indonesian print cooperative Taring Padi, including images from all stages of the process, from sketching to carving to printing. I had the chance to help print some copies of this massive block, which is the Taring Padi half of a project addressing issues related to natural gas exploitation on both sides of the Pacific: the three Portland Justseedsers (Pete, Icky and Roger) will be working on their half in the coming month. We'll be working with local nonprofit Bark to promote exhibits and displays of the two prints in towns along the route of the proposed Palomar gas pipeline this summer. Enjoy the photos! Sketching the initial design on MDF hardboard.

Kunstformen der Natur. Plates from Ernst Haeckel's Kunstformen der Natur (Artforms of nature) (1904) Ordered by plate number. 2. Thalamphora 8. Image Record. Image Record. 13053u.jpg (JPEG Image, 760x1631 pixels) Myth and Legend No 3-Bird that Calls Rain - On the Cutting Edge Exhibition. Title Myth and Legend No 3-Bird that Calls Rain Artist Mitsuru Nagashima Year 2004 Process Color etching Size 40x23cm. Smithsonian Institution Libraries : This portfolio of hand-tinted lithographs purports to illustrate the "discovery of life on the moon." In 1836, Richard E. Locke, writing for the New York Sun, claimed that the noted British astronomer Sir John Herschel.

A pessimist is always alone. An optimist is always two people away from a threesome. Bus_to_nowhere0-size-600x0.jpg (JPEG Image, 550x733 pixels) - Scaled (69%) View Images: Weird Science. Domesticated: Wild Animals Trapped In Suburbia. Kinderspiele-20111-a25017894.jpg (JPEG Image, 945x945 pixels)